State: Tennessee

City: Maryville

Chapters: 1,395

Members: 50,653

Convention: Tulsa, OK
Attendance: 246


Lon Fox elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Michael Faller Grand Forks, ND  
National Vice President: Ann Albrecht Braintree, MA  
National Vice President: Ken Bannon Huntington, WV  
National Vice President: Ken Loyall Tuckahoe, VA  
National Vice President: Missy Rogers Wyomissing, PA  
National Vice President: Cindy Sabourin WI  
National Vice President: Todd Weber Colton, SD  
National Vice President: Julie Denning Dayton, OH  
National Vice President: Cassie Evans Union, KY  
National Vice President: Julie Gurczynski Albany, OR  
National Vice President: Pauyl Huss Waverly, NE  
Chaplin:* Craig Byram Austin, MN  
Legal Counsel:* Rick Huntimer Colton, SD  
Treasurer:* Susan Rogers TX  
Executive Vice President:* John K.S. Shiroma Hawaii National Office
Tulsa, OK

Boston, MA to host 2005 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

2004 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

Current NSC staff includes: John Shiroma, Executive Vice President; Connie Creekmore, Executive Coordinator; Kathi Cordell, Director of Finance; Nick Reinhard, Director of Information Services; Brad Gemeinhart, Director of Communications; Aesha Jordan, Director of Meetings; Geneva Broomfield, JAYS Program Manager; Sheri Lassiter, OYF Program Manager and Accounts Payable; and Karen Fitzgerald, Customer Service.

Internal Review

An internal review was conducted by Legal Counsel Craig Byram and Treasurer Susan Rogers including meetings with Corporate Legal Counsel Martin Wing of Conner & Winters; Corporate Legal Counsel Charlie Plumb of Doerner, Saunders, Daniels & Anderson, L.L.P., Insurance Broker Steve Hillary from Chandler, Frates & Reitz Inc., and auditors Jack Murray and Randa Vernon of Tullis, Taylor, Sartain & Sartain L.L.P.


As of March 2004, the Archives are displayed on the second floor of the building, the state plaques are displayed in the main-floor lobby, and landscaping is in place.

National Program Sponsorships

Brown & Williamson, Inc. contributed $250,000 for the Jaycees Against Youth Smoking program. The RJ Reynolds and Brown & Williams merger was completed in August 2004 and a meeting with Teresa Burch, Carolyn Brinkley, and Lee Strawsburg from RJR to discuss funding for the 2005 year was held at RJR Headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in October 2004. We have received verbal commitment to the program.

John Deere and Company contributed $85,000 to sponsor the Outstanding Young Farmers program. Anheuser-Busch, Inc. contributed $75,000 cash and product for the Year End Meeting, the Annual Meeting, TOYA, and USA Night at the JCI World Congress. Bullard, Inc., contributed $6,000.00 for use in chapter programs to provide thermal imaging equipment to firefighters.

Member Benefits

First USA Bank has remitted just over $10,708.05 in residuals from the MBNA credit card program; approximately $232.00 was received from residuals from The Check Gallery and the Success Motivation Institute. Avis Rent-A-Car remitted $56.19 in royalties, and $3,704.00 was received from R-ARE, Inc.

Action Institute

The USJC engaged Jeff Magee International to design a tailored program to be delivered as a Keynote Educational Program, then as a Train-the-Trainer Program, then rolled out as an in-house USJC facilitated program via field recruitment trainers and master trainers. Phase One – design and development of the Action Institute and Phase Two – 2004 Executive Committee Training have been completed. The roll-out schedule is shown below:

Phase Three – Training at the Annual Meeting
Phase Four – 2005 Executive Committee Training
Phase Five – 2005 State Presidents’ Training
Phase Six – 2005 LPS Training

Jaycee War Memorial Fund (JWMF)

The JWMF Trustees met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on January 12, 2004. The JWMF approved Grants to the USJC for the Local Presidents’ Summit, 2005 Executive Team retreat, and Educational Grants totaling $82,500. The USJC leases the JWMF building under a triple net lease for $70,000 a year. A Lease Agreement between USJC and JWMF will be drafted. In March 2004 the JWMF conducted an official inspection and dedication of the building.

JWMF 2004 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Eric Seidel
Vice Chairman Jack Gamel
Secretary/Treasurer John Shiroma
Trustee Charles Ford
Trustee Lon Fox
Trustee Mike Faller
Trustee Craig Byram
Trustee Wayne Matlock
Trustee John Nygren
Trustee Susan Rogers
Trustee Sydney Ward


WMF scholarship applications mailed: 1,849 general scholarship; 48 Charles R. Ford scholarship; and 87 Thomas Baldridge scholarship - for a total of 2,029 scholarship applications mailed.

Scholarship applications returned for judging: 374.

Winners of the United States Jaycees War Memorial Fund Scholarship for the school year 2004-2005 are: Johanna Glaser-AK, Jesalyn Fisher-AR, Eric Martin-CO, Jehna Holder-GA, Sherry Fujii-HI, Jamie Kowalski-ME, Christina Kim-MD, Bethany Diaz-Pons-MI, Amy Preblich-MN, Jamie Houk-MS, Meghan Tarter-MO, Aurora Paulsen-MT, Ross Gaston-NE, Sarah Ragsdale-NV, Christen Cloutier-NH, Sarah Boyd-NM, Pui-Lam Yiu-NY, Charlie Aldridge-NC, Sarah Thompson-OR, Adrianne Nickerson-RI, Leah Harwell-TN, Amanda Mitchell-TX, Chelsea Haviland-UT, Alison Jette-VT, and Ashley Mathis-WA.

Winner of the Charles R. Ford Scholarship - Audrey Moore - MN.

Winner of the Thomas Wood Baldridge Scholarship – Robin Leiby - Florida

The Jaycees Foundation

The USJCF Trustees met to conduct business of the foundation on January 12, 2004 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A $5,000 grant was awarded to the USJC for the 2004 Local Presidents’ Summit, and they are paying down their note to the USJC on a monthly basis. The archives were dedicated in March 2004. The Foundation also met in March, in conjunction with the 2003 Year-End Meeting, and in October, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. At the October meeting, a $5,000 grant was awarded to USJC for the 2005 Local Presidents’ Summit, and an additional $5,000 grant was awarded to USJC for the purpose of developing/producing training videos for local chapters.

USJF 2004 Officers and Trustees

Chairman Bob Goetz
Vice Chairperson Mary Sawyer
Secretary Donna Moreno
Treasurer Jack Gamel
Trustee Terry Kolaz
Trustee Jack Pasquale
Trustee M.H. Crockett
Trustee Eric Seidel
Trustee Lon Fox
Trustee Mike Faller
Trustee John Shiroma
Trustee Sydney Ward

Consultant Sam Chase
Consultant Tim O’Brien
Consultant Michael Sawyer
Consultant Nan Schichtel
Consultant Greg Thomes

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

The USJCs applied for and received the following grant from JCI: 2004 LP Summit - $6,500.

Grants for USJC were approved by Junior Chamber International’s Executive Committee at the JCI Model UN meeting in New York, as follows:

Membership Awareness Campaign - $4,500
National Sales & Marketing - $21,000
2005 State Presidents’ Retreat - $9,780
2005 Local Presidents’ Summit - $10,000

The following members of the USJCs served as officers in JCI for 2004: John Nygren, EVP for Area C; Wes Spurrier, VP for Area C; Michael Horn, VP for Area D; Lisa Parrish, Treasurer; Michael Faller, Area C Development Council Member; and Tom Huber, Technology Committee Member.

Area C Meeting – Guayaquil, Ecuador

President Fox, Chairman of the Board Mike Faller, NVP Ann Albrecht, and International Involvement Chairperson Suzanne Wible attended the Area C meeting in Guayaquil, Ecuador in April 2004.

JCI World Congress – Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka, Japan, hosted the 2004 World Congress November 22-26, 2004. USJC National Officers attending the Congress were: President Lon Fox; Chairman Mike Faller; NVPs Ann Albrecht, Ken Bannon, Cassie Evans, Paul Huss, Kenny Loyall, Cindy Sabourin, and Todd Weber; Legal Counsel Craig Byram; Treasurer Suzi Rogers; EVP John Shiroma; and President-Elect Julie Metzger. 2005 JCI National Officers are:

JCI President: Kevin Cullinane, JCI Ireland
JCI Executive Vice Presidents
Dominique Dottling, JCI Germany
Jun Takahashi, JCI Brazil
Koichi Washizawa, JCI Japan
Houssem Bel Hadj, JCI Tunisia

JCI Vice Presidents
IIze Augstkalne, JCI Latvia
Henry Bertel, JCI Austria
Kjersti Bergsaker-Aspoy, JCI Norway
Yiannis Lagos, JCI Greece
Landry Ahlonsou, JCI Benin
Daouda Kone, JCI Cote D’Ivoire
Ouksun Shim, JCI Korea
Luis Hernan Escobar Brausin, JCI Columbia
Yoshihiko ODA, JCI Japan
Manuel Espinal, JCI Republica Dominicana
Alice Kam, JCI Malaysia
Peta Clark, JCI Australia
Alexander Esber, JCI Venezuela
Rokhaya Nguer, JCI Senegal
Elroy E. Hughes, JCI Dutch Caribbean
Joseph Pheto, JCI Botswana
Ted TU, JCI Taiwan
Arthur Lui, JCI Hong Kong
Lori Tomlin, JCI USA

Legal Counsel
Scott W. Greenlee, JCI USA

Harish Kumar, JCI India


A Special Meeting of the Corporation was held for the purpose of bylaw amendments on Thursday, March 11, 2004. The approved amended bylaws are on the website.


Minutes of meetings were recorded, typed, approved, and bound into the 2004 Minute Book for permanent record.

Legal Issues

There are no legal issues pending.

Related Entities


The USJCs entered into an agreement with Bullard, Inc., to promote community awareness and fundraising activities in connection with their inSIGHT Thermal Imager program.

Rebuilding Together

The USJCs entered into a Memoradum of Understanding with Rebuilding Together, Inc., for the purpose of participating in the rehabilitation of houses of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and disabled.

US JCI Senate

Discussions are ongoing with the US JCI Senate to continue joint meetings of the two organizations.


The Boston office has closed, which will enable JCFAN to reduce overhead and continue sponsorship of affiliates. Discussions are now underway for the daily operations of JCFAN to be handled by the USJC National Service Center.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2004 Issues. Sold advertising for all four 2004 issues. Magazine overhauled for the Fall issue making it the kick-off to 2005 focusing on Jaycee information and chapter management.


Various staff assignments for Annual Meeting. Produced Status Reports, Postmark, and Dreamweaver.

66th Annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans
Produced the program including nominees, judging, and production of ceremonies. Event held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, instead of New Orleans.

Public Relations

Sent various press releases for events and activities of the organization. Assisted chapters and states with requested public relations needs.


The CD-Rom for Chapters 2004 was completed.

Web Site

Web site redesigned to provide greater service to local chapters and members. CPG library added as a special feature to assist in project management.


Printed materials and show production items were developed for meetings. Materials included program books, awards, tickets, signage, etc. Also produced during this time were Jaycees Magazine, Jaycees Against Youth Smoking materials, War Memorial Fund scholarship applications redesign, and TOYA and Business Summit sponsorship brochures.


Continued to provide support to local chapters. Launched a new theme: “We Help People!” Support materials include a bi-fold, full-color brochure and coordinating application card. All items featured the theme and were coordinated with the website look.


Financial Statements/ Tax Return/Audit

The Finance Department completed USJC monthly financial statements by the ninth working day of each succeeding month and distributing them for review to the President, the Treasurer, and the Executive Vice President. An audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2003 was published February 7, 2004 by Tullius Taylor Sartain & Sartain, LLP, with an unqualified (favorable) opinion of the USJC financial statements. The USJC transferred some investments from Bank of Oklahoma certificates of deposit to Banc One Securities Corporation government backed mortgage securities. Form 990, Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, was prepared in house and filed by the May 15, 2004 due date. Preliminary work by the Finance Department has been performed, and the audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2004 is scheduled to begin on January 31, 2005. An increase in net assets in excess of $90,000 is expected for the year ended December 31, 2004.

U.S. Jaycees Foundation

Financial statements for the Foundation were completed monthly and forwarded to Trustees for their review. The Foundation’s Form 990 tax return was prepared in house and filed by the May 15, 2004 due date. Contributions received to benefit the Archives-Heritage Project now total $26,040.00.

Jaycees War Memorial Fund

Financial statements for the War Memorial were completed monthly and forwarded to Trustees for their review. A compilation of the financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2003 was completed by Guest and Company, PC, and the report issued July 27, 2004. The JWMF’s Form 990 was prepared in house and filed by the November 15, 2004 due date. Approximately 1,500 applications for scholarships to be granted by the JWMF were sent to the judges to determine the winners. Enrollment confirmations from various colleges and universities were received for the 27 scholarship recipients, and checks were issued to the respective institutions.

Accounts Receivable/States Dues

Invoices and statements for the membership dues of the State organizations were generated and mailed each month to both the State President and State Treasurer or paid staff after completion of the processing of the membership data. Chapters without State Organizations are also now being processed, and their invoices and statements were added to the Accounts Receivable function. The Finance Department, with an upgrade of its accounting software, now has the capability to send out its monthly statements to these organizations by email; several states are taking advantage of this capability.


A total of 235 applications were received for the year; of those, 234 were approved and 1 were denied.


A total of 30 applications were received and approved for the year.

Accounts Payable

A total of 1,198 invoices were received for the year, and a total of 1,349 checks were cut and sent out. Invoices for inter-company expenses were generated for the US Jaycees Foundation & JWMF. A total of 53 expense reports were audited and sent to the EVP for his approval.

Meetings Registration

Registrations and travel reimbursements for the 130 attendees for the Local Presidents’ Summit were handled. The Year End Celebration was held in Tulsa, OK and registrations were processed for the 532 attendees. 395 pre-registrations for the Annual Meeting/TOYA scheduled in New Orleans, LA in September were processed; upon the cancellation of the meeting due to Hurricane Ivan, requests for refunds were received, and many refunds were issued to those unable to attend the re-scheduled meeting in Tulsa, OK in October. Attendance for year-end meeting re-scheduled for Tulsa was approximately 200.

Product Sales

The Award Group is the official vendor for The US Junior Chamber merchandise. They can be contacted via their website at or contact Sue Wong at 212.473.7000, extension 223. Orders for the Creed Banners are still being taken at the National Service Center.


Data Processing

The Gomembers database system was reset for the 2004 year. The monthly state reports (Alpha listing, chapter summary, drop, roster, dues reconciliation) are sent in a .pdf format by e-mail to State Presidents and/or State Offices. Chapter mailings were sent out on five occasions. The March mailing included the billings for May, June, July and August, the August mailing included the dues billings for the remainder of the year and the November mailing included the dues billings for the first four months of 2005. The rest of the mailings were chapter rosters. The dues billing forms are now a single-sheet that was created, with the help of Sam Elliot, as a .pdf. Utilizing this format will save the company in paper, mailing, and equipment costs. An Add/Change form has been created that can be distributed to chapters to allow them to type in membership and print it out.

Blue Chip

256 submitted and qualified for Blue Chip in 2004. This is a decrease of 8 percent from the previous year.


A new Dell laptop was purchased to replace a 5 year old unit. Both the servers had larger hard drives purchased to increase storage capacity.


The Audited figures for the 2004 year are:
Beginning of the Year Members 54,511
End of the year Members 50,653
Net (Loss) in Members (3,858)

Beginning of the Year Chapters 1,536
End of the year Chapters 1,395
Net (Loss) in Chapters (141)
New Chapter Charters YTD 102

662 Chapters (560 regular chapters and 102 extensions) are at year-to-date growth.

The National retention rate for the year is 56 percent. The number of New Members recruited in relation to members due for the year is 37 percent.


2004 Local Presidents’ Summit

Tulsa, Oklahoma – January 8-11, 2004. Conducted meeting, which included Executive Committee Meeting, training sessions, and tour of the National Service Center. Approximately 200 were in attendance. Jaycees were offered professional development training including JCI’s Lead Training provided by Lars Hajslund and Patrick Knight, for which we received recognition for having the highest number of JCI LEAD participants for 2004. Other trainers and sessions included: Dr. Julie Metzger – Developing the Dream/Building the Team; Jared Smith – Sales and Service; Kelly McElroy – Event Planning and Marketing; Lon Fox and Mike Faller – Building Strong Local Chapters/Achieving the Dream; and Eric Seidel – Nuts and Bolts of Building Strong Local Chapters.

2005 Local Presidents’ Summit

Tulsa, OK – January 6 – 9, 2005 – Finalized details for the LP Summit and coordinated all off-site activities.

2003 Year End Meeting

Tulsa, Oklahoma – March 11-14, 2004. Conducted meeting, which included Board of Directors and Executive Committee Meetings, Awards Ceremony, Dedication Ceremony for USJC National Service Center and Archives, Tours of the USJC National Service. Approximately 500 were in attendance. Professional development training was offered. Trainers and sessions included: Kristine Sexter - Wildly Successful People; Mark Berg – Sales & Service; Mike Marshall – The Restrained Brain; Rick Buck – People Puzzle; and Patrick Knight – Positive Seduction and Design the Future Leader. Training was also provided covering ten impact areas, including: Business Development; Chapter Operations; Communications; Community Involvement; Financial Management/Corporate Development; International Involvement; Leadership Development; Personal Growth; Project Management; and Public Relations.

2004 Year End Meeting

Daytona Beach, Florida – May 16-19, 2005. Meeting being conducted by Florida Jaycees. See our website Contact Heidi Juttner, for further hotel and event information.

2004 Governmental Affairs Seminar

Arlington, VA – June 12 – 15, 2004. Finalized details with hotel and offsite functions for GALS. Conducted meetings, which included 2004 Board of Directors Meeting, State Presidents’ Training, Executive Committee Meeting, and training sessions with Craig Byram. This was the first year that GALS was open to General Members. Achieve Training was offered for all general members in attendance for a fee. 25 people attended Achieve Training. State Presidents, Executive Committee Members, and General Members attended appointments on the hill with their Congressmen and Representatives. Other activities included a guided bus tour of Washington, DC and the Rockville Jaycees hosted an evening social for all of the GALS attendees.

2005 Governmental Affairs Seminar

Arlington, VA – June 11 – 15, 2005. Negotiated and finalized contract for 2005 hotel and worked agenda for 2005 Seminar.

2004 Executive Committee Retreat
The Executive Committee met at the National Service Center in Tulsa during July for training and planning sessions.

84th Annual Meeting

New Orleans, LA – September 15 – 19, 2004. Took a site visit in June in order to finalize production issues and off-site venues. Took a site visit in September with the Budweiser sponsors to view locations where they would be donating product and get their final approval for each venue. Coordinated final details of meeting with hotel and other suppliers. Meeting was cancelled due to the threat of a hurricane. City was shut down and given a voluntary evacuation. Staff that had arrived in New Orleans stayed the week with the delegates who were also stranded in the city. Annual Meeting was re-scheduled and planned within 3 weeks of the original meeting date. Meeting was held in Tulsa, OK due to cost and short turn around time. Alternate cities were considered which included, New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Kansas City, and Las Vegas. Tulsa was the only city with available hotel space for the chosen dates and it was the cheapest overall. Meeting was shortened by one day and consisted of Professional Development training, Mid-Year competitions, Mid-Year Awards, Board of Directors meeting, Executive Committee, and Business Session Meetings, Elections for 2005 and the Ten Outstanding Young Americans Ceremony.

State Presidents’ Retreat

Camp Discovery, Tennessee, hosted the 2005 State Presidents’ Retreat December 12-14, 2004. Fellowship, training, and planning for the year marked this event.

2006 Year End

Myrtle Beach, SC –. Sent out RFP’s for the 2006 Year End meeting. Cities that were considered were, St. Louis, MO, Nashville, TN, Savannah, GA, Charleston, NC, Myrtle Beach, SC, Tunica, MS. Myrtle Beach was selected and the contract was negotiated and executed after a site visit to the facility to view the hotel and possible off-site activities.

85th Annual Meeting

Boston, MA – September – Took a site visit to Boston to work on production issues, meet with the Boston Committee, and view possible off-site venues.

86th Annual Meeting

Indianapolis, IN - September 30 – October – Sent out RFP’s for the 86th Annual Meeting. Indianapolis was voted on during the Board Meeting at the 2004 Annual Meeting. A site visit was done to view the two hotels bidding on the meeting and to view off-site venues for possible activities. After a hotel comparison was done, the Adam’s Mark at the Airport was voted on.


Jaycees Against Youth Smoking

Ninety-Seven (97) chapters utilized the program during the “Dream and Achieve” year of 2004. There were 31 states that took advantage of this free program and impacted the lives of 89,425 youth across the nation. Since the beginning of the program in 1999, Jaycees across the country have impacted the lives of 783,884 youth.

JAYS presentations were made during national meetings, including Local President Summit, Year End Celebration, Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar (GALS), Met Net, and Annual Meeting. The JAYS Program Manager traveled to Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, North Dakota, Georgia, Nebraska, Indiana, and South Carolina to train at various State Meetings and events.

JAYS communication included phone calls to local chapter presidents, phone calls to State Presidents, and National Vice Presidents. The Executive Board received countless emails from states and chapters involved, updating them on the numbers throughout the year. The State Presidents received articles for their use as communication with their respective states. There were letters in the quarterly chapter mailings explaining the program and encouraging the chapters to run it. In addition there were JAYS articles in the quarterly Jaycee Magazine. There were also articles in the monthly Postmark.

Outstanding Young Farmer Award Congress (OYF)

The New OYF website was launched in July, with links to all available program materials and resources.

Conducted a successful Awards Congress in San Antonio, Texas February 12-15, 2004, with pproximately 250 in attendance. The twenty-five State Winners in attendance were; CO-Troy Seaworthy, CT-Charles Kurtz, GA-Kimelan Millican, IL-James McGivney, IN-Ronald Hudson, IA-Dan Schurr, KS-Timothy Parkman, KY-Stephen Marc Burnett, MD-Richard Eaves, MI-Randy Petroshus, MN-Erik Rockstad, MS-Barrett Fisackerly, MO-Dale Smith, MT-Warren Stenseth, NE-Brad Williams, NJ-Phillip Brodhecker, NY-Henry Sanderfer, NC-Linwood Vick, ND-Heather Feiring, OR-Michael Bentz, PA-Brian Dietrich, TN-Jerry Ross, VT-John Simpson, WA-AJ Ochoa, WI-Jay Richardson. The four National Winners were announced at a formal awards ceremony hosted by Orion Samuelson. The 2004 winners were: Richard and Tammy Eaves, Maryland; Erik and Gretchen Rockstad, Minnesota; Brad and Amy Williams, Nebraska; and Jay and Kristi Richardson, Wisconsin.

A second site inspection was made to Fresno, CA, April 1– 4, 2004 for the 2005 Awards Congress. Due to a booking conflict with the hotel, the host city was changed to Modesto, California. Contracts have been signed with the Doubletree Hotel located in downtown Modesto. The Sponsor and President, Vice President, and Treasurer of the Outstanding Farmers of America Fraternity joined the Executive Vice President and National Program Managers during the inspection. Plans include a tour of the operations of Dino Cortopassi and John Kautz, past national winners. Contact with the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California was made and the General Manager has announced that the day of our visit will be named ‘Young Farmers Day’ in our honor. Preparations continue for the 2005 OYF Congress to be held in Modesto, CA.

The OYF National Program Managers, EVP, OFA Officer and Sponsor attended the 89th Annual Meeting of the NACAA in Orlando, FL July 10-13. The new updated program booth was on display during the conference. Names and contact information were collected for a drawing for merchandise provided by the sponsor, John Deere. Over 700-tractor stickers were handed out during the meeting. The program was recognized during the VIP Reception and Dinner, and the incoming President spoke of continued support for the program.

The EVP, OFA Officers, and Sponsor made a site inspection to Moline, Illinois for the 50th Annual Awards Congress to be held in 2006 at the Headquarters of John Deere.



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