March of Dimes Partnership

The final sentence of the Jaycee Creed explains why the Jaycees organization made for such an ideal March of Dimes partner: "Service to humanity is the best work of life."

Indeed, Jaycees have served humanity well in volunteering for the March of Dimes. Between 1993 and 1994, Jaycees raised an estimated $3.5 million through the Blue Ribbon Partnership, in which Program Managers (Jaycees) and State Liaisons (March of Dimes staff) worked to further the March of Dimes mission on the state level.

In 1996, the Executive Committee of the Junior Chamber of Commerce voted the March of Dimes to Library Status. Currently, Jaycees work devotedly in communities throughout the country to support their local March of Dimes, by participating in WalkAmerica and other fund-raisers.





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