State: North Dakota

City: Grand Forks

Chapters: 1,536

Members: 54,515

Convention: Anaheim, CA
Attendance: 492


Mike Faller elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: John Nygren Marinette, WI  
National Vice President: Deb Andersen Greley, CO  
National Vice President: Tami Linn Christensen Sidney, MT  
National Vice President: Michael Horn Marshalltown, IA  
National Vice President: Mark Nakashima Honolulu, HI  
National Vice President: Robert Reed Jr Auburn, NE  
National Vice President: Todd Scott Tuscumbia, AL  
National Vice President: Wesley Spurrier Clover, SC  
National Vice President: Alyson Swank Macon, GA  
National Vice President: Lori Tomlin Mincie, IN  
National Vice President: Suzanne Wible Indian Head, MD  
Chaplin:* Julie Metzger Florence, KY  
Legal Counsel:* Patrick Knight FL  
Treasurer:* Todd Smithhart Conway, AR  
Executive Vice President:* John K.S. Shiroma Tulsa, OK National Office
Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, OK to host 2004 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

2003 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

In December 2003, The U.S. Junior Chamber’s National Service Center underwent an extensive reorganization. This activity was done to increase the productivity of the building’s staff in providing local and state chapters with the best service and tools to become successful.

Staff as of December 31, 2003: John Shiroma, Executive Vice President; Connie Creekmore, Executive Coordinator; Kathi Cordell, Director of Finance; Nick Reinhard, Director of Information Services; Brad Gemeinhart, Director of Communications; Ashley Zilmer, Director of Meetings; Ansley Buck, JAYS Program Manager; Sheri Lassiter, Accounts Payable; Karen Fitzgerald, Customer Service.


POSTMARK was put on the national web site monthly. STATUS REPORTS were electronically distributed and a hard copy distributed at Board of Directors Meetings.

Bylaws & Policy

The USJC Bylaws Manual as well as the Policies and Procedures Manual were distributed to the Board of Directors, published on the Jaycee CD-Rom, and the Bylaws were posted on the national web site.

Legal Issues

There are no legal issues pending..

Jaycee War Memorial Trust (JWMT)

The JWMT Trustees met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Sunday, January 12, 2003, in conjunction with The U.S. Junior Chamber’s 2003 Local Presidents Summit.

JWMT 2003 Officers and Trustees

Chairman - Eric Seidel
Vice Chairman- Jack F. Gamel
Secretary/Treasurer - John Shiroma
Trustee Michael F. Faller
Trustee Charles Ford
Trustee Patrick Knight
Trustee Wayne Matlock
Trustee John Nygren
Trustee James Stafford
Trustee Sydney Ward

U.S. Jaycee Foundation

The U.S. Jaycees Foundation Trustees met in Anaheim, California in September 2003 in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of The U.S. Junior Chamber.

USJF 2003 Officers and Trustees:

Chairman Robert Goetz
Vice Chairman Mary Sawyer
Secretary Brenda Nadkarni
Trustee Jim Caulder
Trustee Denny DeGroot
Treasurer Jack Gamel
Trustee Nadra Conner
Trustee Moton Crocket
Trustee Michael F. Faller
Trustee Chris Pancratz
Trustee John Nygren
Trustee Eric Seidel
Trustee John K.S. Shiroma
Trustee Sydney Ward

Consultant Sam Chase
Consultant Timothy O’Brien
Consultant Michael Sawyer
Consultant Greg Thomes

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Representatives from the USJC organization attended Area C in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in May 2003.

Approximately 3,380 delegates attended World Congress held in Copenhagen in November 2003, 146 of whom were USJC delegates. Elected from the U.S. to JCI Positions were: John Nygren, Executive Vice President, Area C; Michael R. Horn, Vice President, Area D, and Wesley Spurrier, Vice President Area D.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2003 Issues. Sold advertising for all four 2003 issues.


Various staff assignments for Annual Meeting. Produced Status Reports, POSTMARK, Catalyst, and THE LINK.

2003 Year-End

Dallas, Texas - Conducted meeting, which included the 2003 Board of Directors Meeting, Awards Ceremony, and the 83rd Presidential Inauguration. There were approximately 600 delegates in attendance.

83rd Annual Meeting

Anaheim, CA – September 2003. Conducted meeting consisting of Professional Development training, Mid-Year competitions, Mid-Year Awards, and Business Session. Approximately 680 delegates were in attendance.

Elections for 2004 were also held at Anaheim Annual Meeting. Elected officers: President-Lon Fox, TN; National Vice Presidents-Ann Albrecht – MA; Ken Bannon – WV; Julie Denning, OH; Cassie Evans – KY; Julie Gurczynski – OR; Paul Huss – NE; Ken Loyall – VA; Missy Rogers – PA; Cindy Sabourin – WI; Todd Weber – SD.

65th Annual Ten Outstanding Young Americans

Numbers: Increased the number of nominees from 80 to 120 for the 65th Congress. State Participation: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia (23 total). Of the 10 winners Jaycee chapters submitted seven.

Promotions: Contacted every state president to promote TOYA. TOYA articles were placed in Postmark publication. Sent out two all chapter mail-outs promoting TOYA. Began e-mail campaign for 2004. (Last year sent out a total of 4,000 e-mails)


  • Darrell Armstrong – Atlanta, GA, ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENT;
  • Brett Eastburn – Tyner, IN, PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT;
  • Arianne Ellerbe – Baton Rouge, LA, LEAGAL REFORM;
  • Dr. Peter Emanuel – Abingdon, MD, SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS;
  • Major Christopher Herring – Hickam AFB, HI, GOVERNMENT SERVICE;
  • Matthew Schweer – Arkansas City, KS, CULTURAL ACHIEVEMENT IN EDUCATION;

Public Relations

Sent press releases for Ten Outstanding Young Americans winners. Assisted chapters and states with requested public relations needs.


The CD-Rom for Chapters 2004 was completed.

Redesigning of the Jaycees Against Youth Smoking portion of the website was completed.


Printed materials and show production items were developed for meetings. Materials included program books, awards, tickets, signage, etc. Also produced during this time were Jaycees Magazine, Jaycees Against Youth Smoking quarterly newsletter and postcards, New Member card redesign, War Memorial Fund scholarship applications redesign, and TOYA and Business Summit sponsorship brochures.


The Teaching Learning Network, producers of the series “Voices of Vision” for the national PBS network, recently sent notification that they will be re-releasing the series in September. The “Voices of Vision” series contains segments on 26 different organizations, and the Jaycees are featured in segment #25 called Forging Tomorrow’s Leaders: A Challenge of Community Service. Chapters should contact their local PBS station and ask if the “Voices of Vision” series will be broadcast. Chapters can request that if the entire series is not going to be broadcast, that the Jaycee segment is shown.

Preparation for the design and printing of new marketing posters is being made and scripts are being proposed for a Television PSA and other promotional materials for marketing campaign are being assembled for proposal.

The six-month agreement with Goodwill Communications to monitor the radio PSAs expired in June and is being reviewed to determine if we continue with the program. We are also looking to see if we want to expand the relationship to include television and cable.


Financial Statements/ Tax Return/Audit

The Finance Department completed USJC monthly financial statements by the ninth working day of each succeeding month and distributing them for review to the President, the Treasurer, and the Executive Vice President. An audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2002 was published January 27, 2003 by Guest & Company, PC with no changes to the USJC financial statements. Form 990, Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, was prepared in house and filed by the May 15, 2003 due date. In accordance with the Board of Directors’ directive to employ the services of a new CPA firm, Requests for Proposal for Audit Services for the year ending December 31, 2003 were issued to five firms of various sizes. The Finance Committee selected the firm of Tullius Taylor Sartain & Sartain, LLP. Preliminary work by the Finance Department has been performed, and the audit of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2003 is scheduled to begin on January 19, 2004.

U.S. Jaycees Foundation

Financial statements for the Foundation were completed monthly and forwarded to Trustees for their review. The Foundation’s Form 990 tax return was prepared in house and filed by the May 15, 2003 due date. The investment account from T. D. Waterhouse Institutional Services were transferred to Banc One Securities Corporation. Contributions were received to benefit the Archives-Heritage Project totaling $17,905.00.

Jaycees War Memorial Fund

Financial statements for the War Memorial were completed monthly and forwarded to Trustees for their review. A compilation of the financial statement for the year ended June 30, 2003was completed by Guest and Company, PC. The JWMF ‘s Form 990 was prepared in house and filed by the November 15, 2003 due date. Enrollment confirmations from various colleges and universities were received for the 27 scholarship recipients, and checks were issued to the respective institutions. An additional $750.00 was received in 2003 for the Capital Campaign Fund.

Accounts Receivable/States Dues

Invoices and statements for the membership dues of the State organizations were generated and mailed to both the State President and State Treasurer or paid staff after completion of the processing of the membership data. Chapters without State Organizations are also now being processed (11 chapters), and their invoices and statements have been added to the Accounts Receivable function.


A total of 251 applications were received for the year, of those, 248 were approved and 3 were denied.


A total of 53 applications were received for the year, of those, 2 were denied. And the remainder was approved.

Accounts Payable

A total of 1,424 invoices were received for the year, and a total of 1543 checks where cut and sent out. Invoices were generated for JC Foundation & JCWMF. A total of 71 expense reports were audited and sent on to EVP for approval.


A total of 18,409 pieces of mail was sent out. A total of 763 boxes were shipped.


LPS – Reimbursement checks for approximately 250 attendees were issued. NOYF – Registrations for approximately 140 pre-event were collected and added to
a database. Year End Tulsa – Registrations for approximately 590 attendees were collected and placed in a database, and handled registrations onsite. Annual Meeting/TOYA Anaheim – Registrations for approximately 696 attendees were collected and entered into a database, and handled registrations onsite. Sold some USJC & onsite.

Product Sales

The 5-year contract with JCI to sale the US Jaycees product line ended at the end of 2002. The remaining inventory was sent back to the National Service Center and the finance department sold products through out the year and at meetings. A new contract was signed with The Award Group late in the year, the company will launch there website in March 2004. All inventory at the National Service Center will be shipped to the Award Group that same month.


Data Processing

The Gomembers database system was put into operations for the 2003 year. The monthly state reports (Alpha listing, chapter summary, drop, roster, dues reconciliation) are now sent in a .pdf format by e-mail to State Presidents and/or State Offices. Chapter mailings were sent out on four occasions. The August mailing included the dues billings for the remainder of the year and the November mailing included the dues billings for the first four months of 2004. The rest of the mailings were chapter rosters. The dues billing forms are now a single-sheet that was created, with the help of Sam Elliot, as a .pdf. Utilizing this format will save the company in paper, mailing, and equipment costs. An Add/Change forms has been created that can be distributed to chapters to allow them to type in membership and print it out.

Blue Chip
Approximately 256 submitted and qualified for Blue Chip in 2003. This is an increase of over 10 percent from the previous year.

Two new Dell laptops were put into service to replace a 5 year old unit and a 4 year old unit. A new Dell Dimension PC was purchased to replace the unit used for graphics work. The finance server was replaced with a refurbished Dell 2300 that was upgraded with dual Pentium III 550s. The file server operating system was updated from Novell 4, to Windows 2003.

The Audited figures are for the 2003 year
Beginning of the Year Members 59,730
End of the year Members 54,515
Net (Loss) in Members (5,215)

Beginning of the Year Chapters 1,678
End of the year Chapters 1,536
Net (Loss) in Chapters (142)
New Chapter Charters YTD 97

702 Chapters are at year-to-date growth.

The National retention rate for the year is 54.5 percent. The number of New Members recruited in relation to members due for the year is 37 percent.


83rd Annual Meeting

Anaheim, California – September 24-28, 2003. Conducted meeting, consisting of Professional Development training, Mid-Year competitions, Mid-Year Awards, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Business Session Meetings, Elections for 2004. Prior to meeting, held extensive communications with the Anaheim Marriott and Anaheim Convention and Visitors Bureau. Booked venue for the Get Acquainted Party. Contracted entertainment for Get Acquainted Party, TOYA Ceremony and TOYA dance. Contracted transportation including shuttle to and from the airport, to offsite events, and for TOYA Honorees’ airport pick-ups. Developed offsite options including discount tickets to Disneyland and an Anaheim Angels game. Booked a photographer for the convention with ability to sell pictures both onsite and directly from his website at the conclusion of the meeting. Arranged childcare/tour/event options for children attending the meeting. Assigned meeting functions into meeting space at the Anaheim Marriott. Confirming all agenda events for the meeting. Continued communicating with Anaheim Committee. Confirmed all meeting room set-ups and needs. Worked with Anaheim Marriott for food and beverage functions including TOYA Dinner. Supervised production of all event agendas and scripts.

84th Annual Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana – September 15-19, 2004. Continued communications with Radisson Hotel New Orleans. Began negotiating contracts for Get Acquainted Party and TOYA. Created a tentative agenda and began assigning meeting functions into meeting space.

2003 Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia – May 13-16, 2003. Conducted meetings, which included 2003 Board of Directors Meeting, State President Training, Executive Committee Training, Executive Committee Training, training sessions with Elizabeth DiGregorio of Citizens Corp and Tom Donnelly giving a Capitol Hill Briefing. State Presidents and Executive Committee Members attended appointments on the hill with their Congressmen and Representatives. Other activities included a guided bus tour of Washington, DC and the Rockville Jaycees hosted an evening social for all of the GALS attendees.

2004 Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar

Arlington, Virginia – June 12-15, 2004. Set dates for meeting. Signed contract with Hyatt Arlington. Developing a tentative agenda for the event. Communicating with area vendors for speaker and offsite options. Coordinated meeting space needs to hotel.

2004 National Outstanding Young Farmers National Awards Congress

San Antonio, Texas – February 12-15, 2004. Conducted site inspection and OYF Advisory Committee Meeting. Representatives Cheryl Salley, Deere & Company; Steve Moest, OFA President; Gerald and Pat Barnes, OFA Treasurer. Began assigning functions to meeting rooms at the Radisson Resort Hill County. Met with various facilities for possibilities of offsite banquet and tours. Contracted offsite NOYF Banquet, all day tours, and transportation companies. Continued to send out Request for Proposals for the offsite NOYF Awards Banquet. Created tentative agenda.

2005 National Outstanding Young Farmers National Awards Congress

Tentative: Fresno, California – February 9-13, 2005. Submitted requests for proposals and bid specifications to Greater Fresno Convention and Visitors Bureau. Conducted site inspection of area Fresno hotels. Met with vendors for tour options including the Agriculture department of Fresno State University. Created spreadsheet comparisons of hotels and tour options.

2003 Year End

Tulsa, Oklahoma – March 10-14, 2004. Continued communications with Tulsa Doubletree Downtown and Tulsa Convention Center. Searched possible offsite options and activities for the meeting. Updated tentative agenda and continued assigning meeting rooms for functions.

2005 Year-End

Began communications with the Seaport Hotel and Convention Center in Boston, MA. The meeting will be held in September, 2005

2005 Annual Meeting

Began communications with the Florida area Jaycees concerning the 2005 Annual Meeting which will be held in Daytona Beach, FL, in March 2005.


Jaycees Against Youth Smoking

As of December 31,, 2003, the JAYS program has been implemented on the chapter and/or school level in 34 states and impacted 147,875 kids. In addition to three states that run the program from the state level, numerous chapters have also run the program. Additionally, interested teachers that attended the National Educators Association Annual Meeting have begun implementing the program, which has resulted in participation by schools throughout the country.

JAYS kits were sent out in the chapter dues kits in late August to every chapter in the following states: Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North
Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Additionally, each NVP was sent pledge cards to use during their trips to Jaycee states. Pledge cards were also sent to past participants of the JAYS program.

JAYS communications include a JAYS newsletter which was sent to the executive committee. Reminders in Postmark have also been sent and an article was submitted to the Jaycee Magazine.

JAYS travel from May-August includes: May-Missouri, Virginia, Washington, DC; June-Nebraska State Convention, Southern Metro Conference in Miami, Florida; July-NEA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA; August-Michigan State Convention.

Outstanding Young Farmer

Louisville, Kentucky – February 13-16, 2003. Conducted successful Congress with over 260 delegates in attendance. The twenty-five State Winners in attendance were: CA-Casey Alesso, CO-Mitch Mauch, CT-David Smith, FL-Robert Tripson, GA-James Roberts, IL-Rick Livesay, IN-Joe Carter, KS-Donald Krepps, KY-Greg Burton, MD-Matthew Toms, MI-Eric Frahm, MN-Tom Donkers, MS-Brad Brooks, MO-Jay Henderson, MT-Kevan Comes, NE-Karl Meeske, NV-James Settelmeyer, NJ-Ryan Ploch, NY-Peter Mapstone, NC-Michael Beal, ND-Randal Thompson, OH-Joan Grimes, SD-Timothy Heilman, WA-Derek Schafer, WI-Jay Binversie. The four national winners were announced at a formal awards ceremony hosted by Orion Samuelson. The 2003 winners were: Kevan Comes, Montana; Jay and Pam Binversie, Wisconsin; Tom and Pam Donkers, Minnesota; Joan and John Grimes, Ohio.

Communications- bi-monthly OYF newsletters were sent out to State Program Managers and State Presidents. Provided reminders during state call-in about the OYF deadline and about securing candidates. Submitted articles to Postmark with reminders about the deadline and about 2004 OYF Awards Congress information. Submitted an article for the Jaycee Magazine.

OYF Travel include: June-Nebraska State Convention; July-NACAA Annual Meeting; August-Michigan State Convention, and Tennessee.

Traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for the NACAA Annual Meeting. Set up booth at trade show to distribute information as well as secure local NACAA contacts. Presented a program about NOYF to the assembly and met with the Public Relations and Ag Issues committee on implementing and promoting the program to their members.

A site inspection for 2005 NOYF in Fresno, California took place August 18-20, 2003. The Executive Vice President and Director of Meetings attended this and evaluated hotel, banquet facilities, and tour options. Detailed comparisons were sent to the Outstanding Farmers of America (OFA) Fraternity for their review prior to the September conference call.


New Member Mailing

Coordinated mailing of New Member materials and reprinting of 20,000 brochures. Solicited bids for printing of a more durable, redesigned version of the New Member wallet card. Met with the mailing services vendor to verify size and weight specifications prior to production of the new card.


Prepared copying cost guidelines to assist employees with budget control. Larger printing projects have been outsourced after reviewing costs and delivery schedules. Currently receiving bids/quotes on high volume reprints of Jaycees Against Youth Smoking materials. Bids have also been requested for fulfillment services on this project due to a lack of manpower and storage space at this facility.

JWMF Scholarship Program

Enrollment confirmations for the 2003-2004 school year have been received for recipients of the Baldridge, Ford, and general scholarship recipients.

Scholarship applications were reprinted for mailing to interested students on July 1 for the 2004-2005 school year.

New Building

Received the official building “certificate of use and occupancy” from the City of Tulsa on May 20, 2003.

Arranged meetings with construction contractor and truss manufacturer to determine the cause and remedial work needed for what appeared to be stress cracks in the upstairs ceiling. In the opinion of an independent construction engineer, the cracking was not related to stress but to extreme temperature changes during construction. His suggestion of applying a skim coat of mud under a now controlled temperature appears to be solving the problem.

Senator Charles Ford, a member of the War Memorial Fund Board of Trustees, met with the Mayor of Tulsa on August 18 to discuss the drainage ditch project located near the North East corner of the building. According to Senator Ford, the department in charge of surface drainage will begin work to straighten out the ditch within the next 30 days. Due to the cities current lack of available funding, work on encasement of the drainage area will begin in approximately 4 months.

Minor problems & difficulties encountered thus far relating to AC equipment and plumbing has been handled through warranty work at no cost.


National Program Sponsorships

Sponsorship funds for 2003 total $405,000. The Jaycees Against Youth Smoking program was funded by Brown & Williamson at $250,000. The Outstanding Young Farmers program was funded again by John Deere at $85,000. Ten thousand dollars was received by Coca-Cola for sponsorship of the Annual Meeting, and Anheuser-Busch, Inc. contributed $60,000 towards the Year-End Meeting in Dallas and the Annual Meeting in Anaheim.

2003 Annual Meeting/TOYA Ceremony

Anheuser-Busch and The Coca-Cola Company donated $42,000 and product toward the Annual Meeting. Exhibitor and advertising sales income account for an additional $4,700 received to-date for this meeting. In July, met with Anheuser-Busch representatives in Anaheim to determine the layout of the meeting’s evening events/parties. Continue to work with both Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch to obtain advertisements, product delivery and scheduling, sponsor itineraries, etc. Arranged for author Dave Pelzer to speak at the USJCs Business Meeting, to TOYA honorees, and at the TOYA Ceremony. Coordinating with Barnes & Noble for sales of Pelzer’s books and a book-signing event during the meeting.

Capital Campaign

Of the original pledges of $9,000 to the Jaycees War Memorial Fund, $4,850 has been collected.

Member Benefits

Revenue produced by various member benefits offered to Jaycees totals $22,973 year to-date. R-ARE, Inc. and First USA provide the majority of residuals ($9,690 and $13,183 respectively). Of note to members will be an announcement regarding the transition of Platinum MasterCard® holders from First USA Bank to MBNA. This change took effect in October of this year.

Other current member benefits include Avis, Alamo, Choice Hotels International, TVC Plus Motor Club, YourNetPlus ISP, and Expetec Technology Services. Additional member benefits will be appearing in the fourth quarter.


Arranged and provided training in May for State Presidents attending GALS. Worked with Liz DiGregorio and Tom Donnelly, Jr. to brief attendees on Citizen Corps and Capitol Hill issues before USJC elected officials met with their government representatives.

Over 200 Jaycees attended the six concurrent professional development sessions in Dallas during Year-End. All of these professional trainers were obtained via contacts through the Dallas ASTD chapter. Only an honorarium was paid to each of the outside speakers saving the USJCs an estimated total expense of $1,500.

Worked with the programming chair of the Los Angeles Chapter of the ASTD to solicit professional speakers/trainers from the Orange County area. Created and implemented an RFP for trainers to complete for gratis training at the USJC Business Summit. Twenty-one speakers responded and fifteen of the best were selected. Two additional trainers were added to the list and concurrent classes were scheduled for a total of five sessions. Estimated cost savings for these excellent trainers/authors/speakers is over $5,000.

Citizen Corps

Working closely with Kevin Sutton, Committee Chairman, to further define the Citizen Corps focus. Information was prepared and mailed to all chapters in June and August. Since March, one Citizen Corps Council has been formed in Boone County, KY. Other chapters have been involved in CERT training.

Discussions are currently being held with eScapes, Inc., a Citizen Corps partner and developer of an information and subscription-based internet site designed to impart disaster preparedness information, to see if their is a fit with the USJC Citizen Corps focus. A teleconference is scheduled the second week in October between Home Depot, eScapes, and the U.S. Jaycees to discuss the possibility of a three-way partnership for community awareness programs.

Jaycees and E. D. Bullard Company Team Up to Save Lives

Thermal imagers fundamentally change the way firefighters do their work. Used effectively, this technology can save lives, preserve property and help keep firefighters safe on the job.

E.D. Bullard Company, the leading manufacturer of thermal imagers for the fire service, provides free instruction and support materials that will help local Jaycee chapters plan and execute effective thermal imager fundraising campaigns.

The inSIGHT instructional materials provide tips on managing the four fundamentals of fundraising: building a team, planning a campaign, conducting a technical demonstration, and involving the local media. The inSIGHT support materials help firefighters and community leaders reach potential donors effectively through group presentations, media relations, and direct mail. Both print and video resources are included in this free kit, which civic club leaders can order by calling toll-free 877-BULLARD or by visiting

Family Talk

Continually provide program information and/or assistance to interested individuals/
chapters and report chapter participation to Anheuser-Busch. To-date 15 chapters have reported running Family Talk programs in their communities.


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