Officer's and Directors Guide

In the 60's, 70's and 80's annually the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the state organizations would offer a two day Local Officers Training School (LOTS). Training was available for Regional Directors, District Directors as well as Local Chapter Presidents and Local Chapter Officers.

Normally, two "experienced" Jaycees or an "experienced" Jaycees and a staff officer would attend and be the primary trainers for the local chapter presidents for this intensive 2 day training session. State officers would assume the role of trainers for the Officers and Directors of local chapters in attendance.

The foundation for this training was the Officer's and Directors Guide. The handbook developed over the years utilizing the best strategies and management tools available at the time to help local chapter officers and directors be successful. It enhanced skills not only in managing a chapter but also in developing leadership skills they would use for a lifetime.

We have included the 1987-88 Chapter President's Management Handbook by sections.



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