State: Tennessee

City: Clarksville

Chapters: 902

Members: 28,995

Convention: San Diego, CA
Attendance: 323


Denise O'Neil elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Chris Oldman#
Lisa Parrish
Whitman, AZ
Goochland, VA
National Vice President: Dave Brooker North Fulton, GA  
National Vice President: Patrick Collins Yuma, AZ  
National Vice President: Debbie Holbrook Santa Clara Valley, CA  
National Vice President: Jeff Lank Mundelein, DE  
National Vice President: Tery-Lynn Koch Denton, MD  
National Vice President: Dawn Graf Odessa, TX  
National Vice President: David Pond Souix Falls, SD  
National Vice President: Ben Sabourin Green Bay, WI  
Chaplin:* Becky Williams SC  
Legal Counsel:* Victoria Wallis Des Moines, IA  
Treasurer:* Brian Hostetter Jasper, IN  
Chief of Staff ** John Weber Mandan, ND  
Executive Vice President:* Brad Gemeinhart
Interim Executive Vice President
Oklahoma National Office
Tulsa, OK

Orlando, FL to host 2009 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

** Assists president not a staff position.

# Resigned

2008 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

The 2008 NSC staff included: Brad Gemeinhart, Interim Executive Vice President and Director of Communications; Vonda Thompson, Executive Coordinator; Candy Cook, Director of Finance; Nick Reinhard, Director of Information Services; Melissa Howerton, Director of Meetings; Geneva Broomfield, JAYS Program Manager; Sheri Lassiter, OYF Program Manager and Accounts Payable; and Karen Fitzgerald, Customer Service. During the first quarter of the year, Vonda Thompson, Candy Cook, and Geneva Broomfield left to pursue other career opportunities. Sheri Lassiter was promoted to the Director of Finance position. A part time employee, Heather Maxwell, was hired during June 2 – Nov 31 to assist in the Accounts Payable Department.

National Sponsorships

Anheuser-Busch, Inc. contributed $50,000 cash and product for the Year-End Meeting, the Annual Meeting, TOYA, and USA Night at the JCI World Congress. John Deere and Company contributed $60,000 to sponsor the National Outstanding Young Farmers program.

Member Benefits

First USA Bank/Bank of America has remitted $8,407.98 in royalties from the MBNA credit card program for 2008.

Awards Group remitted $167.49 in royalties from the sale of USJC merchandise.

Jaycee War Memorial Fund (JWMF)

The JWMF Trustees met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in January 13, 2008. An agreement between USJC and the City of Tulsa has been executed, whereby the City of Tulsa agrees to close the drainage easement and install a underground drainage structure. As of December 2008, the work has been completed.

2008 Grants from the JWMF to the USJC total $92,500.00, as follows:

Local Presidents’ Summit $ 5,000.00
Executive Committee Retreat $ 7,500.00
Educational Grants $80,000.00

JWMF 2008 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Mike Faller
Vice Chairman Jack Gamel
Secretary/Treasurer Brad Gemeinhart
Trustee Sydney Ward
Trustee Lisa Parish
Trustee Denic P. O’Neil
Trustee Julie Metzger Aubuchon
Trustee Vicki Wallis
Trustee Brian Hostetter
Trustee Roger Ford
Chairman Emeritus Charles Ford

JWMF Scholarships

The Jaycee War Memorial Fund 2008 Scholarship Recipients have been selected. They are:

War Memorial Scholarship winners, awarded $1,000:

  • James D. Martin (AL),
  • Amanda Parker (CO),
  • Stephen R. Melnik (CT),
  • Thomas O. Hall (GA),
  • Elizabeth C. Williams (MT),
  • Scott T. Klingbeil (NC),
  • Talia R. Johnson (ND),
  • Katelynn D. Morris (OK),
  • Christina Caucci (PA),
  • Ethan J. Burk (SD)

Charles R. Ford Scholarship Recipient, awarded $2,500:

Katherine C. Jackson (CT)

Thomas Wood Baldridge Scholarship Recipient, awarded $3,000:

J. Staten H. Hudson (WA)

The United States Jaycees Foundation (USJF)

During 2008 the Foundation worked on filling the unexpired open positions on the board, which was accomplished. The Foundation amended and adopted the 9th Trust Agreement and Policies that govern the activities of the Foundation. The Foundation continues to support The United States Junior Chamber and had awarded $5,000.00 in grants for the 2008 Leadership Academy held in January 2008 and has also awarded a $5,000.00 for the States President training that was held in Jan 2009 and award an additional $5,000 for the Leadership Academy for January 2009. The Foundation has continued to pay down its debt to the US Junior Chamber during the 2008 year. Additional grant awards from the Foundation’s Disaster Relief Program were $2,000 to the Illinois Jaycees, $2,000.00 to the Kingston Jamaica Jaycees, and a $6,000.00 grant with an additional $10,000 donation from the Florida Jaycees to the Houston Asian (TX) Jaycees for the Hurricane Ike Relief. Also a $1,000.00 grant award was made for the GALS, Congressional Simulation held in June 2008 in Washington DC. In San Diego, the Foundation recognized a past Jaycee from Austin Texas, the Honorable C Lee Cooke as the newest inductee to the Hall of Leadership. The Foundation has continues to collect, clean and organize the Archives of the US Jaycees and is currently in the process of creating a web based virtual museum.

USJF 2008 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Raj Nadkarni
Vice Chairman Michael F. Faller
Secretary Salvatore Lucido, JD
Treasurer Jack Gamel
Trustee Denice O’Neil
Trustee Dr. Julie Aubuchon, O.D.
Trustee Lisa A. Parrish
Trustee M. H. Crockett
Trustee Dewayne Sumner
Trustee David Hoover
Trustee Jumper Davis
Trustee Donna Moreno
Trustee Clarence ‘CJ’ Jorif
Trustee D. Brent Buser
Trustee Jill Brandt
Trustee Brad Gemeinhart
Consultant Sam Chase
Consultant John Weber

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Grants received from JCI during 2008 totaled $19,500. They are as follows:

2008 Local Presidents’ Summit - $14,500
2008 State Presidents Retreat - $5,000.00

The following members of The United States Junior Chamber served as officers in JCI for 2008: Brian Kavanaugh, Vice President; Michelle MacDonald, Treasurer; Lori Tomlin, Legal Counsel; Scott Greenlee, Immediate Past President; Jackie Clayton served as the Area C Training Coordinator

The Area C Conference was held May 16-19, 2007 Panama City, Panama. President O’Neil represented the United States Junior Chamber.

World Congress was held November 4-9, 2008 in New Delhi India. President O’Neil represented the United States Junior Chamber as chief delegate.

Minutes of Meetings

Finance, Bylaws, Executive Committee, Joint Executive Committee, and Board of Directors Minutes for 2008 were recorded, approved, signed, and bound into permanent record.

Legal Issues

All legal issues we dealt with and resolved.


Upon discovery of any and all Trademark violations, Legal Counsel responds with a cease and desist letter which includes an advisory that The United States Junior Chamber reserves all of its rights to take appropriate legal and equitable actions to enforce its trademark and other rights, to protect those rights from misappropriation, and to seek damages.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2008 Issues. Sold advertising for all four 2008 issues. Fall issue was designated as the kick-off to 2009 focusing on Jaycee information and chapter management. That issue also featured a center section geared at promoting local chapter community development efforts.


Various staff assignments for all meetings. Produced all publications of the organization.

70th Annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans

Produced the program including nominees, judging, and production of ceremonies. Event held in San Diego, California, in September 2008.

Public Relations

Sent various press releases for events and activities of the organization. Assisted chapters and states with requested public relations needs.

Web Site

Worked with David Smith, 2008 Webmaster on his redesign of the site. His work made the site more like a social networking venue for the members.


Printed materials and show production items were developed for meetings. Materials included program books, awards, tickets, signage, etc. Also produced during this time were Jaycees Magazine, and TOYA and Annual Meeting sponsorship brochures.


Continued to provide support to local chapters. Marketing support materials include a full-color brochure and coordinating application card. All items featured the theme and were coordinated with the website look. Also added in 2008 were the corporate Marketing Kits. States and chapters throughout the year requested nearly 2,500 kits.



The audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2007, took place in September 2008 and was performed by Tullius Taylor Sartain & Sartain LLP, Certified Public Accountants.

U.S. Jaycees Foundation

USJC Finance Director, Sheri Lassiter, completed 2008 financial statements and Jack Gamel, CPA presented them to the Trustees on January 12, 2008 during the meeting held in Tulsa.

Jaycees War Memorial Fund

USJC Finance Director, Sheri Lassiter, completed 2008 financial statements and Jack Gamel, CPA presented them to the Trustees on January 13, 2008 during the meeting held in Tulsa. Applications were received for the scholarships to be granted by the War Memorial Fund and were sent to the judges to determine the winners. Enrollment confirmations from various colleges and universities were received for the 13 scholarship recipients, and checks were issued to the respective institutions


A total of one hundred sixty-two (162) applications were received in 2008. All but one (161) was approved.


A total of forty-four (44) applications were received and approved in 2008.

Accounts Payable

A total of 668 invoices were received in 2008, and a total of 794 checks were cut and sent out in the same year. And documentation has been maintained.

Meetings Registration

Local Presidents’ Summit – The meeting was held in Tulsa, OK and reimbursements for the 152 attendees & 9 international attendees where disbursed.

NOYF Awards Congress – We had almost 180 early registrations where collected and entered into a database, ending up with approximately 210 in attendance in Madison, Wisconsin.

Year End Meeting – Online registration was utilized again with great success. We had 409 registered delegates attend the meeting held in Memphis, TN.

Annual Meeting – Online registration was utilized for this meeting as well. There were 323 in attendance for the Annual Meeting & TOYA Celebration in San Diego, California.

Product Sales
The Memphis Ad Specialties is the official vendor for The U.S. Junior Chamber merchandise.


Data Processing

The LPiT database system was reset for the 2008 year. The monthly state reports (Alpha listing, chapter summary, drop, roster, dues reconciliation) are sent in a .pdf format by e-mail to State Presidents and/or State Offices. Chapter mailings were sent out on four occasions. The March mailing included the billings for May, June, July and August, the August mailing included the dues billings for the remainder of the year and the November mailing included the dues billings for the first five months of 2009.


The Audited figures for 2008 are:
Beginning of the Year Members 33,082
End of Year Members 28,995
Net (Loss) in Members -4,087

Beginning of the Year Chapters 1006
End of Year Chapters 902
Net (Loss) in Chapters - 104
New Chapter Charters YTD 32

The National retention rate for the year is 57.1 percent; which is up from the 53.2 percent for the previous reporting year. The number of New Members recruited in relation to members due for the year is 30 percent; which is the up three percent from last year.


2008 Leadership Academy
Tulsa, Oklahoma – January 10-13, 2008

The attendees were selected through an application process. The attendees were mostly local chapter Presidents. Finance, Bylaws, and Executive Committee Meetings were on Thursday prior to the Opening Ceremony. The training was broken into two groups. Training materials were provided on flash drives. Entertainment was provided as a social after opening ceremony, a tour of the service center and a party at an off-site venue. There were 141 attendees and 11 international attendees.

52nd Annual National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress
Madison, WI – January 31 - February 2, 2008

The event started off with the finalists, USJC Officers & Staff, Sponsor, OFA Officers, and NACAA Officers arriving a day early for a orientation and dinner with the finalists. Thursday morning the finalist underwent an interview process with a panel of judges, while breakfast & lunch were provided. Thursday evening kicked off the meeting for all in attendance with dinner at the Concourse Hotel & Governor’s Club. Friday was tour day and there were three separate tours, one in the downtown area of Madison, the capitol building, historical & veteran’s museums and shopping on States Street. The second was to Carr Valley Cheese and Capital Brewery for some local flavor and the third was to John Deere Horicon Works, the location where they manufacture gator utility vehicles and riding mowers and then to Didion Ethanol Plant. That evening we had a themed banquet and dance at the Madison Masonic Center. It was a tailgate theme and everyone dressed up in his or her favorite team jersey and a great time was had. Saturday started out with the NACAA breakfast, OFA forum with a panel discussion, John Deere Luncheon and the OFA Annual Meeting in the afternoon. The evening festivities began with the Award Banquet, after dinner was served our longtime emcee Orion Samuelson took the stage to once again introduce the national finalist, a video presentation was shown to the audience and the four National Winners where announced. They received a check in the amount of $1000 along with an all expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. during Ag Week. Sunday morning, breakfast was served and the OYF Committee meeting was held to discuss up coming events. Approximately 190 were in attendance.

2007 Year End Celebration
Memphis, TN – March 18-21, 2008

The event had to be moved back one day so that it ran from Wednesday through Saturday rather than Thursday through Sunday to avoid the Easter Sunday holiday. Notebook judging began on Monday and competitions continued through Tuesday. Finance, Bylaws, and Executive Committee meetings were held Tuesday evening. Opening Ceremony kicked off the official event on Wednesday morning. Additional awards were presented in the afternoon. Trolleys were used to get everyone down to Beale Street for the Welcome Party at Patrick O’Briens. The trolleys and the site were received well by everyone. Thursday morning more awards were presented. The afternoon held a training for all members. A Board of Directors meeting was held in the early evening. That evening the Farewell Ceremony took place. The focus was on the NVPs and state presidents for that year. Friday had many breakout training session. The evening and event culminated with the new NVPs and President being sworn in and that passing of the chain.

2007 year-end national awards were presented. Award winners were listed on the web site and will be included in the Spring issue of Jaycees Magazine.

2008 Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar
Washington, DC – May 31-June 3, 2008.

Finance, Bylaws, and Executive Committee Meetings were held on the Friday night prior to the event. Saturday training included a roll-out of the new Awards Manual by NAC Chair Joanie Cramer, Web-Site Building with David Smith, as well as many other Jaycee trainings. The evening had a promotional party for Florida Year-End hosted by the Florida Jaycees who will be running the Year-End event. They had rock band games and socializing. A Board of Directors meeting was held on Sunday morning. Following that meeting was the candidate showcase luncheon. Training for the remainder of the day had a focus on politics with a pending election for later that year. President Denice had one on one time with state presidents during this time. In the evening, NVP teams went out together and President Denice met with each team one at a time. On Monday morning, attendees rode the Metro to the off-site training which was a congressional simulation – a “day in the life of a politician.” From there everyone went to the capitol to have their picture made in front of the building. A tour of Capitol Hill was available on Tuesday morning.

88th Annual Meeting & 70th Annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans Awards
San Diego, CA – September 25-28, 2008.

JCI Designer was held pre-convention on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
On Wednesday prior to the convention, the Finance, Bylaws, and Executive Committee Meetings were held. Thursday started with Competitions held in the morning and finals in the early afternoon. During the finals, the Board of Directors meeting took place. The Opening Ceremony was held Thursday evening. Following the ceremony was a Welcome to San Diego party poolside with a beach theme.

Friday training included JCI Presenter, State Presidents Training and 3 other options through the day for general training. State dinners took place between the training and the evening events. Friday night were the NVP Nominations and Presidential Candidate Introductions followed by Jaycee Idol.

Saturday began with the Annual Meeting of the Corporation. Training included JCI Head Trainer and several Jaycee specific training options. The meeting ended with the TOYA activities. Honoring the 70th anniversary of TOYA, it was themed to “Old Hollywood,” with a red carpet entrance including the spotlights, footage to match with the theme for the video presentation, and a piano player doing music in the same style. Centerpieces were top hats and the set were art deco pieces. The dance followed.

Outstanding Young Farmer Program (OYF)

The 2008 Awards Congress was conducted January 31 - February 3, 2008, in the Madison, Wisconsin. Approximately 190 attended the event, held at The Concourse Hotel & Governor’s Club.

Each of the ten National Finalists, and their spouses, received an all-expense paid trip to the Congress. State Finalists were; Chris & Angie Eckert of Belleville, IL; Richard & Rhonda Fontenot of Ville Platte, LA; Christopher & Heather Crum of Frederick, MD; Darrel & Lisa Maus of Freeport, MN; John & Dana Robnett of Laddonia, MO; Stephen & Kisha Bailey of Vardaman, MS; Holly & Devlen Mackey of Belvidere, NJ; Charlotte & Dwanye Ferrell of Wilson, NC; Marty & Crystal Williams of Red Rock, OK; Jeff & Jena Betley of Pulaski, WI.

The top four National Winners received cash rewards from long time sponsor John Deere along with another all expense paid trip the following year to Washington, D.C. during Ag Week. All in attendance participated in a four-day event that included educational speakers, tours, and a Black Tie Awards Banquet and Ceremony.

Plans for the 2009 Awards Congress is well underway. The event will be held at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon February 12 – 15, 2009.

A site inspection was completed in Raleigh, North Carolina, site of the 2010 Awards Congress and the hotel selected was the Hilton North Raleigh Hotel. After negotiations with the hotels and a contract being signed, the event will be held February 11 – 14, 2010. The Sponsor, President; Vice President; and Treasurer of the Outstanding Farmers of America Fraternity joined the National Program Manager & Director of Meetings during the inspection to look for area agribusinesses for the Friday tours.



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