The Springboard program was designed to activate and orient the new member within ninety (90) days by providing an environment in which the new member meets Jaycees, works with Jaycees and learns about the services, programming and other opportunities available through the Jaycees. It is not a difficult program-it's simple. But its simplicity should not overshadow its importance. New

In the spring of 1985 there was an overhaul of the program and additional features were added that not only benefited the jaycee but the entire organization in its marketing efforts. Below is a copy of that information.

The following are the five (5) requirements of the Springboard program required be completed within ninety (90) days
of joining.

  1. Attend fifty percent (50%) of the chapter's regular membership meetings.

    The intent of this requirement is to get the new member "rubbing elbows" and socializing with other Jaycees.
    Attendance of at least half of the regular membership meetings the chapter conducts during the new member's
    Springboard program period fulfills this requirement.

  2. Attend a Springboard orientation.

    The intent of this requirement is to acquaint the new member with the basics of your organization. This can be a U.S. Jaycees pre-prepared presentation or cover the basic history and accomplishments of your chapter, to expand the new member's understanding of the Jaycee movement.

  3. Help work on or participate in one of the following:

    1. A Community Development project
    2. An Individual Development program
    3. A Management Development project

The intent of this requirement is to acquaint the new member with activities of the chapter through direct involvement. This is when a new member really begins to feel the true Jaycee spirit, for they are doing something positive for the chapter, community and for themselves.

  1. Share the Jaycee experience by completing one of the following:
    1. Bring a prospective Jaycee to a chapter activity.
    2. Assist in recruiting a new member.

The intent of this requirement is obvious. Your organization is for sharing. Let's educate our new members and involve them in spreading the Jaycee movement, their spouses, neighbors and friends are all welcome.

  1. Complete and return the Springboard member survey to The United States Jaycees.

    This requirement was vital to our organization. The Springboard Member survey, which was sent to each new member in the Springboard magazine, provide the leadership of The U.S. Jaycees with demographic information to assist in identifying the make-up of the membership of a state organization and the national organization. This information greatly enhanced the development and funding of future programs.

Upon the receipt of the Springboard member survey, the completion of Springboard was recorded on the new member's personal file in The U.S. Jaycees computer. A record of each new member certifying for Springboard was supplied to chapters via monthly chapter roster reports.

When new members certify their successful completion of the Springboard program, they are automatically certified for the completion of the first Degree in the Degrees of Jaycees program. At that time, a chapter would recognize each new Jaycee with either a Springboard certificate or patch and the Degrees of Jaycees certificate with the first degree seal embossed in gold.

There were "Springboard Program Chairman's Guides", wall charts, certificates and patches available in The U.S. Jaycees Sales Catalog.

Click here for a copy of an early 80's New Member Special Edition of Future Magazine

Click here for a copy of the original Springboard Magazine designed in conjunction with the program's 1985 revision.




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