Fay Poissant

State: Michigan

City: Ypsilanti




Income: $761,303

Fay (Poissant) Walsh elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Chrystal Ramsay Ocala, FL  
National Vice President: Laurence Bolotin Indianapolis, IN  
National Vice President: Eve Epitome Honolulu, HI  
National Vice President: Mark Napierkowski Syracuse, NY  
National Vice President: Trisha O'Cheltree St. Charles, MO  
National Vice President: Paul Ottinger Murfreesboro, TN  
National Vice President: Joanne Rinaldo Palatine, IL  
National Vice President: Stephanie Traugott Tukwila, WA  
Chaplin:* Lance Ahlgren Wenatchee, WA  
Legal Counsel:* Lillian Cheng Arlington, VA  
Treasurer:* Tom Welchans Atlantic, IA  
Executive Director:* Joel Harper National Office
St Louis, MO

to host 2015 convention.

* Appointed position - only Executive Director does NOT have a vote.  

Presidential Appointments

  • Brian Devitt - Chief of Staff
  • Chamene Plum - State President's Coach
  • Jennifer Ray - Membership Director
  • Amy Newton - Presidential Assistant
  • Michelle McAllister - Presidential Assistant



2014 Objectives and Plan of Action

Vision Statement:
To be the leading global network of young active citizens.

Mission Statement:
To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Business Area of Opportunity

  1. Provide the National Board talking points to discuss when traveling and being interviewed by the media, so we are delivering a consistent message.
  2. Promote the usage of the PSA and Press Releases provided by the National organization.
  3. Utilize National Headquarters to send out Press Releases for election of National officers.
  4. Utilize the National Executive Board to collect articles on their states and chapters in their state and submit them to National Headquarters.
  5. Utilize JCTV (Jaycee TV) as a means of marketing and advertising our programs and organization.
  6. Promote JCI videos and content to our states and chapters.
  7. Create and run a video contest to encourage chapters to promote the organization.
  8. Create and manage an electronic best practices forum so chapters can share information with each other.
  9. Provide content to states and chapters to be used on various social media outlets.
  10. Continue working the Strategic Plan adopted in 2012.
  11. Have 200 chapters attain Civic Leadership Certification.
  12. Conduct quarterly evaluations of the plan and send them to BOD.
  13. Create a resource guide for states and chapters explaining why the JCI Strategic Plan is important to them.
  14. Secure five (5) corporate sponsors, either specific to an event or program, or general in nature.
  15. Apply for five grants that are open to the organization other than grants from Foundation, War Memorial Trust and JCI.
  16. Provide webinars for Jaycee-related and professional topics.

Community Area of Opportunity

  1. Provide training on the Active Citizen Framework to every state by 5/31/14.
  2. Have 200 chapters submit conduct the Active Citizen Framework within their communities.
  3. Host a community project at our Annual Meeting including all members in attendance.
  4. Have 100 delegates attend GALS.
  5. Have a minimum of 100 chapters, including one (1) from each state, meet with government officials.
  6. Add 10 new Junior Chamber Youth (JCY) chapters.
  7. Have one high school applicant per state apply for the scholarships offered through the War Memorial Trust and USJC Foundation.

Individual Area of Opportunity

  1. Offer personal development training opportunities at Annual Meeting.
  2. Explore the opportunity to offer CEUs for trainings provided at national meetings.
  3. Have 12 competitors per competition at the Annual Meeting, including one (1) per state.
  4. Provide JCI Impact, Admin and Achieve in every state.
  5. Provide monthly personal and / or professional development webinars.
  6. Have 2,500 members advance at least one (1) degree in the Passport to Civic Leadership program.
  7. Have 100 chapters that were under 30 on January 1, 2014, be above 30 on December 31, 2014, by using the Shoot for 30 program.
  8. Have Membership Field Directors extend three (3) new chapters each totaling, nine (9) extensions in 2014.
  9. Have 25 new extensions added by states, not including extensions added by employees.
  10. Have membership growth of +1 per state, totaling +43, on December 31, 2014.
  11. Provide monthly membership trainings via webinar.
  12. Have the National Membership Director hold monthly membership calls with State Membership Vice Presidents / Directors or their designees.
  13. Develop a Jaycee Mentor program.
  14. Every newly extended chapter has received JCI Impact and JCI Achieve training for 75% of their membership.
  15. Have 75% of the membership of 50% of the existing chapters attend JCI Impact and JCI Achieve.

International Area of Opportunity

  1. Commit to working with two (2) external programs.
  2. Have certified trainers for JCI Impact, Admin and Achieve in every state.
  3. Raise funds for Nothing But Nets, totaling one (1) net per member.
  4. Create a toolkit to promote the JCI Twinning Program.
  5. Have 100 members contribute $19.20 to the USJC Foundation in honor of our upcoming 100th Anniversary.
  6. Promote the UN Millennium Development Goals and the UN Millennium Campaign.
  7. Have 400 attendees at Annual Meeting.
  8. Have 50 attendees at World Congress.
  9. Have 10 attendees at Conference of the Americas.

2014 Annual Report

2014 Government Affairs Leadership Seminar



2014 Local Presidents School


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