State: North Dakota

City: Mandan

Chapters: 845

Members: 26,260

Convention: Orlando, FL
Attendance: 375


John Weber elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Denice O'Neil Clarksville, TN  
National Vice President: Travis Ahlquist Maple Grove, MN  
National Vice President: Joanie Cramer Huntersville, NC  
National Vice President: Bethany Huffman Millington, TN  
National Vice President: Brian Kavanaugh Ralston, NE  
National Vice President: Chrystal Ramsay FL  
National Vice President: Lester Stearns Mitchell, SD  
National Vice President: Patrick Tomiyasu Honolulu, HI  
National Vice President: Patrick Wallen NY  
Chaplin:* Erica Monk Walton, KY  
Legal Counsel:* John Ferguson Elk Rapids, MI  
Treasurer:* Brian Hostetter Jasper, IN  
Chief of Staff ** Jeff Lank Mundellein, DE  
Executive Vice President:* Laurence Bolotin
Carol Ehlen-Smith (Interim)
National Office
Tulsa, OK

New Orleans, LA to host 2010 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

** Assists president not a staff position.


National Service Center Personnel

The 2009 NSC staff included: Brad Gemeinhart, Interim Executive Vice President and Director of Communications; Laurence Bolotin, Executive Vice President, (hired in 2nd quarter of the year) Carol Ehlen-Smith, Interim Executive Vice President (hired in 4th quarter of the year), Nick Reinhard, Director of Information Services; Melissa Howerton, Director of Meetings; Sheri Lassiter, OYF Program Manager and Director of Finance; and Karen Fitzgerald, Customer Service. During the third quarter of the year, Laurence Bolotin left to pursue other career opportunities. During 4 th quarter of the year, Brad
Gemeinhart left to pursue other career opportunities.

National Sponsorships

John Deere contributed $60,000 to sponsor the National Outstanding Young Farmers program for 2010. Cheryl Salley, Manager, Community Relations & Sponsored Programs for Deere & Company, served as a judge for the Ten Outstanding Young Americans program. In addition, she attended and spoke to the attendees at the Annual Meeting of the Corporation. In June 2009, President John Weber and EVP Laurence Bolotin made a visit to Deere & Company headquarters.

Member Benefits

  • Bank of America has remitted $6,052.77 in royalties from the MBNA credit card program for 2009.
  • Stearns Promotions has remitted $906.30 in royalties from the Jaycee Products for 2009.
  • American Express has remitted $107.54 in cash back for the Corporate Cards.
  • Reading @ Home has remitted $14.00 in royalties.
  • World's Finest Chocolate has remitted a total for $170.01 for candy sales
  • Budget Rental Car has rebated a total of $47.54.

Jaycee War Memorial Fund (JWMF)

The JWMF Trustees met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in January 2009. 2009 Grants awarded from the JWMF to the USJC total $110,400.00, as follows:

Administrative Fee $10,400.00
Educational Grants $80,000.00
EVP Education & Training Grant $20,000.00

JWMF 2009 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Mike Faller
Vice Chairman Jack Gamel
Secretary/Treasurer Executive Vice President for the USJC Laurence Bolton/ Carol Ehlen-Smith
Trustee John Weber
Trustee Sydney Ward
Trustee Lisa Parish
Trustee Denice P. O'Neil
Trustee Julie Metzger-Aubuchon
Trustee John Ferguson
Trustee Brian Hostetter
Trustee Roger Ford
Chairman Emeritus Charles Ford

JWMF Scholarships
The Jaycee War Memorial Fund 2009 Scholarship Recipients have been selected. They are:

War Memorial Scholarship winners, awarded $1,000:

Barbara L Sitton, NC;
Cameron A Pearce, OK;
Casey J Bonover, VT;
Cassandra I Blair, NC;
Kristia E Nace, SC;
Michelle Mether, IA;
Nicholas Costanza, FL;
Taylor F Perkins, IL;
Tyler Miller, WI.

Charles R. Ford Scholarship Recipient, awarded $2,500: Katherine C. Jackson, CT

Thomas Wood Baldridge Scholarship Recipient, awarded $3,000: Jaime Jasa, WI

The Jaycees Foundation

During 2009 the Foundation received a substantial donation from the H Foster Clippinger Trust. The Foundation purchased a new computer system, with color scanner and color laser printer including a single use license of the 2010 QuickBooks Pro – for Non Profit. This will give the US Junior Chamber the ability to use the equipment with having to purchase these items with its limited funds.

The Foundation continues to support The United States Junior Chamber and awarded a $5,000.00 grant for the States President training that was held in January 2009 and awarded an additional $5,000 for the Leadership Academy in January 2009. The Foundation also awarded a $5,000.00 grant for the Leadership Academy held in January 2010 with an additional $5,000.00 to be awarded during the 2010 year. The Foundation paid off its debt of over $13,000.00 to the US Junior Chamber during the 2009 year. Additionally, the Foundation received a donation from the S/L Frank Foundation which was intern granted to the US Junior Chamber for $5,000.00 for the organization Strategic Planning.

The Foundation sponsored a special event during GALS 2009, which was held in Austin, Texas by inviting the University of Texas Alumni Marching Band to come and play for the delegates of the US Junior Chamber led by the Foundation‟s very own Moton H. Crockett Jr. The Foundation also sponsored several speakers during GALS 2009, Lewis Timberlake and Richard Battle, both from Austin, Texas.

Additional the US Jaycees Foundation recognized the US JCI Senate as a Winfield Cook Fellow, as the Senate has
donated over $10,000.00 to the US Jaycees Foundation over the last 10 years, during the Senate‟s June 2009 meeting in
Atlanta, GA.

In Orlando Florida, the Foundation recognized two past Jaycees the first from Mandan, North Dakota, Ivan Lee Williams and the second Dr. Lee Shulman from Detroit, Michigan via the Santa Clarita Valley, California Jaycees as the newest inductees to the Hall of Leadership.

The Foundation has continues to collect, clean and organize the archives of the US Jaycees/Junior Chamber and is currently in the process of creating a web based virtual museum. The first 30 years have been completed, for each
President, with details of the event for each president‟s administrative year. The website is located at

USJF 2009 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Raj Nadkarni
Vice Chairman Michael Faller
Secretary Brian Hostetter
Treasurer Jack Gamel
Trustee John Weber
Trustee Denice O'Neil
Trustee Dr. Julie Aubuchon
Trustee Lisa A. Parrish
Trustee M. H. Crockett Jr.
Trustee Dewayne Sumner
Trustee Pat Hoelker
Trustee Donna Moreno
Trustee Clarence "CJ" Jorif
Trustee David Smith
Trustee Jill Brandts
Trustee Brad Gemeinhart

Consultant David Hoover
Consultant Sal Lucido

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Grants received from JCI during 2009 totaled $30,500. This included a grant for $10,500 for the 2009 Leadership Academy and State Presidents' Summit. In addition, a pledge of $20,000.00 was granted for the R.E.D. Alert Initiative to be paid in January 2010.

The following members of The United States Junior Chamber served as officers in JCI for 2009:

Michelle MacDonald McAllister, General Legal Counsel;
Kevin Alson, Vice President for the Americas,
Scott Kingsley, UN Affairs Commissioner for the Americas,
Patrick Knight, JCI Training Commissioner and
Lisa Parrish, Audit Committee Member

The Area C Conference was held May 6 – 9, 2009 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. President Weber represented the United States Junior Chamber.

World Congress was held November 16 – 21, 2009 in Hammamet, Tunisia. President Weber represented the United States Junior Chamber as chief delegate.

Minutes of Meetings

Finance, Bylaws, Executive Committee, Joint Executive Committee and Board of Directors Minutes for 2009 were recorded, approved, signed and are yet to be bound into permanent record.


Chapters Under Reporting Membership

A chapter in California has codified a membership status that is inconsistent with USJC bylaws. A chapter in Texas was openly telling members they do not have to join the USJC to be members. Status: ongoing

Camp Virginia Jaycees

The Executive Committee authorized a licensing agreement for this organization. A clause was included about their ability to remain in business. Status: complete


For the meetings, royalty fees are paid when using copyrighted materials such as music. The USJC had not paid ASCAP fees for a few years and have been paying the BMI. These are not optional. The Interim EVP has handled this matter. Status: complete

Taiwan Chamber

An effort to contact them to get them requesting they change their name was made. No response was received. A cease and desist letter was sent to them. Status: ongoing


A local member in Nebraska advised that chapter that work she had done ostensibly for them is her intellectual property. I am not versed on Nebraska law and I am not sure I have the facts correct, but after conferring with the NVP, good advice was provided. It makes more sense for that chapter to stop using her “product” rather than get into an ego fight with her. Status: complete

Over 40 Jaycees

An unofficial alumni group of the organization was using protected service marks. These groups were sent cease and desist letters, advising them to approach a chapter about becoming some kind of affiliate member. Status: ongoing

Jaycee Elementary

A former TOYA recipient was using protected trademarks in a fundraising effort. It is not believed that a local chapter or state organization officially sanctioned this activity. A request was made to receive a CPG and accounting of his fundraising activities and neither was received. The investigation was not completed because the individual became incarcerated. A report of the activities will be provided to the 2010 Legal Counsel. Status: ongoing

WMTF Lease

A new agreement with the War Memorial Trust was drafted and advised that local counsel be consulted. Status: complete

Foundation taking over Jaycee Assets

The State Organization was advised to obtain local counsel and prepare for a fight. The worst case scenario is that the property escheated to the foundation when the State Organization “folded”. Status: ongoing


Upon discovery of any and all Trademark violations, Legal Counsel responds with a cease and desist letter which includes an advisory that The United States Junior Chamber reserves all of its rights to take appropriate legal and equitable actions to enforce its trademark and other rights, to protect those rights from misappropriation, and to seek damages.


2009 Leadership Academy - Tulsa, Oklahoma – January 8-11, 2009

The attendees were selected through an application process again this year. There were 131 applications. President-Elect John chose 123 of these. Once acceptance letters went out, 88 people attended from the United States and there were 10 international attendees. The majority of those were local chapter presidents. This was the first year to also include the State Presidents' Retreat with this event. Of the 41 State Presidents, 30 attended.

With the combined event and other fiscal concerns, the only items covered for the attendees were the lunches, the dinner on Saturday, entertainment and their housing. All events, aside from Saturday evening took place at the Doubletree Downtown Tulsa Hotel. Finance, Bylaws, and Executive Committee Meetings were on Thursday prior to the Opening Ceremony. At the Opening Ceremony Edson Kodama and Jun Shin Sup from JCI spoke. Following Opening Ceremony was a photo scavenger hunt. The training was broken into two groups – State Presidents and general attendees. Training materials were provided digitally by uploading to flash drives provided by the attendees. Group projects were done with the general attendees. Training was done by the 2009 NVPs. On Saturday night, the attendees went on a tour of the service center and then to an off-site party at the VFW Post #577 with a DJ as entertainment.

53rd Annual National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress - Eugene, OR – February 12-15, 2009

All the events took place at the Valley River Inn except the Friday tours. The finalists, the USJC National President & Staff , Sponsor, OYFA Officers, and NACAA Officers attended orientation and dinner with the finalists on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning the finalist underwent an interview process with a panel of judges, while breakfast & lunch were provided. The official convention began on Thursday evening with the "Meet the Class" Dinner. Friday was tour day and there were three separate tour buses with different schedules but similar stops including Smith Seed, Marathon Coach, OR/PAC Feed
& Storage, BowTech, and Stroda Brothers' Christmas Tree Farm. Lunch was served at the Stroda Farm for each tour.

Friday evening was the OYFA Dinner and Dance. The theme for 2009 was Fabulous 50s with a 50s diner décor and entertainment. The attendees including finalists wore 50s style clothing. Saturday‟s standard functions were the NACAA breakfast and OYFA forum with a panel discussion in the morning, and John Deere Luncheon and the OYFA Annual Meeting in the afternoon. The evening festivities began with the Awards Banquet, after dinner was served, longtime emcee Orion Samuelson took the stage to once again introduce the national finalists, a video presentation was shown to the audience and the four National Winners were announced. Each winner received a check in the amount of $1000 along with an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. during Ag Week.

Sunday morning, breakfast was served and the OYF Advisory Committee meeting was held to discuss pros and cons of the 2009 meeting for future planning as well as plans for the 2010 meeting and possible locations for the 2 011 meeting. Approximately 150 were in attendance.

2009 Year End Celebration - Crystal River, FL – March 19-22, 2009

The event was hosted by the Florida Jaycees. There were over 600 attendees that included the Senate, Advisors, Board of Directors and members from across the country..

2008 year-end national awards were presented. Award winners were listed on the web site and will be included in the Spring issue of Jaycees Magazine.

2009 Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar Austin, TX – May 31-June 3, 2009.

This year the event was held outside Washington DC for the first time. The idea was to look at government on a local level and save the finances that are usually incurred by holding an event in DC. The Finance, Bylaws and Executive Committee Meetings were held on the Thursday night prior to the event. Friday consisted of training. First the training was general session training and then breakout training for the State Presidents and general members. The evening ended with a Welcome to Texas party hosted by the Texas Jaycees. The day began with a trip to the Texas state capital building and a model legislature on Saturday.

After returning to the hotel, the Candidate Showcase was held as a dinner. Immediately following were the Texas Jaycees Awards and then Board of Directors meeting. Overlapping the meeting and continuing into the evening was the Pittsburgh Promo and R.E.D. Alert party for promoting the 2009 Annual Meeting and the new membership program.

On Sunday morning, the Board of Directors meeting was held. This was the first year for GALS to come in under budget.

89th Annual Meeting & 71st Annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans Awards Orlando, FL – September 25-28, 2009.

The event was hosted by the Florida Jaycees. There were 375 attendees for the TOYA banquet and celebration. The Ten Outstanding Young Americans for 2009 were:

Ryan Allis, 25, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Lt Colonel Steven Matthew Beasley, 37, Rapid City, South Dakota.
Jacqueline Baly Chaumette, 40, Sugar Land, Texas.
Lieutenant Colonel Troy Edward Dunn, 37, Washington, DC
Kathryn Cunningham Hall, 23, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Cameron Johnson, 24, Roanoke, Virginia.
Atif M. Moon, 24, Rancho Palos Verdes, California.
Gary C. Norman, 35, Baltimore, Maryland.
Michael Richard Simmel, 31, Allendale, New Jersey.
Robert J. Witte, 41, Plano, Texas.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited and produced four 2009 Issues. Fall issue was designated as the kick-off to 2010 focusing on Jaycee information and chapter management. That issue also featured a center section geared at promoting local chapter community development efforts.


Various staff assignments for all meetings. Produced all publications of the organization.

71st Annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans

Produced the program including nominees, judging and production of ceremonies. Event held in Orlando, FL in September 2009.


Printed materials and show production items were developed for meetings. Materials included program books, awards, tickets, signage, etc. Also produced during this time were Jaycees Magazine and TOYA and Annual Meeting sponsorship brochures.


Continued to provide support to local chapters. Marketing support materials include a full-color brochure and coordinating application card. All items featured the theme. States and chapters throughout the year requested nearly 2,000 corporate marketing kits. Assisted chapters and states with requested public relations needs.

R.E.D. Alert

A new member program was developed to increase the awareness for the need for new member adds in order to increase the overall membership in the organization. The program was sponsored in part by a grant from JCI. The program was promoted through Jaycees Magazine, a mailer in the chapter mailing and videos on the website that explained the program and then updated the results each month. The program focused on the months July-October. Overall, the program was a success as we saw an increase in extensions and new member adds from the previous year.


Data Processing

The LPIT database system was reset for the 2009 year. The monthly state reports (Alpha listing, chapter summary, drop, roster, dues reconciliation) were sent in a PDF format by e-mail to State Presidents and/or State Offices. Chapter mailings were sent out on four occasions. The April mailing included the billings for June, July and August, the July mailing include d the dues billings for the remainder of the year and the October mailing included the dues billings for the first six months of

The U.S. Jaycees Foundation purchased a laptop, scanner and color laser printer to be utilized by the finance department in their efforts to assist the Foundation, the War Memorial Trust and the Jaycee organization.

A new user-friendly database system is being developed by NexGen Associates. The system will be deployed with the 2010 membership year.


The audited membership figures for 2009 are:

Beginning of the Year Members 28,997
End of Year Members 26,260
Net (Loss) in Members (2,737)

Beginning of the Year Chapters: 948
End of Year Chapters: 845
Net (Loss) in Chapters: 103
New Chapter Charters YTD: 38

The National retention rate for the year is 57.1 percent; which is the same percent for the previous reporting year. The number of New Members recruited in relation to members due for the year is 33 percent; which is up three percent from last year. The year ended with the lowest decline, 9.4 percent, since 2004. In addition, we saw an increase in the overall number of new chapters established compared with 2007 and 2008.



The audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2008, took place in June 2009 but was not finalized until December 2009 upon receipt of the release letter from RJ Reynolds. Tullius Taylor Sartain & Sartain LLP, Certified Public Accountants, performed the audit.

U.S. Jaycees Foundation

USJC Finance Director, Sheri Lassiter, completed 2009 financial statements and Jack Gamel, CPA presented them to the Trustees.

Jaycees War Memorial Fund

USJC Finance Director, Sheri Lassiter, completed 2009 financial statements and Jack Gamel, CPA presented them to the Trustees in January 2009 during the meeting held in Tulsa. Applications were received for the scholarships to be granted by the War Memorial Fund and were sent to the judges to determine the winners. Enrollment confirmations from various colleges and universities were received for the 13 scholarship recipients and checks were issued to the respective institutions


A total of 153 applications were received in 2009. There were 152 approved.


A total of 28 applications were received and approved in 2009.

Accounts Payable

A total of 547 invoices were received in 2009, and a total of 754 checks were cut and sent out in the same year. All documentation has been maintained.

Accounts Receivable

A total of 1,106 checks where received, posted and processed in 46 deposits. The low counts were due to the fact we didn't run the Year End or Annual/TOYA Meetings in 2009. Both the 2008 and 2009 building rent was paid in 2009 and the general operating account was just under $20K at the beginning of the year, finishing with just under $80K.

Meetings Registration

Local Presidents’ Summit – The meeting was held in Tulsa, OK

NOYF Awards Congress – We had almost 180 early registrations, which were collected and entered into a database, ending up with approximately 210 in attendance in Eugene, Oregon.

Year End Meeting – Was hosted by the Florida Jaycees and held in Crystal River, Florida.

Annual Meeting – Online registrations were started then with change of venue the Florida Jaycees hosted the Annual
Meeting in Kissimmee, Florida.

Product Sales

The Memphis Ad Specialties requested to back out of contract, a bid search was held and Stearns Promotions was awarded The U.S. Junior Chamber products. Royalties received from the sale of Jaycee products was $906.30

Tangible Cost Savings Implemented in 2009

Service Vendor Description From To Frequency
Phone EasyTel Reduce from 24 to 12 Lines; from 2 to 1 broadband
Postage/Courier Neopost Bought out contract signed when we had JAYS for Shipping/Mailing
Courier Service A Mail Call Changed address to remove PO Box
PO Box# USPS Eliminated PO Box
$ 79.16
Copier DotCom Copier is now owned by US Jaycees
Cleaning Service Jani-King Stopped service – done by staff now
TOYA Trophies ESCO Changed finish to reduce cost
LPS Travel
Attendees Stopped travel refund for general attendees
State Pres Retreat Combined retreat with LPS
Storage Unit Keyport Storage Termminated Unit
Thermostats Added programmable thermostats
Lights Shut off non-essential lights
Closed Vents Closed off vents in non used rooms
Staff Credit Cards CHASE Visa All charges to be pre-approved
Program Printing PS Print Less expensive – better quality


Shannon Lecoq is our ACS Staff partner and point of contact. Joyce Pemberton has left this program and transferred to the Florida Division. Shannon‟s email address is

In regards to the 2009 Program. ACS will be providing the awards for the 2009 presentation in June in New Orleans. We had a GREAT year and I am looking forward to presenting the awards and sharing my thanks with everyone.

The final total for 2009 has passed $284,000. We were at 273,000 as of August 31, 2009 year-end and then additional moneys have been raised by our teams relaying in Sept, Oct, Nov and December of this year. Teams are already signing up for 2010!!

The Jaycees have made a huge impact in the fight against cancer. I hope that the support of this program will continue into the future. We are saving lives and making a difference


The 2009 Awards Congress was conducted February 12 – 15, 2009, in the Eugene, Oregon. Approximately 170 attended the event, held at The Valley River Inn.

Each of the ten National Finalists, and their spouses, received an all-expense paid trip to the Congress. State Finalists were; Brent & LuAnn Johnson of Manson, IA; Terry & Julie Wilkerson of Dahlgren, IL; Steven & Carol Hinton of Falls of Rough, KY; Keith & Beth Morton of Falkner, MS; Sean & Rachel Trombly of Milford, NH; Willie & Holly Sytsema of Wantage, NJ; Teresa & Steve Moore of Leesburg, OH; Bruce & Helle Ruddenklau of Amity, OR; Mike & Danni Beer of Keldron, SD; Ron & Nicolle Wusso, of Cecil, WI.

The top four National Winners received cash rewards from long time sponsor John Deere along with another all expense paid trip the following year to Washington, D.C. during Ag Week. All in attendance participated in a four-day event that included educational speakers, tours, and a Black Tie Awards Banquet and Ceremony.

Plans for the 2010 Awards Congress is well underway. The event will be held at the Hilton North Raleigh, North Carolin a February 11 - 14, 2010.

A site inspection was completed in Louisville, Kentucky, site of the 2011 Awards Congress and the hotel selected was the Seelbach Hotel. After negotiations with the hotels and a contract being signed, the event will be held February 17 – 20, 2011. The Sponsor, President; Vice President; and Treasurer of the Outstanding Farmers of America Fraternity joined the National Program Manager & Director of Meetings during the inspection to look for area agribusinesses for the Friday tours. 

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