State: Delaware

City: Mundellein


Members: 22,658

Convention: New Orleans, LA
Attendance: Not available


Chris Oldham elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Jeff Weber Bismark, ND  
      Assigned States
National Vice President: Lance Algren Wenatchee, WA IA, ID, MD, ND, SC, SD, WY (HI)
National Vice President: Noel Bailey Columbia, SC CT, FL, KS, MS, TN, VT (SC)
National Vice President: Sherry Fitzgerald Fairborn, OH AR, IL, IN, ME, OK, WV (OH)
National Vice President: Candance Hollis College Station, TX DE, MI, MO, MT, NM, VA (TX)
National Vice President: Eddie Kam Honolulu, HI AK, AZ, CA, HI, NV, OR (WA)
National Vice President: Cia Marshall Rising Sun, MD CO, KY, LA, NE, RI, WI (MD)
National Vice President: Fay Poissant Grand Rapids, MI GA, MN, NY, OH, PA, UT, WA (MI)
National Vice President: Becky Williams Cayce, SC AL, MA, NC, NH, NJ, TX (SC)
Chaplin:* Heather Winemiller Washington, IL  
General Legal Counsel:* Rob Witthauer Doylestown, PA  
Treasurer:* Anthony Colletti River Grove, IL  
Executive Vice President:*
Carol Smith Lyndhurst, OH

Chicago, IL to host 2011 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  



National Service Center Personnel

he 2010 NSC staff included: Carol Smith, Interim Executive Vice President; Sheri Lassiter, Director of Finance and OYF Program Administrator; Nick Reinhard, Director of Information Services; Melissa Howerton, Director of Meetings and Karen Fitzgerald, Customer Service. The position of Director of Communications was vacant at the start of the year. In May, an organization financial decision resulted in the elimination of the Director of Meetings position and reclassified the names of the staffing positions. In April the EVP Search Committee was dissolved due to lack of progress and immediately re-established as Executive Director Search Committee. Candidates were interviewed and a new Executive Director, Joel Harper, was hired and started in December.

Technology Review

The new membership database the replaced LPIT became fully functional in January and
is now the primary method for managing membership processing. The system was developed and is maintained by Nexgen Associates. Our liaison, Jason Gadd, is a former Jaycee State President of Minnesota.

National Sponsorships

NetSpray contributed an estimate of $20,000 in programming in support of promotion
for a partnership with The United States Junior Chamber as well as in developing a social media based nationwide chapter directory, executive officers page including mini bios and toward a specialized social media promotion for a membership drive in the third quarter. The partnership with The United States Junior Chamber allowed for a discounted rate on Spotlight Portfolios for anyone associated with The United States Junior Chamber and provided a portion of the proceeds back to the national office. Although the opportunity is developing starting this first year, it was not heavily utilized by states and additional opportunities were noted.

The Raleigh Jaycees sponsored TOYA Awards for an amount of $3,800.

National Affiliations

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce - The United States Junior Chamber formed a formal
affiliation with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. As part of this affiliation every member of The United States Junior Chamber will receive individual membership to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and have full access to all benefits associated with individual membership.

Alliance for Community Trees - A Mutual Operating Agreement was formed with Alliance for Community Trees (ACT). Under this agreement The United States Junior Chamber will promote the ACT Neighborwoods program within The United States Junior Chamber’s GreenWorks program trying to help plant new trees around numerous communities. In this agreement The United States Junior Chamber will receive sponsor listing on all online and electronic media information regarding the Neighborwoods program.

Riley’s Toys Foundation – A program was launched in late 2009 in preparation for a full nationwide program in 2010. The Riley’s Toys Foundation was started to provide children in Africa with toys they would not otherwise obtain. The United States Junior Chamber backed the foundation as a national program and helped RTF to provide over
18,000 toys to Africa, be noticed to receive a matching sponsorship from HASBRO and obtain a sponsor for shipping to be donated quarterly.

Member Benefits

Bank of America – In September, Bank of America dissolved the affinity credit card
program that provides royalties to Then United States Junior Chamber. However, while this program was active in 2010, The United States Junior Chamber did receive

Stearns Promotions – As part of a multiyear affiliation, Stearns Promotions provides
10% of any sales from members or individuals affiliated with The United States Junior
Chamber. The sales provided royalties in the amount of $3,111.19.

Liberty Mutual – The Liberty Mutual company agreed to provide The United States Jaycees royalties from any new clients obtained that are affiliated with The United States Jaycees. Royalties from 2010 were $270.26.

Affinity Marketing- Affinity marketing provides limited royalties for various organizations that obtain revenue from links from The United States Junior Chamber website. Royalties in 2010 were $15.

Worlds Finest Chocolate – in a continued relationship over the past few years, Worlds Finest Chocolate provides fundraising opportunities to local chapters with a portion of the royalties coming to The United States Junior Chamber. In 2010, $92.50 in royalties was realized.

AVIS – In a renewed relationship, the Avis rental car company has agreed to provide royalties from rentals booked using a special corporate promotional code for The United States Junior Chamber. Those royalties for 2010 were $121.75

American Express – The American Express Corporation provides royalties from new account customers referred through The United States Junior Chamber. In 2010, $14.19 was provided from this program.

NetSpray – In a new affiliation in 2010, the NetSpray corporation agreed to provide royalties on any Spotlight Portfolios provided from referrals through The United States Junior Chamber. Those royalties amounted to $391.14

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Grants received from JCI during 2010 totaled $20,000. They are as follows:

2010 Local Presidents’ Summit - $10,000
Membership Development - $10,000

The following members of The United States Junior Chamber served as officers in JCI
for 2010:

Michelle MacDonald, Executive Vice President;
John Weber, Treasurer.

The Area C Conference was held May 2010 in Rosario, Argentina. The United States Junior Chamber was represented by members of the Executive Team, including President Jeff Lank and Treasurer Anthony Colletti.

World Congress was held November 2010 in Osaka, Japan. The United States Junior Chamber was represented by members of the Executive Team, including President Jeff Lank; President Elect Joanie Cramer; NVP Noel Baily and Chairman of the Board John Weber.

2011 JCI Officers were elected, as follows:

JCI President:
Kentaro Harada, Japan

JCI Executive Vice Presidents
Rami Majzoub, Lebanon
Dennis Lacson Cunanan, Philippines
Eladio E. Martinez Toro, Puerto Rico
Hans-Henrik Kilfelt Queseth, Denmark

JCI Vice Presidents
Rania Haddad, Lebanon
Victor Marawu, Zimbabwe
Kouakou Alexis Kouassi, Cote D’Ivoire
Fabrice Shema Ngoga, Rwanda
Alex Mok, Macao
Katherine Ya-Wen Cheng-Arif, United States
Raju Khatri, Nepal
Shine Bhaskaran, India
Donna Rosetta Tracey Francis, West Indies
Carlos Eduardo Parucker e Silva, Brazil
Dave Martinas, Dutch Caribbean
Manuel Jonathan Miranda Lazo, Honduras
Toshiharu Shimizu, Japan
Esther ter Beek, Netherlands
Guillaume Aubanel, France
Ismail Haznedar, Turkey
Lesley Young, United Kingdom

Minutes of Meetings

Finance, Bylaws, Executive Committee, Joint Executive Committee, Special Meeting,
Business meeting, and Board of Directors Minutes for 2010 were recorded, approved, signed, and will be bound into permanent record.

Legal Issues

There are no outstanding legal issues. During the year several local chapters were
identified as operating outside of the bylaws regarding reporting members of the organization. After unanswered calls or letters, a notification was mailed in December advising that immediate resolution to operate within compliance of the bylaws would result in revocation of the chapter charter.


Upon discovery of any and all Trademark violations, Legal Counsel responds with a cease and desist letter which includes an advisory that The United States Junior Chamber reserves all of its rights to take appropriate legal and equitable actions to enforce its trademark and other rights, to protect those rights from misappropriation, and to seek damages. The Trademarks that were identified as needed to be renewed during 2010 were renewed and no Trademarks were dissolved.


2010 Leadership Academy

Tulsa, Oklahoma – The Leadership Academy was conducted January 5-8, 2006. Conducted meetings, and included Finance, Bylaws and Executive Committee Meetings. President Jeff Lank used the meeting to roll out his plan for the year to the local presidents and was the guest motivational speaker was Matt Booth who also trained several sessions from his Mattitude series. Jaycee University was relaunched with the first program rolled out being How to Run Individual Development training for local chapters. JCI attendees included World President Kwemain and International VPs Garvizu. Also in attendance were several members from Area C. A tour of the National Service Center was conducted to show a combination of our corporate office and museum of Jaycees artifacts. This meeting operated at $2500.00 below the meeting budget without inclusion of JCI grants or hotel rebates. Attendees were 180. This is an increase of 23% over the past several years.

2010 Annual Meeting

New Orleans, LA – In June 2010. This meeting had an increased number of full paid
registrations. The meeting kicked off with a welcome party on Bourbon Street. Various leadership trainings were offered including JCI programs. This meeting presented the annual passing of the chain from 89th President John Weber to 90th President Jeff Lank.

Elections were held for the 91st President Joanie Cramer and the following National Vice Presidents:

John Baine, Arkansas
Amy Newton, Pennsylvania
Bob Prater, Georgia
Jennifer Ray, Maryland
Misty Miner, Montana
Kathy Crick, Illinois
Heather Austin, Ohio
Arwyn Prichard, Florida

2009 year-end national awards were presented. Award winners were listed on the web site and was included in the next of Jaycees Magazine.

The meeting came to a close with the Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award banquet.

The 2010 Annual Meeting operated $200.00 under budget including the Ten Outstanding
Young American awards banquet.

2010 Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar / BOD

Lisle-Chicago, IL – September 2010. The third Board of Directors meeting was held at
the same location as the upcoming annual meeting to allow the Board of Directors a preview of the location. During this weekend the Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar was also held which ran a mock session of the Senate and House of Represenatives.
The meeting operated at $400 above budget.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced two magazines during 2010. Each magazine contained leadership development articles written by various members of the Executive Team as well as featuring community projects run by the local chapters. The magazines also featured all national programs, Junior Chamber International and any of the sponsors that supported the corporation during the year.


Produced all publications of the organization including the monthly online newsletters labeled as POSTMARK, updates to the website, FACEBOOK and Twitter updates.

Public Relations

Sent various press releases for events and activities of the organization. Assisted chapters and states with requested public relations needs. Worked to re-establish a national listing of Associated Press contacts to allow better response to the press releases launched by the National Service Center.


The CD-Rom was provided to all State Presidents with a list of the “Are You” series of commercials launched in 2010.

Web Site

Redesigned web site to provide greater service to local chapters and members. The site was redesigned to feature a modernized branding campaign launched in 2010 which matches the magazine and printed materials.


Continued to provide support to local chapters. Marketing support materials include a full-color brochure and coordinating application card. All items featured the theme and were coordinated with the website look.


New System

A total of $750 per month was spent in maintenance fees for the Membership Database and $32,500 in expense to have the database.

Remote back-up of all staff computers was established in May through Nexgen. This occurred no additional expense other than what was provided through database updates.


A copy of Quickbooks was purchased to ensure the national Treasurer had a license in
addition to the previously provided license from the U.S. Jaycees Foundation laptops were purchased to replace older models that will be utilized for meetings.


The Audited figures for 2010 are:

Beginning of the Year Members 26,260
End of Year Members 22,658
Net (Loss) in Members (3,602)
Percentage loss n Members 10%

New Chapter Charters YTD 27



The audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2010, is scheduled for July 2011. New audit firms are being considered and the report is expected during the third Board of Directors meeting of the year.


A total of 131 applications were received and approved for the year.


A total of 20 applications were received and approved for the year.

Accounts Payable

A total of 559 invoices were received for the year and a total of 628 checks were paid. All employment taxes were ensured to be current and any discrepancy was resolved with payment in full for taxes and fees. Verification provided from 2008 to current.


Conducted a successful Awards Congress in the Raleigh, NC in April 2010. The ten State Finalists received an all expense paid trip for themselves and his/her spouse to the Congress

From the top ten State Finalists, the top four will receive the honor as being named National Winners and receive a cash reward from John Deere. All in attendance participated in a four day event which includes Educational Speakers, Tours, and the weekend culminates with a Black Tie Awards Banquet and Ceremony and the naming of the four National Winners for 2010.

A site inspection was made to AR for the 2012 Awards Congress. The Sponsor and President, Vice President, and Treasurer of the Outstanding Farmers of America Fraternity joined the National President and OYF Staff Liaison during the inspection to look for area agribusinesses for the Friday tours. 

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