State: Texas

City: Lubbock

Chapters: 1,904

Members: 68,819

Convention: Dayton, OH
Attendance: 1,250


Sydney Ward elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: John Prozinski Grand Rapids, MN  
National Vice President: Amy R. Barber Petersburg, IN  
National Vice President: Nadra Conner Tulsa, OK  
National Vice President: Carol M. Ehlen Cleveland, OH  
National Vice President: Mark A. Ewert Hopkinsd, MN  
National Vice President: Eddie Haynes Boiling Springs, SC  
National Vice President: Donny Kay Omaha, NE  
National Vice President: Greg J. Kludt Montrose, SD  
National Vice President: John Robinson Wind Gap, PA  
National Vice President: Jack Daniel Smith Pasadena, CA  
National Vice President:      
Chaplin:* JoAnn Schmidt-MI Cheboygan, MI  
Legal Counsel:* Adam Vanek # Dallas, TX  
Treasurer:* Lori Percle LA  
Executive Vice President:* John K.S. Shiroma Hawaii National Office
Tulsa, OK

Sioux Falls, SD to host 2002 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  
Resigned 10/31/01

2001 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

The following employees have joined the National Service Center staff during the year 2001: Cathy Cabran, Meetings Manager and Nancy Rutledge, Resource Development Manager. The following employees have departed in the year 2001: Stephanie Akers, Meetings Manager; Patti Conklin, Membership Director; Ron Hart, Public Relations; Brian Long, Corporate Fundraising; Jim Downing, Building Maintenance; Mike Johnson, Building Engineer; and Denise Navarro, Customer Service.

Bylaws & Policy

The delegates at the 81st Annual Meeting in Dayton approved the proposed changes to the UJSC Bylaws. The Board of Directors of the USJC at the September meeting approved the proposed USJC Policies. Bylaws have been distributed with the minutes of the Business Session and posted on the USJC web site. Policies have been distributed with the minutes of the September meeting.

Legal Issues

There are no legal issues pending..

Jaycee War Memorial Trust (JWMT)

The Trustees approved the sale of the Jaycee War Memorial for $1,400,000 and the expenditure of up to $275,000 towards the purchase of land for the new building. Closing of the sale of the building and the purchase of land to be completed in January 2002.

Recipients of the $1,000 scholarship for the 2001-2002 year were: Michael Powell, Alabama; Carl DeSelm, Colorado; Marsia Puskarz, Connecticut; Nichola Perchiniak, Delaware; Heather Kvadus, Florida; Jonathon Higa, Hawaii; Summer Ives, Idaho; Sarah Rhodes, Indiana; Jill Willoughby, Louisiana; Nicholas Villani, Maryland; Barbara Lessnau, Michigan; Sarah Kane, Minnesota; Adam Brown, Missouri; Erwin Anderson, Montana; Clinton Barger, Nebraska; Sarah Wise, Nevada; Jason Rafferty, New Hampshire; Sarah Valarde, New Mexico; Stacy Bennett, North Carolina; Melissa Dell, Oklahoma; Amy Waddell, Oregon; Sally Rogers, Tennessee; Angela Greger, Texas; Todd Taylor, Vermont; and Tonya Smith, Virginia. The Charles Ford Scholarship recipient selected was Angela Brown from Tennessee. The $3,000 Tom Baldridge Scholarship recipient selected was Rhonda DePaul form Illinois.

The JWMF approved educational grants to the USJC in the total amount of $115,000.

JWMT 2001 Officers and Trustees

Chairman – Charles Ford
Secretary/Treasurer – John K.S. Shiroma
Trustee - Jack Gamel
Trustee - Wayne Matlock
Trustee - Lori Percle
Trustee - John Prozinski
Trustee - Chris Reese
Trustee - Eric Seidel
Trustee - Jim Stafford
Trustee - Sydney Ward

U.S. Jaycee Foundation

James F. Caulder from Massachusetts, Byford Elwonger form Nebraska, Harry Hoth form Colorado, Lawrence F. Knob from Missouri, Frank G. Zeibel from Texas, and Gerald M. Zopp from Illinois were inducted into the Hall of Leadership at a luncheon held in conjunction with the January USJC Celebration Weekend in Washington D.C.

The following Chapters were awarded a total of $3,500 in grants;

  • Garnett Junior Chamber from Kansas,
  • Fargo Junior Chamber from North Dakota,
  • Capitol Junior Chamber from Idaho.

USJF 2001 Officers and Trustees:

Chairman - Tim O’Brien
Vice Chariman - Ray Lubus
Secretary - Bob Goetz
Treasurer - Jack Gamel
Trustee - Tom Coderre
Trustee - M.H. Crockett
Trustee - David Habershaw
Trustee - James O’Connell
Trustee - Chris Pancratz
Trustee - John Prozinski
Trustee - Mary Sawyer
Trustee - Eric Seidel
Trustee - Nan Schichtel
Trustee - John Shiroma
Trustee - Greg Thomes
Trustee - Sydney Ward

Consultant - Sam Chase
Consultant - John Mungenast

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

The USJC attended the JCI Area C Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. There were over 700 delegates from North, Central, and South America, which included more than 100 delegates from the United States. More than 75 delegates from the United States also attended the JCI World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Lynn Larsen from Georgia was elected JCI Area Vice President and Bruce Rector from Kentucky was appointed JCI General Legal Counsel.

Listed is the Las Vegas Congress Committee:

Tilman Adair, Congress Director from Nebraska, Sue Faust, Deputy Congress Director from Michigan, Directors Tom Huber from California, Rebecca Briley from Louisiana, Alisa Clum from California, Shari Rosso from Nebraska, Jim Mammen from Illinois, Mary Sawyer from Missouri, and Administrative Coordinators Karen and Mark Jackson from Nebraska.

Resource Development

Corporate sponsors are:

  • Brown and Williamson, Jaycees Against Youth Smoking, $200,000;
  • John Deere & Company, Outstanding Young Farmers, $85,000;
  • Daisy Manufacturing, Shooting Education, $48,000;
  • Coca-Cola Company, JCI Area C and Annual Meeting, $25,000;
  • Anheuser Busch, $70,000 in cash and $5,000 in product.

Providers of member benefits are:

  • First USA,
  • ConflictSolvers,
  • TVC Auto Plus Membership,
  • R-Are Educational Resources,
  • Alamo Rent-a-Car,
  • Choice Hotels International,
  • Avis Rent-a-Car, and AmeriPlan USA.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2001 Issues. Sold advertising for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2001 issues.

Public Relations

Sent out PR Bulletins twice a month. PR Bulletin changed to CATALYST in August and sent out twice a month. Press releases to announce TOYA and NOYF winners were sent out. Press release assistance was provided to chapters and states as requested.

General Communications

Produced Status Reports, POSTMARK, CATALYST, and THE LINK. Fulfilled various staff assignments for Celebration Weekend meeting, National Outstanding Young Farmer meeting, Annual Meeting.

2001 Celebration Weekend

Washington, D.C. – January 25-28, 2001. Conducted successful combination meeting, which included the 62nd Congress of Ten Outstanding Young Americans, the U.S. Leadership Academy, and the 81st Presidential Inauguration. Nearly 700 delegates attended the formal TOYA awards banquet and. Delegates also attended two days of training. The 2001 Board of Directors and the 81st president were installed into office.

Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar

Due to the September 11 attacks, the GALS for 2001 was cancelled, but a Board Meeting was rescheduled and held September 21-23 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2002 State Presidents’ Retreat

A retreat was held at Camp Discovery in Tennessee December 7-9, 2001, for all 2002 incoming State Presidents and Executive Committee members. Approximately 30 Presidents were in attendance. Trainers for the retreat included the Executive Committee and Executive Team members. The Tennessee Jaycees were hosts for the event.

81st Annual Meeting

Dayton, Ohio – June 2001. The U.S. Junior Chamber in cooperation with the Dayton 2001 Convention Corporation and volunteer Jaycees from the Dayton area successfully implemented the 81st Annual Meeting. Registration reached 1,214 in addition to 300 Senate delegates who attended the convention. Post-meeting invoices and final income/expense statements were processed.

82nd Annual Meeting

Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A site inspection of Sioux Falls was made in conjunction with the On-To Site Visit of State Program Managers in September. Due to national airline circumstances after September 11, the number of Program Managers in attendance was limited to those who could drive to the meeting. States with representation included SD, ND, IA, WI, KS, and MI. President-Elect John Nygren was also present. Meetings were held with various facilities. A conference call was held in November between the NSC and Sioux Falls Committee to discuss further details and plans.

64th Annual Congress of Ten Outstanding Young Americans

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – June 2002. Nominations were received and preliminary judges were sent materials to begin the judging process. A venue was secured for the event and entertainment auditions were begun. Plans were begun for the event’s dinner.

First Annual Year-End Celebration

Tulsa, Oklahoma – February 27-March 2, 2002. Contracts were negotiated for venues, hotels, and audio/visual needs. Agendas were set and discount airfare from Southwest Airlines was arranged for delegates.

45th National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress

Omaha, Nebraska – February 15-18, 2001. Conducted successful Congress with 267 delegates and 25 State Winners in attendance. The four national winners were announced at a formal awards ceremony hosted by Orion Samuelson. The 2001 winners were: Mark Rodgers, VT; David and Patty Endres, WI; Greg and Becky Wiles, MD; Robert and Cindy Von Thun, NJ.

46th National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress

Grand Rapids, Michigan – February 2002. A site inspection was held in Grand Rapids in August. Tours, Hotel and caterer contracts, and transportation was booked. Nominations were received and judging was completed to choose the 25 top state winners. Visited potential sites for 2003 Awards Congress: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Riverside, California.

Jaycees Against Youth Smoking Program

The program was funded for $200,000 by Brown & Williamson. Final Reports sent in showed a total of 160,000 children participating in the program.

Gun Safety Shooting Education Program

Met with Daisy sponsor representative Kevin Franklin to introduce 2002 President John Nygren and to discuss business goals. Met with Daisy Marketing VP to discuss alternate marketing techniques for the program. Wrote final IBBGCM report for Daisy and NRA. Wrote articles for NRA publication in regards to the 2001 IBBGCM. Set agenda for meeting with 2002 Atlanta IBBGCM committee. Initiated plans for new Gun Safety information and marketing materials for the USJC. Built database for Gun Safety chapters to record data.

Outstanding Young Farmer Program

Attended National Association for County Ag Agents (NACAA) annual meeting in August to cement support for the program. Sent state committee chairs information about the program as well as the new Program managers Guide. Helped NACAA garner 5 applications; wrote articles for NACAA national publication.

Customer Service

The department handled approximately 33,000 calls during the 2001 year. They have expanded their role in assisting the nationally-sponsored programs and in coordinating efforts with other departments.


Metro Reports were distributed to officers. Printed business cards and other supplies for the 2001 officers. The Metro Conference met during Celebration Weekend in January, at MetNet in February, and at Annual Meeting in June. Grand Rapids, Michigan, was chosen as the site for the 2002 MetNet Conference.

National Awards

January Competitions were held at Celebration Weekend. Year-End Competitions were held in June at Annual Meeting in Dayton, Ohio. Approximately 500 Annual Meeting awards, plaques, and trophies were distributed during the Annual Meeting.

Local Presidents’ Summit

The third annual Local Presidents’ Summit was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 1-4, 2001. 200 local chapter presidents including 13 from Area C LOMs were in attendance. A Summit reunion for the first-, second-, and third-year classes was held during Annual Meeting in Dayton. Ten regional summits were also held on March 3.


Financial Statements

Monthly financial statements were completed by the ninth working day of the succeeding month and distributed for review to the President, the Treasurer, and the Executive Vice President.


The audit report for the year ended December 31, 2000 was issued by Guest & Company, PC on January 22, 2001 showing an increase in Net Assets of $138,473 for a total Net Assets of $1,063,665. The report was made available at the Annual Meeting, held in Dayton, Ohio, June 20 though June 23, 2001, and was also displayed on the USJC web site. Guest & Company, PC has also been retained to perform an audit of the books and records for the year ending December 31, 2001.

States Dues

Invoices and statements for the membership dues of the State organizations were mailed to both the State President and State Treasurer or paid staff as soon as possible after the close of the month’s processing.

U.S. Jaycees Foundation and Jaycees War Memorial Fund

Financial statements for the Foundation and the War Memorial were completed by the fifteenth of the succeeding month and distributed to the Trustees.


Processing of the employees’ 401(k) plan has been automated to be performed on-line.


Data Processing

The 2000-year files were cleared, parades were updated, changes were made to update the new officers for the state and chapters, and region and district realignments were completed.

During the year the department entered 20,204 new, 28,068 renewals, 16,120 changes and degree changes.

During the year, six mailings were sent directly to the chapters. Each mailing included their rosters. Four mailings contained the national newsletter “The Link” and three mailings contained the dues billings for the next periods. Dues billing were mailed out in October to chapters and states containing their January, February, March, and April 2002 bills.


The upgrading of the Service Center desktop computers was completed. The majority of the machines are running Windows 2000, have a 500 Mhz processor or greater, and have CD-ROMs. They were also updated to Office 2000 and Outlook Express with Internet Explorer is being utilized instead of Netscape to maintain compatibility.

As funds become available, upgrades continued to be made to the multimedia systems to further the improvement of the materials produced for our members and meetings.

The file server was upgraded in hard drive and processor capacity.

With the assistance of the technology committee, bids were sent out in regards to updating the database system. No major upgrades have been made to the system since its implementation and with the decline of Novell as a major server OS, along with the increased usage of the web, it is time to explore available options. After researching the available companies, bids were sent to four companies. We received back three proposals. After review by the technology committee and USJC staff, it was determined that Gomembers would be the best selection to advance the organization. Contracts were signed IN July following the recommendation of the Executive Committee. At years end, testing was beginning.

The web site hosting agreement was reviewed and it was determined to move the site to a new host. The new host allows us to make changes that are immediate.


The Audited figures are from January to December 2001

Beginning of the Year Members 75,655
End of the year Members 68,822
Net (Loss) in Members (6833)

Beginning of the Year Chapters 2,026
Dropped Chapters 259
New Chapter Charters 134
Current Chapters 1,901
Net (Loss) in Chapters (125)

857 Chapters are at year-to-date growth.
352 are at Active Chapter Size.

The National retention rate for the year is 54 percent.
The number of New Members recruited in relation to members due for the year is 38 percent.

Blue Chip

792 initial chapter Blue Chip submissions were received and processed at the National Service Center. 312 second submission forms were received. Follow-up letters to each state were sent for each state’s submission for verification.

All points were entered for Parade of States, Regions, Districts, and Chapters.


Monthly Parades of Chapters, Districts, Regions, and States have been calculated and published monthly. The Parades have been distributed to the State Presidents and posted on the USJCC web site monthly. The finale results will be announced at the Year-End meeting in Tulsa.


Jaycee War Memorial Fund

Scholarships – Customer Service responded to 15,560 inquiries for the 2001-2002 school year and mailed 5,777 scholarship applications. Finalist judges selected recipients of the $1,000 general scholarship award from the states of AL, CO, CT, DE, FL, HI, ID, IN, LA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, OK, OR, TN, TX, VT, and VA. The $2,500 Ford Scholarship recipient selected was Angela Brown, TN. The $3,000 Baldridge Scholarship recipient selected was Rhonda DePaul, IL.

Building Sale

Materials provided as part of the contractual obligation of the seller during the due diligence period prior to the sale included architectural & engineering reports, appraisal, maintenance records, vendor lists, lease contracts, estoppel letters, surveys, and inventory of personal property. Closing of the sale was January 4, 2002.

Property Purchase

Closing on the new property location, contingent upon the sale of the current location, is scheduled for January 7, 2002.

Facility Maintenance

The primary focus of maintenance activity during the year was that of safety code updating the aging building and equipment. City mechanical inspectors and insurance loss control inspector found the boiler fire door and exhaust venting system unsafe for operation. Replacement was completed in September, which included the abatement of asbestos content. Installation of a fire alarm system was completed to meet code compliance as well as a contract currently in progress to update the elevator with a fire recall system. Temporary repairs to the cooling tower were also accomplished to support the A/C, heat-exchanging system during the past summer.

Printing/Mailing Services

Significant projects completed during the year included- printing, packaging and shipping of JAYS program materials totaling over 800,000 printing impressions. Annual meeting printed material, OYF program materials, Link newsletters, New Member mailings and daily processing of outgoing mail and parcels. To generate income, 201 additional printing and copying projects were insourced resulting in a total billing of $52,253.14.



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