State: Arizona

City: Whittmann



Convention: Omaha, NE
Attendance: 518


Chris Oldham elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Lisa Parrish Goochland, VA  
National Vice President: Kevin Alson Long Beach, CA  
National Vice President: Kerry McGuire Cherry Creek, CO  
National Vice President: Jeff Smith Redford, MI  
National Vice President: Marie Thomas Bowling Green, OH  
National Vice President: John Sellers Baytown, TX  
National Vice President: Debbie Lutz Jackson, WY  
National Vice President: Scott Kingsley Saratoga Springs, NY  
National Vice President: John Fischer Fargo, ND  
Legal Counsel:* Matt Bromund #
Karen Andrees
Ventura, CA
Danbury, CT
Treasurer:* Bethany Huffman TN  
Chief of Staff ** Denice O’Neil Clarksville, TN  
Executive Vice President:*

John K.S. Shiroma
Brad Gemeinhart (Interim)


National Office
Tulsa, OK

San Diego, CA to host 2008 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

** Assists president not a staff position.

# Resigned

2007 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

The 2007 NSC staff included: Brad Gemeinhart, Interim Executive Vice President and Director of Communications; Vonda Thompson, Executive Coordinator; Candy Cook, Director of Finance; Nick Reinhard, Director of Information Services; Joni Gullett, Director of Meetings through May; Melissa Howerton, Director of Meetings beginning in June; Geneva Broomfield, JAYS Program Manager; Sheri Lassiter, OYF Program Manager and Accounts Payable; and Karen Fitzgerald, Customer Service..

Technology Review

LPIT membership processing software has been installed and information is being entered. The system is now operational.

National Sponsorships

RJ Reynolds contributed $250,000 for the Jaycees Against Youth Smoking program. . Anheuser-Busch, Inc. contributed $75,000 cash and product for the Year-End Meeting, the Annual Meeting, TOYA, and USA Night at the JCI World Congress. John Deere and Company contributed $60,000 to sponsor the Outstanding Young Farmers program.

Member Benefits
First USA Bank has remitted $2,503.88 in royalties from the MBNA credit card program for the third quarter 2006. USJC received a grand total of $9,970.98 for 2006.

Jaycee War Memorial Fund (JWMF)

The JWMF Trustees met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on January 8, 2006. A agreement between USJC and the City of Tulsa has been executed, whereby the City of Tulsa agrees to close the drainage easement and install a underground drainage structure.

2006 Grants from the JWMF to the USJC total $92,500.00, as follows:

Local Presidents’ Summit $ 5,000.00
Executive Committee Retreat $ 7,500.00
Educational Grants $80,000.00

JWMF 2007 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Eric Seidel
Vice Chairman Jack Gamel
Secretary/Treasurer John Shiroma
Trustee Lon Fox
Trustee Mike Faller
Trustee Julie Metzger
Trustee Timothy T. Royle
Trustee Sydney Ward
Trustee Rod Williams


The Jaycee War Memorial Fund 2006 Scholarship Recipients have been selected. They are:

War Memorial Scholarship winners, awarded $1,000: Nicholas Trecina-Connecticut, Chandra Lundy- Idaho, Lisa Lederman- Michigan, Travis Rice- Missouri, Olivia Murphrey- North Carolina, Laresa Miller- Oklahoma, Garrett Ellingson- Oregon, Jennifer Wagner- Pennsylvania, Rebecca Dowdy- South Carolina, Daniel Wolski- Wisconsin.

Charles R. Ford Scholarship Recipient, awarded $2,500:
Paula L. Heyer- Minnesota.

Thomas Wood Baldridge Scholarship Recipient, awarded $3,000:
Ryan L. Wright- Washington D.C.

The Jaycees Foundation

The US Jaycee Foundation met three times in 2007. At the Tulsa OK, meeting a new board was elected. During the meetings in 2007 two $5,000.00 grants were awarded the US Junior Chamber to support the State President’s Training in December 2007 and the Local President’s Summit in January 2008. The US Jaycee Foundation continues to pay down their note to the USJC on a monthly basis. The Foundation began working toward .

USJF 2007 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Raj Nadkarni
Vice Chairman Mike Faller
Secretary Dr. Julie Aubuchon, OD
Treasurer Jack Gamel
Trustee Calvin Baerveldt
Trustee D. Brent Buser
Trustee M.H. Crockett
Trustee Brad Gemeinhart
Trustee David Hoover
Trustee Clarence CJ Jorif
Trustee Salvatore Lucido
Trustee Donna Moreno
Trustee Bethany Huffman
Trustee Lisa Parrish
Trustee Dewayne Sumner
Trustee John Weber

Consultant Sam Chase

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Grants received from JCI during 2006 totaled $30,000. They are as follows:

Membership Development - $13,500
2006 Local Presidents’ Summit - $1,500
Year-End Meeting - $15,000

The following members of The United States Junior Chamber served as officers in JCI for 2006: Scott Greenlee, President; Lori Tomlin, Treasurer.

The United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International entered into a Joint Venture to make the USJC “MetNet” a world LOM event. This is in conjunction with the USJC Metro Conference and was hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was held June 30-July 2, 2006.

The Area C Conference was held May 2006 in Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadaloupe. The United States Junior Chamber was represented by members of the Executive Team, including President Parrish; Brent Busser, and Lori Tomlin.

World Congress was held November 2006 in Seoul, Korea. The United States Junior Chamber was represented by members of the Executive Team, including President Parrish; EVP Shiroma; NVPs O’Neil, Weber, and LeSiege; Chief of Staff Oldham; and American Cancer Society Liaison Tracy Hale.

2007 JCI Officers were elected, as follows:

JCI President: Scott Greenlee, JCI USA

JCI Executive Vice Presidents
Landry Ahlonsou, JCI Benin
Jun Sup Shin, JCI Korea
Abigail Hironimus-Paula, JCI Dutch
Graham Hanlon, JCI Ireland

JCI Vice Presidents
Mounir Baatour, JCI Tunisia
Modupe Olaniyan, JCI Nigeria
Roland Kwemain, JCI Cameroon
Eric Tang, JCI Hong Kong
Koichiro Hasegawa, JCI Japan
Kevin Kuo, JCI Taiwan
Ditri Kemala Rizki, JCI Indonesia
Susana Lugo, JCI Paraguay
Eladio Martinez, JCI Puerto Rico
Ray Jong-A-Lock, JCI Suriname
Jose Maria Deras, JCI Honduras
Wolfgang Winkler, JCI Austria
Benjamin Sabourin, JCI USA
Hans-Henrik Queseth, JCI Denmark
Steven Vandeput, JCI Belgium
Henrik Odman, JCI Sweden
Michelle MacDonald, JCI USA


Finance, Bylaws, Executive Committee, Joint Executive Committee, Special Meeting, Business meeting, and Board of Directors Minutes for 2007 were recorded, approved, signed, and bound into permanent record.

Legal Issues

There are no legal issues pending.


Upon discovery of any and all Trademark violations, Legal Counsel responds with a cease and desist letter which includes an advisory that The United States Junior Chamber reserves all of its rights to take appropriate legal and equitable actions to enforce its trademark and other rights, to protect those rights from misappropriation, and to seek damages.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2007 Issues. Sold advertising for all four 2007 issues. Fall issue was designated as the kick-off to 2008 focusing on Jaycee information and chapter management. That issue also featured a center section geared at promoting local chapter community development efforts.


Various staff assignments for all meetings. Produced all publications of the organization.

69th Annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans

Produced the program including nominees, judging, and production of ceremonies. Event held in Omaha, Nebraska in September 2007.

Public Relations

Sent various press releases for events and activities of the organization. Assisted chapters and states with requested public relations needs.

Web Site

Redesigned web site to provide greater service to local chapters and members. The site was redesigned to feature the year’s theme.


Printed materials and show production items were developed for meetings. Materials included program books, awards, tickets, signage, etc. Also produced during this time were Jaycees Magazine, Jaycees Against Youth Smoking materials, and TOYA and Business Summit sponsorship brochures.


Continued to provide support to local chapters. Marketing support materials include a full-color brochure and coordinating application card. All items featured the theme and were coordinated with the website look.



The audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2006, is scheduled for the week of April 9, 2007 and will be performed by Tullius Taylor Sartain & Sartain LLP, Certified Public Accountants.

U.S. Jaycees Foundation

Jack Gamel, CPA completed financial statements for the Foundation thru September 2006. USJC Finance Director, Candy Cook, completed 2006 4th quarter financial statements. 2006 year-end financials were presented to the Trustees on January 6, 2007 during the meeting held in Tulsa.

Jaycees War Memorial Fund

Jack Gamel, CPA completed financial statements for the War Memorial thru September 2006. USJC Finance Director, Candy Cook, completed 2006 4th quarter financial statements. Year-End 2006 financials were presented to the Trustees on January 7, 2007 during the meeting held in Tulsa. Applications were received for the scholarships to be granted by the War Memorial Fund and were sent to the judges to determine the winners. Enrollment confirmations from various colleges and universities were received for the 13 scholarship recipients, and checks were issued to the respective institutions


A total of 202 applications were received and approved for the year.


A total of 35 applications were received and approved for the year.

Accounts Payable

A total of 1,029 invoices were received for the year, and a total of 2,177 checks were cut and sent out.

Meetings Registration

Local Presidents’ Summit – The meeting was held in Tulsa, OK and reimbursements for the 125 attendees where disbursed.

Year End Meeting – Online registration was offered for the first time. There was a few kinks, but expected with the new system. We had approximately 600 registered delegates attend the meeting held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

NOYF Awards Congress – Over 300 early registrations where collected and entered into a database, ending up with approximately 350 in attendance in Moline, IL & Bettendorf, IA area.

Product Sales

The Award Group is the official vendor for The U.S. Junior Chamber merchandise. 2006 is the third and final year of the current contract with the company. They can be contacted via their website at or contact Sue Wong at 212.473.7000, extension 223. Order forms for Creed Banners are available online and can be purchased from the vendor directly.


Data Processing






Jaycees Against Youth Smoking




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