State: Kentucky

City: Florence

Chapters: 1,289

Members: 45,459

Convention: Boston, MA
Attendance: Not available


Julie Metzger elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Lon Fox Maryville, TN  
National Vice President: Jill Brandts Cherry Creek, CO  
National Vice President: Brent Buser Oldtown, MD  
National Vice President: Kristy Cook Apple Valley, MN  
National Vice President: Bob Hammond Jackson Hole, WY  
National Vice President: Garrett McNally Palatine, IL  
National Vice President: Chris Oldham Whittman, AZ  
National Vice President: Suzanne Wible MD  
National Vice President: Dewayne Sumner Jackson, TN  
National Vice President: Timothy Royle Saginaw, MI  
National Vice President: Rob Williams Alexandria, VA  
Chaplin:* Cassie Evans KY  
Legal Counsel:* Bruce Dierking KS  
Treasurer:* Michael Nerio Long Beach, CA  
Chief of Staff ** Lisa Parrish Goochland, VA  
Executive Vice President:* John K.S. Shiroma Hawaii National Office
Tulsa, OK

Indianapolis, IN to host 2006 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

** Assists president not a staff position.

2005 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

Current NSC staff includes: John Shiroma, Executive Vice President; Connie Creekmore, Executive Coordinator; Felicia Riancho, Director of Finance; Nick Reinhard, Director of Information Services; Brad Gemeinhart, Director of Communications; Aesha Jordan, Director of Meetings; Geneva Broomfield, JAYS Program Manager; Sheri Lassiter, OYF Program Manager and Accounts Payable; and Karen Fitzgerald, Customer Service.

Internal Review

The Executive Committee reviewed and approved the Employee Handbook, which has been distributed to employees.

Technology Review

Based on the recommendation of the Technology Committee, the Executive Committee selected LPIT as provider of membership processing software, and the contract has been signed.

National Sponsorships

RJ Reynolds contributed $250,000 for the Jaycees Against Youth Smoking program. . Anheuser-Busch, Inc. contributed $75,000 cash and product for the Year End Meeting, the Annual Meeting, TOYA, and USA Night at the JCI World Congress. John Deere and Company contributed $85,000 to sponsor the Outstanding Young Farmers program.

Member Benefits

First USA Bank remitted $8,312.65 in royalties from the MBNA credit card program for 2005. The Success Motivation Institute has remitted $780.00 in royalties. Avis has remitted $99.26 in royalties. Due to lower than required registration, the Fantasy Football program was cancelled.


Sponsored by the Jaycee Foundation, the USJC and Jeff Magee International produced two CD training series: Action Institute and Transformational Leadership. Each series includes ten modules on two CDs.

Action Institute

  1. The most special secret to recruitment selling = ATTITUDE.
  2. Prospects "AVOID" your offer because…
  3. Self-assessment for STAR personal power and self management productivity via the
    Quadrant Manager System® to ensure selling productivity on a daily basis.
  4. Understanding the psychology to the "5-Steps to Selling and Recruiting" and what the
    tactical aspects of each is.
  5. Stacking-and-Linking Conversationally through the “Interest” step of Selling to ensure
    you listen more than you talk!
  6. Peak selling performance from understanding your "PROFILE Ideal Customer” and
    how that applies to each Generational Segmentation you go after.
  7. Dealing with "OBJECTIONS" professionally to get back into the selling game.
  8. Ensuring success by benchmarking every effort off of the Recruitment Selling Sale
    Funnel and ways to track your every progress to make sure you meet selling quotas
    and missions.
  9. Understanding how to use the LeadGenerator® System and Target Rich Environment
    (TRE®) analysis to always have more leads than you can sell!
  10. Marketing Madness© to brand your offer and keep it top of mind of your suspect,
    prospect, and client populations.

Transformational Leadership

  1. Conflict & Confrontation Resolution Skills for Oneness - aids in fostering negativity
    within an organization.
  2. Meeting Management for Inclusion & Success.
  3. Working Smarter Through Cross Functional Teams & Communicating Upwards As
    Solution Providers.
  4. Power Charged for Life – Staying Positive in Unhealthy Times.
  5. Qualities of a STAR.
  6. Work Ethics.
  7. Acting the Interview
  8. Performance Leadership
  9. Performance Driven Selling Skills, Strategies & Conversational Networking
  10. Blue-Print for Chapter Recruitment & Mega Marketing

Both series were provided to the 2005 Executive Committee and State Presidents and two modules have been placed online.

Jaycee War Memorial Fund (JWMF)

The JWMF Trustees met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on January 9, 2005. A Lease Agreement between USJC and JWMF has been executed, whereby the USJC leases the JWMF building under a triple net lease for $70,000 per year.

2005 Grants from the JWMF to the USJC total $93,500.00, as follows:

Local Presidents’ Summit $ 5,000.00
Executive Committee Retreat $ 7,500.00
Executive Committee Mid-Year Retreat $11,000.00
Educational Grants $70,000.00

JWMF 2005 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Eric Seidel
Vice Chairman Jack Gamel
Secretary/Treasurer John Shiroma
Trustee Mike Faller
Trustee Lon Fox
Trustee Julie Metzger
Trustee Timothy T. Royle
Trustee Sydney Ward
Trustee Rod Williams

Trustee Wayne Matlock passed away during 2005.

Senator Charles Ford, a long-time Trustee and former Chairman of the JWMF, retired as Trustee and was granted status of Chairman Emeritus.


The Jaycee War Memorial Fund 2005 Scholarship Recipients have been selected. They are:

War Memorial Scholarship winners, awarded $1,000: Carly D. McDaniel – Alabama, Jammie D. Kilpatrick – California, Chelsey A. Glover – Florida, Captain Michael Lorence – Hawaii, Leticia M. Aguila – Idaho, Dylan J. Newton – Iowa, Anne N. Duvall – Kentucky, Irene R. Karavolas – Massachusetts, Erik A. Valdmanis – Minnesota, Judy R. Henderson – Mississippi, Christina K. Salmon – Missouri, Sarah C. Hain – Nebraska, Licia J. Sorgi – New Hampshire, John M. Monaghan – New Jersey, Bridget J. Denny – New Mexico, Jamie L. Miller – North Dakota, Tamatha L. Parker – Oklahoma, William S. Hardrath – Oregon, Stephanie P. Girard – Rhode Island, Jesse G. Grainger – South Carolina, Kevin C. Gillenwater – Tennessee, Chalres M. Gilbert – Texas, Shalie Christensen – Utah, Katie M. Hedinger – West Virginia.

Charles R. Ford Scholarship Recipient, awarded $2,500:
Valentino A. Caruso, II – Connecticut.

Thomas Wood Baldridge Scholarship Recipient, awarded $3,000:
Jessica L. Olson – California.

The Jaycees Foundation

The USJCF Trustees met to conduct business of the foundation on January 9, 2005, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at which time the Foundation approved a motion to set up a separate fund through the Foundation for Tsunami Relief donations. The Foundation also met March 19, 2005 in Daytona Beach, Florida, in conjunction with the Year-End Meeting. At that time, the Foundation approved USJC Metro Chairperson Michelle MacDonald’s request for a grant of $1,500.00 to be applied toward training expenses at the 2005 Metro Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, in June 2005. The Foundation also awarded a grant to the 2005 Local Presidents Summit in the amount of $5,000.00

The Foundation is paying down their note to the USJC on a monthly basis.

USJF 2005 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Bob Goetz
Vice Chairperson Terry Kolaz
Secretary Donna Moreno
Treasurer Jack Gamel
Trustee M.H. Crockett
Trustee Mike Faller
Trustee Lon Fox
Trustee Julie Metzger
Trustee David Moody
Trustee Raj Nadkarni
Trustee John Price
Trustee Michael Sawyer
Trustee Eric Seidel
Trustee John Shiroma

Consultant Sam Chase
Consultant Tim O’Brien
Consultant Nan Schichtel
Consultant Greg Thomes

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Grants received from JCI during 2005 are as follows:

Membership Awareness Campaign - $4,500
National Sales & Marketing - $21,000
2005 State Presidents’ Retreat - $9,780
2005 Local Presidents’ Summit - $10,000

The following members of The United States Junior Chamber served as officers in JCI for 2005: Lori Tomlin, VP for Area C; Lisa Parrish, CPA, Audit Committee Member; and Scott Greenlee, General Legal Counsel.

The United States Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International entered into a Joint Venture to make the USJC “MetNet” a world LOM event. This is in conjunction with the USJC Metro Conference and was hosted by the Louisiana Jaycees. The event was held July 29-31, 2005, in New Orleans, Louisiana. International chapters attending included: Frankfurt, Germany; Manila, Philippines; Osaka, Japan; and Tokyo, Japan.

The Area C Conference was held May 2005 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The United States was represented by President Metzger, Membership Director Evans, and Chief of Staff Parrish.

World Congress was held October 2005 in Vienna, Austria. The United States Junior Chamber was represented by members of the Executive Team, including President Metzger; EVP Shiroma; NVPs Brandts, Cook, McNally, Buser, Nerio, Wible, and Sumner; Chief of Staff Parrish; Membership Director Evans; Metro Director MacDonald; and Presidential Assistant Schanz.

2006 JCI Officers were elected, as follows:

JCI President: Lars Hajslund, JCI Denmark

JCI Executive Vice Presidents
Jokatade Odunuga, JCI Benin
Scott Greenlee, JCI USA
Shoji Okuhara, JCI Japan
Yiannis Lagos, JCI Greece

JCI Vice Presidents
Walid Derouichi, JCI Tunisia
Bossou K. G. Materne, JCI Togo
Aruna Kumari Pulton, JCI Mauritius
Nemantha Abeysinghe, JCI Sri Lanka
Data Magfur, JCI Bangladesh
Leon Chuang, JCI Taiwan
Takahiro Goto, JCI Japan
Abigail Hironimus Paula, JCI Dutch
Camilo Correa, JCI Colombia
Jun Sup Shin (Suppy), JCI Korea
Gilberto Cherubin, JCI Brasil
Abdul Saleem Kandiyil Chaladath, JCI
Katri Johanna Salonen, JCI Finland
Carole Lectard, JCI France
Penny Zelinkoff, JCI USA
Anne Butikofer, JCI Switzerland
Katherine Ridland, JCI Scotland


The Policies and Procedures were amended at the Board of Directors Meeting held Friday September 16, 2005, in Boston, Massachusetts. The approved revisions are attached to this Status Report.


The delegates at a Special Meeting of the Corporation held March 19, 2005, in Daytona Beach, Florida, approved proposed changes to the Bylaws. The delegates at the 85th Annual Meeting held September 17, 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts, approved proposed changes to the Bylaws. The current Bylaws are posted on our website.


The following Resolutions were approved for extension at the Annual Meeting Business Session held Saturday, September 17, 2005, in Boston, Massachusetts:

Assume the Role of National Advocate for Young Americans, extended to 2008

Pledge of Allegiance, extended to 2008

These Resolutions, as well as the Resolution entitled “Condemnation of Terrorist Acts and Support of our Leaders”, are posted on our website.


Finance, Bylaws, Executive Committee, Joint Executive Committee, Special Meeting, Business meeting, and Board of Directors Minutes for 2005 were recorded, approved, signed, and bound into permanent record.

Legal Issues

There are no legal issues pending.


Upon discovery of any and all Trademark violations, Legal Counsel responds with a cease and desist letter which includes an advisory that The United States Junior Chamber reserves all of its rights to take appropriate legal and equitable actions to enforce its trademark and other rights, to protect those rights from misappropriation, and to seek damages.

Related Entities


The Boston office has closed, which will enable JCFAN to reduce overhead and continue sponsorship of affiliates. Discussions are continuing toward the finalization of an agreement whereby the daily operations of JCFAN would be handled by the USJC National Service Center.

Boy Scouts of America

The United States Junior Chamber and Boy Scouts of America are working to capitalize on a partnership that has been in existence for some time. EVP Shiroma has a seat on the Community Relations Committee of the Boy Scouts of America. John Knuckles, an Ohio Jaycee and Boy Scouts Liaison, spoke at the GALS Board of Directors Meeting. President Metzger attended the Boy Scouts Jamboree held July 25-August 3, 2005, in Virginia.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2005 Issues. Sold advertising for all four 2005 issues. Magazine overhauled for the Fall issue making it the kick-off to 2006 focusing on Jaycee information and chapter management. That issue also featured a “pull-out” section geared at giving training materials directly to chapters and members.


Various staff assignments for all meetings. Produced all publications of the organization.

67th Annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans

Produced the program including nominees, judging, and production of ceremonies. Event held in Boston, Massachusetts in September 2005.

Public Relations

Sent various press releases for events and activities of the organization. Assisted chapters and states with requested public relations needs.


The CD-Rom for Chapters 2005 was completed and distributed in January 2005.

Web Site

Redesigned web site to provide greater service to local chapters and members. CPG library was added as a special feature to assist in project management.


Printed materials and show production items were developed for meetings. Materials included program books, awards, tickets, signage, etc. Also produced during this time were Jaycees Magazine, Jaycees Against Youth Smoking materials, War Memorial Fund scholarship applications redesign, and TOYA and Business Summit sponsorship brochures.


Continued to provide support to local chapters. Launched Collegiate Conference with marketing materials geared to that age group. Other marketing support materials include a bi-fold, full-color brochure and coordinating application card. All items featured the theme and were coordinated with the website look.



The audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2004, was performed by Tullius Taylor Sartain & Sartain LLP, Certified Public Accountants and issued February 3, 2005 with an unqualified (favorable) opinion of the USJC’s financial records. An increase in Net Assets of $92,931 was reported, for a total Net Assets of $1,117,262. The report was made available at the Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, held September 15 through September 18, 2005.

Financial Statements

Kathi Cordell resigned her position as Finance Director in June 2005. Felicia Riancho was hired to fill the vacant position and began her duties on October 11, 2005. In the interim, we did not have the accounting manpower to accurately update our financial statements. However, the organization continued to be operational – money was collected and bills were paid. Felicia Riancho is now in the process of bringing the financial information up to date.

U.S. Jaycees Foundation

Financial statements for the Foundation were completed monthly and forwarded to the Trustees for their review. An audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2004 was performed. Donations for disaster relief were received through December 31, 2005, as follows:

Katrina $10,303.96
Hurricane $ 3,440.00
Tsunami $ 2,950.00

Jaycees War Memorial Fund

Financial statements for the War Memorial were completed monthly and forwarded to the Trustees for their review. Approximately 1,500 applications received for the scholarships to be granted by the War Memorial Fund were sent to the judges to determine the winners. Enrollment confirmations from various colleges and universities were received for the 27 scholarship recipients, and checks were issued to the respective institutions


A total of 248 applications were received and approved for the year.


A total of 28 applications were received and approved for the year.

Accounts Payable

A total of 1,210 invoices were received for the year, and a total of 1,452 checks were cut and sent out.

Meetings Registration

Local Presidents’ Summit – The meeting was held in Tulsa, OK and reimbursements for the 125 attendees where disbursed.

Year End Meeting – Registration was handled by the state organization. It was held in Daytona Beach, FL.

Annual Meeting/TOYA – The meeting was in Boston, MA and approximately 209 pre-registrations where collected. Approximately 100 additional registrations were collected onsite.

Product Sales

The Award Group is the official vendor for The US Junior Chamber merchandise. They can be contacted via their website at or contact Sue Wong at 212.473.7000, extension 223. Order forms for Creed Banners are available online and can be purchased from the vendor directly. No vendor has been located to produce road signs at a cost effective price.


Data Processing

The Gomembers database system was reset for the 2005 year. The monthly state reports (Alpha listing, chapter summary, drop, roster, dues reconciliation) are sent in a .pdf format by e-mail to State Presidents and/or State Offices. Chapter mailings were sent out on five occasions. The March mailing included the billings for May, June, July and August, the August mailing included the dues billings for the remainder of the year and the November mailing included the dues billings for the first four months of 2005. The rest of the mailings were chapter rosters. The dues billing forms are now a single-sheet that was created, with the help of Sam Elliot, as a .pdf. Utilizing this format has saved the company in paper, mailing, and equipment costs. An Add/Change form has been created that can be distributed to chapters to allow them to type in membership and print it out.

Blue Chip

In 2005, Blue Chip submissions were received from approximately 175 chapters, 13 states, 15 regions, and 7 districts.


A new tape backup was purchased to replace the current system. A contract was signed with LPiT to crate a new database system that will go into effect in 2006.


The Audited figures through July 2005 are:
Beginning of the Year Members 50,653
End of Year Members 45,376
Net (Loss) in Members (5,277)

Beginning of the Year Chapters 1395
End of Year Chapters 1277
Net (Loss) in Chapters (118)
New Chapter Charters YTD 76

The National retention rate for the year is 56.6 percent; which is down from the 56.9 percent for the previous reporting year. The number of New Members recruited in relation to members due for the year is 33 percent; which is the same as this time last year.


2005 Local Presidents’ Summit

Tulsa, Oklahoma – January 6-9, 2005. Conducted meeting, which included Executive Committee Meeting, TOYA, Metro & Government Involvement work sessions, and JCI LEAD training was conducted by Lars Hajslund. JCI World President, Kevin Cullinane was a speaker. Other JCI attendees included Secretary General Edson Kodama, International VPs Yoshi Oda, and Lori Tomlin, and Legal Counsel Scott Greenlee. Also in attendance were international Jaycees from: Dutch Caribbean, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Republica Dominicana, Panama, Canada, West Indies, and Suriname. A tour of the National Service Center was conducted after socials held at the facility. 122 National LP’s were in attendance and 8 International LP’s were in attendance.

2005 Year End

Daytona Beach, Florida – March 15-20, 2005. This meeting was a full turnkey and was coordinated by the Florida Jaycees. Meeting included Board of Directors and Executive Committee Meetings, Awards Ceremony, Professional Development Training, and the 85th Presidential Inauguration. 516 paid delegates were in attendance.

2005 Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar

Washington, DC – June 10-15, 2005. This meeting had record high attendance mainly due to the ability to include the White House on Saturday’s tour and individuals continuing their stay through the remainder of the week. The collegiate chapter initiative was rolled out in detail to the State Presidents. A brunch was held to give an opportunity to get a glimpse of the candidates for the 2006 National US Junior Chamber Officer positions. Delegates visited their state representatives on Capitol Hill to discuss Social Security Reform and other issues pertinent to their communities. There were 17 Executive Committee members, 33 State Presidents, 32 General Members, and 13 guests in attendance.

2005 Metro Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana – July 29-31, 2005. Request by the Metro committee and the Louisiana Jaycees was received for the National Service Center to step into the planning process of MetNet. The hotel contract was re-negotiated and revised in order to make sure that the organization was getting the fairest deal. The National Service Center took over all aspects of hotel to include sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, audiovisual, set-up, program book and food and beverage. Metro committee and Louisiana Jaycees remained in charge of marketing the meeting to make sure attendance was up.

This was the first joint MetNet Conference between JCI and USJC. . International guests included JCI members from Cameroon, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Scotland. The following chapters represented the USJC: Long Beach, CA; Greater Hartford, CT; Raleigh, NC; Seattle, WA; Greensboro, NC; Atlanta, GA; Grand Rapids, MI; Universal City-North Hollywood, CA; Chicago, IL; Coconut Grove, FL; Ann Arbor, MI; Des Moines, IA, Greater Waldorf, MD; Muncie, IN; and Columbus, OH.

JCI was instrumental in running the production of the general sessions, name badges and signage. Top Metro chapters, including JCI Atlanta and international chapters, conducted training sessions. The meeting was concluded with the Metro Business Meeting, which included bylaws review. 72 paid registrants were in attendance.

85th Annual Meeting

Boston, Massachusetts – September 15-18, 2005. This meeting was held at the Seaport Boston Hotel and the Boston World Trade Center. Trainings included Local Presidents’ training by Rick Buck which was well received, Action Institute training and more Jaycee specific training. There was Professional Development Training conducted by Jaycees and by trainers from the American Society for Training and Development. During the Board of Directors meeting, it was voted that the 2007 Annual Meeting will held in Omaha Nebraska. The Ten Outstanding Young Americans banquet and ceremony also took place at this meeting. The Annual Meeting had 211 paid registrants total in attendance. The count for TOYA was 425 in attendance, which includes all comps.

Site Visits/ Final Planning Visits

July 2005 – Myrtle Beach, SC – 2006 Year End Meeting
Moline, IL – 2006 National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress
October 2005 - Phoenix, AZ – 2007 National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress
November 2005 - Omaha, NE – 2007 Annual Meeting/ TOYA

Future Meetings

2006 Local Presidents’ Summit – January 5-8, 2006, Tulsa, OK.

Allocated LP slots to states, sent out registration forms, and finalized agenda with incoming President, Lisa Parrish. All training will be geared toward the year’s theme of Serve, Train, Attract, and Retain. President-Elect Lisa will do personalized training for the LP’s with Super 7 training. Metro Director, Lori Tomlin, will lead the LP’s with the JCI Achieve Training Seminar. Wonderful social events are scheduled for the LP’s, both onsite and offsite which includes, scavenger hunts at the hotel and at the National Service Center, fun and games at the new Incredible Pizza Game Complex and karaoke at the hotel.

2006 Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress – February 9-12, 2006, Moline, IL

Nomination forms have been received and judges selections finalized. 22 state winners will be in attendance at the 50th Anniversary of the Congress. Next year will also be the 30th year anniversary of John Deere’s Sponsorship. Many informative tours have been arranged for all in attendance. John Deere will be hosting a lunch and dinner on their property.

2006 Year End Meeting – March 9-12, 2006, Myrtle Beach, SC

Online registration was incorporated for the first time for a national meeting and became active October 1st. Promotions were sent via email, in chapter mailings and at the Annual Meeting. Details for offsite party was finalized. Meeting with President-Elect Lisa Parrish was conducted to discuss training. President Julie Metzger and President-Elect Lisa Parrish approved the agenda for the meeting.


Jaycees Against Youth Smoking

T Chapter and State involvement

The year 2005 has seen 52 chapters within 27 states run the program impacting more than 141,000 youth. We have seen a 63% increase compared to the number of children impacted during the 2004 year. Informational packets were sent to each State Department of Education and each State Department of Health. The state of Alabama increased their numbers 39% by gaining the endorsement of the state through this mailing.

Travels and Promotions

  • January: Kentucky
  • February: New York
  • March: Florida
  • April: North Dakota
  • May: Ohio
  • June: Washington DC
  • July: Nebraska, Louisiana
  • August: Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey
  • September: Massachusetts
  • October: Kansas, Oregon
  • December: Tennessee

Promotions that include JAYS information

  • Jaycees Magazine (quarterly publication sent to every member)
  • POSTMARK (monthly National Newsletter distributed to the Board of Directors and linked on our website.
  • Electronic newsletter to the state program managers
  • Chapter Mailings (there were 12 this year)
  • New Chapter Kits
  • New Member Card Mailing
  • Information on our website.
  • Monthly communication with state presidents when they report monthly membership
  • The program is part of our Blue Chip (successful chapter blue print program) and our Parade (point system encouraging participation in our programs).
  • Weekly updates to the Executive Committee
  • An informational mailing was sent to each chapter with encouragement and information for them to run the program.
  • An informational packet was sent to every State Department of Education and State Department of Health (with endorsements from the Tennessee and Alabama Departments of Education).
  • Presentation was made to incoming Board of Directors, as well as time spent with them during a three-day retreat.
  • Promotional materials (Computer bags and golf shirts with the program logo) were given to the Board of Directors for visibility as they travel.

National Meeting Focus

  • Local Presidents Summit (January 6th-9th in Tulsa, OK)- 135 of the top local chapter presidents received training on the JAYS program. The numbers also included 10 presidents from Canada and Central and South America. Program materials are given to these presidents for them to take back and start the year prepared to a run successful JAYS program.
  • Year-End Celebration (March 17th-20th in Daytona Beach, FL)- A presentation on the program was given to the Board of Directors so that through their travels they could assist in promoting the program. Awards were presented to the top performing states, chapters, and individuals of 2004.
  • Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar (June 11th-14th in Washington DC)- The Program Manager was given time to speak to the Board of Directors (which included 40 State Presidents) about the program and all the benefits of their chapters running it.
  • Executive Mid-Year Retreat (July 14th-17th in Tulsa, OK)- The Executive Committee was provided an in-depth look into the program by participating in a JAYS session with a group of children. With this experience and the other program information provided, they went out promoting the program even more as they visited with their assigned states.
  • Metro Conference (July 29th-31st in New Orleans, LA)- A presentation was made during this conference of chapters located in Metropolitan areas. Members attending this conference come from larger cities where their resources are plentiful and they have a larger area of impact. Not only were there members from large cities in America but also represented was England, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Cameroon, France, and Scotland.
  • 85th Annual Meeting/TOYA (September 15th 19th in Boston, MA)- State Presidents shared ideas of what is working in their states to get involvement in the program. Awards were presented to those states, chapters, and individuals who were making an impact half way through the year. An informational session was also available for the delegation to attend and take materials back to their states/chapters.
  • President’s Retreat (December 8th 11th in Gainesville, TN)- A presentation was made to the incoming State Presidents and Executive Committee. After the presentation, pledges for 2006 were made and totaled more than 186,000.


Supplies have been sent to 362 schools or other youth organizations in 2005. The number of students impacted through these schools totaled 141,191. The states include North Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana, Minnesota, Alabama, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, Arizona, Virginia, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, and West Virginia.

Final Reports

Final Reports were received from the following states:

  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Nebraska
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Alabama

National Promotional Steps

  • PowerPoint presentation was created to assist in the promotion of the program. This is available for the chapters and states to use in order to strengthen their programs.
  • Informational packets were sent to State Departments of Education and State Departments of Heath. Through this we have received endorsements from the states of Alabama and Tennessee.

National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress (NOYF)

Conducted a successful Awards Congress in Modesto, California February 9-13, 2005. We had approximately 260 in attendance. Celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Orion Samuelson, “U.S. Farm Report,” as the Emcee.

The twenty-two State Winners in attendance were; Jessie & Amanda Hobbs of Elkmont, AL; Chris & Elizabeth Oldham of Surprise, AZ; Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ R Lambert, III of Madison, GA; Richard & Melissa Rosenboom of Herscher, IL; Jeff & Jill Koch of Oldenburg, IN: David & Sherrill Sasse of Athol, KS; Corrie & Cherrie Harlow of Munfordville, KY; Paul & Tracie Trierweiler of Portland, MI; Tim & Sarah Sullivan of Franklin, MN: Kristina Flegel of Florissant Valley, MO; Kevin & Missy Kimzey of Water Valley, MS; Pat & Melissa Descheemaeker of Lewistown, MT; Dewey & Heather Scott of Lucama, NC; Wes & Janelle Frederick of Flasher, ND; Kevin & Kristina Albert of Louisville, NE; Matthew & Beth LeClair of Mason, NH; Jeffrey & Tracey VanderGroef of Vantage, NJ; Glenn & Michelle Thomas of Weston, OH; Jeff & Erin Maupin of Burns, OR; Timothy & Michelle Benton of Walterboro, SC; Patrick & Karen O’Donnell of Westfield, VT; Jeff & Tammy Styczynski of Pulaski.

Site inspections were made to Moline, IL for the 2006 Awards Congress and another to Phoenix/Mesa, AZ for the 2007 Congress. The Sponsor and President, Vice President, and Treasurer of the Outstanding Farmers of America Fraternity joined the Executive Vice President and National Program Managers during the inspection. Plans include tours of many of the manufacturing facilities of John Deere in and around Moline as well as shopping in East Davenport Village and tours of Aresenal Island.

The OYF National Program Managers, EVP, OFA Officer and Sponsor attended the 89th Annual Meeting of the NACAA in Orlando, FL July 10-13. The new updated program booth was on display during the conference. Over 500 John Deere ink pens were handed out during the meeting. The program was recognized during the VIP Reception and Dinner, and the incoming President spoke of continued support for the program.

Presidential Speech referring to Junior Chamber/Jaycees:

May 21, 2005 George W. Bush Commencement Address at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan



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