State: Wisconsin

City: Marinette


Members: 59,730

Convention: Sioux Falls, SD
Attendance: 607


John Nygren elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Sydney Ward Lubbock, TX  
National Vice President: Tana A. Bewley Cherry Creek, CO  
National Vice President: Michael F. Faller Grand Forks, ND  
National Vice President: Lon Fox Maryville, TN  
National Vice President: Scott W. Greenlee Grand Rapids, MI  
National Vice President: Thomas Jay Burnsville, MN  
National Vice President: Julie Metzger Boontown, KY  
National Vice President: Kevin Sutton Wheeling, WV  
National Vice President: Lisa Tayburn St. Peters, MO  
National Vice President: Trudie Lee Wood Charles City, IA  
National Vice President:      
Chaplin:* Brudley Kibodeaux LA  
Legal Counsel:* Michael Horn IA  
Treasurer:* Gregory S. Kollmeyer MO  
Executive Vice President:* John K.S. Shiroma Hawaii National Office
Tulsa, OK

Anaheim, CA to host 2003 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

2002 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

Staff Departing: JAYS Program Manager Mary Sergent, Building Operations Employees Jim Downing and Mike Johnson, Customer Service Representative Denise Navarro, Production Department Employees Lonnie Adams and David Long, Graphics Manager Brad Gemeinart, Meetings Manager Cathy Cabran.

Staff Additions: Meetings Manager Ashley Johnson, Program Managers Rhonda Scocos (TOYA and Awards) and Ansley Buck (OYF and Gun Safety), Graphics Manager Erin Sellers.

Staff Moves: Program Manager True Wallace to JAYS Program from OYF and Gun Safety Programs.


POSTMARK and CATALYST were electronically distributed bi-monthly as well as being put up on the national web site. STATUS REPORTS were electronically distributed and a hard copy distributed at Board of Directors Meetings.

Bylaws & Policy

The USJC Bylaws Manual as well as the Policies and Procedures Manual were distributed to the Board of Directors, published on the Jaycee CD-Rom, and the Bylaws were posted on the national web site.

Bylaw and Policy proposed changes were completed and distributed to the Board of Directors.

Legal Issues

There are no legal issues pending..

Jaycee War Memorial Trust (JWMT)

The JWMF Trustees met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Sunday, January 13, 2002. The sale of the War Memorial Building was finalized on January 4, and purchase of new property on which to build was finalized on January 7, 2002. The new building was completed December 2002 and the National Service Center staff moved to the new building December 15, 2002.

JWMT 2002 Officers and Trustees

Chairman – John Prozinski
Vice Chairman - Jack Gamel
Secretary/Treasurer – John K.S. Shiroma
Trustee Charles Ford
Trustee Michael Horn
Trustee - Wayne Matlock
Trustee John Nygren
Trustee - Lori Percle
Trustee - John Prozinski
Trustee - Chris Reese
Trustee - Eric Seidel
Trustee - James Stafford
Trustee - Sydney Ward

U.S. Jaycee Foundation

The U.S. Jaycees Foundation Trustees met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 2002.

USJF 2002 Officers and Trustees:

Chairman - Tim O’Brien
Vice Chariman - Ray Lubus
Secretary - Bob Goetz
Treasurer - Jack Gamel
Trustee - M.H. Crockett
Trustee Jim Calder
Trustee Brenda Hansler
Trustee - David Habershaw
Trustee John Nygren
Trustee - Chris Pancratz
Trustee - Mary Sawyer
Trustee - Michael Sawyer
Trustee - Nan Schichtel
Trustee - John Shiroma
Trustee - Sydney Ward
Trustee Jerry Wendelken
Trustee Mike Woodward

Consultant - Sam Chase
Consultant David Habershaw
Consultant Greg Thomes
Consultant Frank Zeibell

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Approximately 35 people from the USJC organization attended Area C in Santo Domingo in April 2002. The Debate Team from Coconut Grove Junior Chamber, Florida, won the Area C Debate Competition and Molly Knight from New York won the Speak-Up Competition.

Approximately 4,200 delegates attended World Congress hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2002, 676 of whom were USJC delegates. Elected from the U.S. to JCI Positions were: World President Bruce Rector, Kentucky; Vice President Area D Scott Greenlee, Michigan; Vice President Area D Thomas McKee, Tennessee.

World Congress was hosted by the USJC, COC Committee Members were:

Congress Director Tilman K. Adair
Deputy Congress Director Sue Faust
Operations Director Tom Huber
JCI Events Director Rebecca Briley
JCI Delegates Events Director Angie Jelinek
Delegate Services Director Alisa Clum
JCI Senate Relations Directors Jim Mammen, Mary Sawyer
Volunteer Coordinator Elizabeth Nissley
Administrative Coordinators Karen Jackson, Mark Jackson
Legal Counsel Bruce Rector, JD
Treasurer Lisa Parrish, CPA


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2002 Issues. Sold advertising for all four 2002 issues.

2002 Year-End

Tulsa, OK – February 27 – March 2, 2002 Conducted meeting, which included the 2002 Board of Directors Meeting, Awards Ceremony, Ground-breaking Ceremony for new USJC National Service Center, Hall of Leadership Luncheon, Tours of the USJC National Service Center, U.S. Leadership Academy, and the 82nd Presidential Inauguration. There were approximately 600 delegates in attendance.

82nd Annual Meeting

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – June 26-29, 2002. Conducted meeting consisting of Professional Development training, Mid-Year competitions, Mid-Year Awards, and Business Session. Approximately 550 delegates were in attendance.

Elections for 2003 were also held at Sioux Falls Annual Meeting. Elected officers: President-Mike Faller, ND; National Vice Presidents-Deb Anderson, CO; Tami Christensen, MT; Michael Horn, IA; Mark Nakashima, HI; Robert Reed, WI; Todd Scott, AL; Wes Spurrier, SC; Alyson Swank, GA; Lori Tomlin, IN; Suzanne Wible, MD.

Ten Outstanding Young Americans

The Ten Outstanding Young Americans, Class of 2002, awarded at Sioux Falls Annual Meeting were: Capt. Alan B. Adams, Virginia; Anthony Joseph Mazzarelli, New Jersey; Brad Rogers Carson, Oklahoma; Francis Gary Powers Jr., Virginia; Jennifer Weeks Sekowski, Ph.D., Maryland; John Lacey Meredith, Texas; Kelly Alice Hill, California; Kristen Tschetter, Virginia; Mark Allen Brunell, Florida; and Rulon Ellis Gardner, Wyoming.

Public Relations

Sent press releases for Ten Outstanding Young Americans winners. Assisted chapters and states with requested public relations needs.

Worked with the Teaching Learning Network to produce the Jaycee organization’s segment of the Voices of Vision series including coordinating interviews and supplying pictures and video of the organization’s history and current-day projects. The series will be sent to PBS stations nationwide in the month of October. The Jaycee segment is number 25 out of 26 total segments.

Customer Service

The department handled 10,580 calls during this period. They have expanded their role in assisting nationally-sponsored programs, new chapter extensions, and the membership department.

Jaycees Against Youth Smoking
Total number of children who participated in the program through 2002 was 125,213 with 5,204 teachers leading the program. 31 Jaycee states and 70 Jaycee chapters ran the program.

Outstanding Young Farmer

Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 14 – 17, 2002. The Top 25 National winners and their guests were treated to a weekend of awards and educational opportunities. The four national winners were announced at the awards ceremony by emcee Orion Samuelson. There were 220 people present for the weekend and 250 attended the Awards Congress Banquet. The State Winners were: CA-Jonathan Pinkerton; CO-Tim and Leslie Hume; CT-John and Lisa Jacquire; GA-Glen and Angie Walters; IL-Scott and Debra Kent; IN-Rita Ludwig; LA-Keith and Vickie Crochet; MD-Chad and Vivian McCuller; MI-Bryan Koraleski; MN-Scott and Peggy Hildebrandt; MS-Webb and Frances Bozeman; MO-Mark and Trudy Peterson; MT-Todd and Connie Olsen; NE-Gary and Kelly Todd; NJ-Anthony and Sandra Lynn Cerbo; NY-Bradley and Sarah Cates; NC-Gene and Karen Boyette; ND-Greg and Carmen Bendison; OK-Brad and Lisa Brainard; SC-Daniel and Danette McAlhaney; SD-Dana and Julie Stapleton; TN-Mike and Krislyn Robinson; UT-Clark and Elise Brown; VT-Glenn and Karen McNall; WI-Steve and Jody Louis.

2002 JCI World Congress

Las Vegas, NV. November 18-21, 2002. Planned USA Night. Worked with Anheuser-Busch. Assisted JCI with other meeting needs.

Gun Safety/Shooting Education

International BB Gun Match conducted in Atlanta, GA, July 4-6, 2002. Winners were: 1st Place - Penn Valley, PA; 2nd Place - Pierre Junior Shooters, SD; 3rd Place - Palmera Lions, PA. Sent packets out to states to run the program for 2003. There were 437 children who competed on 67 teams.


Financial Statements

The Finance Department met its goal of completion of monthly financial statements by the ninth working day of the succeeding month and distributing them for review to the President, the Treasurer, and the Executive Vice President. All relevant federal and state tax returns, including Form 990, Return for Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, were filed with the appropriate agency by their respective due dates.


The audit of the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2001 was published February 7, 2002, by Guest and Company, P.C., with no changes to the USJC’s financial records. Preliminary work has been performed by the Finance Department in preparation for the upcoming audit of the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2002 by Guest and Company, P.C. The audit is scheduled to begin January 13, 2003.

States Dues

Invoices and statements for the membership dues of the State organizations were mailed to both the State President and State Treasurer or paid staff by the fifth of the month after the close of the month’s processing. Some chapters without State Organizations are also now being processed, and their invoices and statements have been added to the Accounts Receivable function.


The software utilized by the Finance Department, Microsoft Great Plains, was upgraded to Release 7.0, which contains the capability to e-mail Accounts Receivable statements to the State Organizations, among other advances. The Finance Department will make this option available to the States in 2003.

The United States Jaycees Foundation

Financial statements for the Foundation were completed monthly and forwarded to its Trustees for their review. Form 990, Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, was filed by the due date. Investments were reviewed and redirected to more conservative areas in view of the year’s downturn in the stock market. The sum of $23,063.32, which had been designated by donors for victims of the September 11, 2001 disaster was given to the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Affairs.

Jaycees War Memorial Fund

Financial statements for the War Memorial were completed monthly and forwarded to its Trustees for their review. Guest & Company, P. C. performed a compilation of the financial statements at its fiscal year-end of June 30, 2002. The building occupied by the USJC was sold to the Coury Properties subsidiary, Portifino, LLC on January 4, 2002. Land for a new building was purchased on January 7, 2002, and construction progressed throughout the summer and fall. Construction expenses by the general contractor were paid, compared to budget and the analysis forwarded to the Trustees on a regular basis. The USJC occupied the new building on December 13, 2002. The proceeds from the building sale exceeded the cost of the new one, and the funds have been invested in GNMA’s for maximum return without jeopardizing principle.


A total of 242 applications were received for the year, of those, 240 were approved and 2 were denied.


A total of 42 applications were received for the year, of those, 1 was denied. And the remainder was approved.

Accounts Payable

A total of 1342 invoices were received for the year, and a total of 1455 checks where cut and sent out. Invoices were generated for JC Foundation, JCWMF & JCFAN. A total of 82 expense reports were audited and sent on to EVP for approval.

Accounts Receivable

Monthly invoices and Statements were processed and sent to State Presidents and Treasurers by the 5th business day of each month. Preparation for the sale of the War Memorial Building included invoicing and tracking of Sale of Assets.


A total of 29,964 pieces of mail was sent out. A total of 1012 boxes were shipped.


LPS – Reimbursement checks for approximately 250 attendees were issued. NOYF – Registrations for approximately 240 attendees were collected and added to
a database. Year End Tulsa – Registrations for approximately 650 attendees were collected and placed in a database, and handled registrations onsite. 1K41K – Manned the phones and took information for live online feed. Annual Meeting/TOYA Sioux Falls – Registrations for approximately 800 attendees were collected and entered into a database, and handled registrations onsite. Sold some USJC & JCI products onsite. Was TOYA Honoree Liaison and handled the needs of the honorees & their families. Citizen Corp – State & Local Presidents where contacted to pledge time for project. GALS - State Legislators where called to make appointments for State Presidents. World Congress – Pre-registrations for Executive Team was collected and assisted with onsite registrations and product sales.


Preparations for the move to the new building got started, binders on shelves where boxed up, the 6 five drawer filing cabinets, 2 two drawer filing cabinets were emptied and moved to the print shop to be sold. 3 five drawer lateral filing cabinets where brought in and current year information was transferred. All other furniture not going to the new building was removed for to print shop to be sold as well. The 2 five drawer filing cabinets in the HR office were cleaned out; one was of old Senate applications, which was thrown away. The other was of old Ambassador applications, those where boxed up until they can be added to the central database.

Final decisions where made in regards to the floor plan for the A/P & A/R office and furniture to make the move was labeled. It was determined that the storage space was not viable, so a request was made to have the wall remove to increase the A/P & A/R office space. Current year A/P & A/R binders where combined to reduce space usage.


Data Processing

The 2001-year files were cleared, parades were updated, changes were made to update the new officers for the state and chapters, and region and district realignments were completed.

During the year the department entered 24,204 new, 37,068 renewals, 20,120 changes and degree changes.

During the year, six mailings were sent directly to the chapters. Each mailing included their rosters. Three mailings contained the national newsletter “The Link” and three mailings contained the dues billings for the next periods. Dues billing were mailed out in October to chapters and states containing their January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September 2003 bills.


The upgrading of the Service Center desktop computers was continued as planned. Five new Dell Dimensions running Windows XP were purchased. Three additional laptops were purchased. One laser printer was purchased to replace the 10+ year old printer being utilized in the Executive Offices. A new Epson ink jet was printed for the audio-visual department. As funds become available, upgrades continued to be made to the multimedia systems to further the improvement of the materials produced for our members and meetings.

The finance server’s Compaq 133MHz running NT was replaced with a newer Dell 2300 server running Windows 2000.

Efforts continued to prepare for the utilization of the GoMembers system. The disputed issues were resolved in early June that kept us from utilizing the system. In July and August testing was done to verify the statistics program. The remainder of the year has focused on the creation and testing of Parades to prepare for the start of the 2003 year.

The web site hosting agreement was reviewed and it was determined to move the site to a new host. The new host allows us to make changes that are immediate.


The website was redesigned to be more functional, user friendly, and “modern” completion date was October 1, 2002.

The “guide to successful chapter management” 2003 CD was printed and distributed to local chapters, and State Presidents for them to distribute to their state officers.

Annual Meeting/TOYA duties included producing commercial and infomercial videos, show production, program/stage design, and creating a final TOYA tape compilation.

The department assisted at the IBBGM in Atlanta, Georgia, by taking pictures and some footage of the event.

The department also assisted JCI at the 2002 World Congress in Las Vegas, multimedia duties included a video for The Outstanding Persons of the World ceremony, a promotional video for Presidential candidate Bruce Rector and the opening ceremony & promotional videos.


Printed materials and show production items were developed for the Annual Meeting. Materials included program books, awards, tickets, signage, etc. Also produced during this year were four issues of Jaycees Magazine, two brochures corresponding to new Jaycees Access 250 Citizen Corp program, and materials promoting the 82nd Annual Meeting.

Printed materials were also developed for JCI World Congress is Las Vegas, including TOYP program books, Souvenir program books, name badges, signage, tickets, menus, etc.

The department also developed a redesign for the next volume of Jaycees Magazine. It is cleaner and more updated. The magazine is also trying to focus on more Jaycees-related material and will include articles in all four issues from the 2003 executive committee.


The next round of marketing materials has been printed and produced. The materials included four new posters, new static-cling decals, reproduction of the radio PSAs and an updated Chapter Management CD-ROM which includes all the program logos, corporate logos, chapter brochures and full-resolution files of each of the four posters so that chapters can take a more active role in promoting their chapter and customizing the marketing materials to fit the chapters’ specific demographics.

Two television PSAs are currently in production. The department has tentatively slated the completion of the PSAs for some time in 2003.

New print ads are in the works and will be posted on the website and distributed to chapters as soon as they are complete. The completion is set for mid-year 2003.


The Audited figures are from January to November/December 2002
Beginning of the Year Members 68,819
End of the period Members 59,730
Net (Loss) in Members YTD (9,089)

Beginning of the Year Chapters 1,904
Dropped Chapters 341
New Chapter Charters 121
Current Chapters 1,684
Net (Loss) in Chapters (341)

The National retention rate for the year is 53 percent. The number of New Members recruited in relation to members due for the year is 34 percent.


Monthly Parades of Chapters, Districts, Regions, and States have been calculated and posted on the USJCC web site monthly. The year-end results will be announced in Dallas at the meeting.


The Audited figures are from January to December 2001

Beginning of the Year Members 75,655
End of the year Members 68,822
Net (Loss) in Members (6833)

Beginning of the Year Chapters 2,026
Dropped Chapters 259
New Chapter Charters 134
Current Chapters 1,901
Net (Loss) in Chapters (125)

857 Chapters are at year-to-date growth.
352 are at Active Chapter Size.

The National retention rate for the year is 54 percent.
The number of New Members recruited in relation to members due for the year is 38 percent.

Blue Chip

792 initial chapter Blue Chip submissions were received and processed at the National Service Center. 312 second submission forms were received. Follow-up letters to each state were sent for each state’s submission for verification.

All points were entered for Parade of States, Regions, Districts, and Chapters.


Monthly Parades of Chapters, Districts, Regions, and States have been calculated and published monthly. The Parades have been distributed to the State Presidents and posted on the USJCC web site monthly. The finale results will be announced at the Year-End meeting in Tulsa.


Jaycee War Memorial Scholarships

Last year finalist judges selected a $1,000 scholarship recipient from each of the following states: AK, AZ, AR, FL, GA, HI, IA, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MT, NH, NM, NC, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, VT, VA, WA, WI. Dan Moody of Ohio was awarded the $2,500 Ford scholarship and Kristina Kollars of Nebraska was awarded the $3000 Baldridge scholarship.

Records reflect that staff responded to 12,665 inquiries regarding the scholarship program.

Program Deadlines:

July 1 – Feb 1 Students may request applications
March 1 Postmark date from student to State Organization.
March 15 Postmark date from State President to Nat’l Service Center.
April 1 Semi-finalist applications go to finalist judges.
May 15 Announcement of Scholarship recipients.


The Jaycee War Memorial Fund closed on the sale of their older building on January 4, 2002 and on January 2, 2002 closed on the new location purchase at 75th and South Lewis.

An official ground breaking ceremony was held on March 1st in conjunction with the Year End meeting in Tulsa. Following several delays in construction permitting and inclement weather, demolition and clearing of the property began on June 11, 2002. Actual construction activities began on the facility during the week of June 24, 2002.

Service Center staff handled the majority of all packing and boxing, which began weeks before the move. Actual moving began on December 13 and was completed on December 16.

In-Plant Printing Closed

To be more cost effective, the in-plant printing facility was closed on April 1, 2002 due to the reduced demand for printed materials. Several pieces of equipment were sold via advertisement in a National Printing Equipment publication with the remaining few currently being handled by a broker. 


National Program Sponsorships

In 2002 a total of $382,000 was solicited and received by the USJC’s from Brown & Williamson, Anheuser-Busch, Daisy Outdoor Products, and John Deere. These funds supported Jaycees Against Youth Smoking, Family Talk, Gun Safety, and the Outstanding Young Farmers programs throughout the year.

Event Sponsorships

Sponsors, exhibitors, and advertising sales accounted for a total of $24,400 being raised to supplement the costs incurred for the Year-End Celebration, Annual Meeting, and USA Night at the 57th World Congress.

Capital Campaign

Of the $9,000 in pledges toward the Herculaneum Club capital campaign, donations of $4,350 were received as of year-end.

Member Benefits

Income generated by various member benefits offered to Jaycees totaled $16,460 for the year.

Professional Development Training

Thirteen professional speakers/trainers were secured at no cost and offered members excellent training on a variety of topics during our two national conventions.


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