State: Minnesota

City: Grand Rapids

Chapters: 2,026

Members: 75,655

Convention: Chattanooga, TN
Attendance: 1,425


John Prozinski elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Chris Reese Conway, AR  
National Vice President: Carol Bond Grayson City, KY  
National Vice President: Ralph Lawson Martinsville, VA  
National Vice President: Lynn Larsen Desoto, GA  
National Vice President: Matt Parise Stubenville, OH  
National Vice President: Shari Rose Omaha, NE  
National Vice President: Paula Testrake Tonawanda, NY  
National Vice President: Penni Zelinkoff Cherry Creek, CO  
National Vice President: Phil Hager MD  
National Vice President: Bruce Miller Reno, NV  
National Vice President: Raj Nadkarni Taylor, TX  
Chaplin:* James Wallett LA  
Legal Counsel:* Brian Asberry Springfield, MO  
Treasurer:* Jana Secord Onalaska, WI  
Executive Vice President:* John K.S. Shiroma Hawaii National Office
Tulsa, OK

Dayton, OH to host 2001 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

2000 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

The following have joined The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce National Service Center Staff: Sherri Lassiter, Accounts Payable Manager, January 7th; Kathi Cordell, Director of Finance, February 28th; Lori Caughman, Accounts Receivable Manager, September 11th; Brian Long, Corporate Funding, November 1st, Chris Wallace, Audiovisual Manager, November 1st; and True Wallace, Outstanding Young Farmers and Shooting Education Program Manager, November 6th. The following have departed: Daniel Billingsley, Kathy Calloway, Charlie Conner, John Gaskill, Milton Kauahi , Magen Kelsay, Geneva Kiser, and Lee Jordan.

Employee of the first quarter Sherri Lassiter
Employee of the second quarter Beverly Molyneux
Employee of the third quarter Patty Conklin

The NSC staff raised $1,128 to assist two families in celebrating the Christmas holidays.

Employee Education

Staff attended training in Microsoft Access, Macromedia Authorware 5.1, and various seminars offered by American Society of Association Executives, CDC Association Management, Oklahoma Meetings Professional International, National Fatherhood Initiative, Tulsa Public Relations Association, and Tulsa Society of Association Executives.

POSTMARK / E-nnouncement / Status Reports

POSTMARK was mailed monthly, FAXMARK has been replaced with E-nnouncemnet which was electronically distributed monthly, and the Status Report has been distributed prior to the January, June, and September Board Meetings.

Bylaws & Policy

The USJCC 2000 Bylaws and Policy manual was distributed to the Board of Directors at the January meeting and published on the Jaycee CD-Rom and the USJCC web site.

Legal Issues

The USJCC received a Stipulation of Dismissal regarding the National Football League Properties INC. and the Punt Pass and Kick trademark. On behalf of the USJCC, Chubb Insurance reached a settlement in the Manhattan, Kansas, suit in the amount of $39,841. Currently there is no pending litigation against the USJCC.

Jaycee War Memorial Trust (JWMT)

The JWMF held its annual meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Sunday, March 7, 2000. The JWMF also awarded twenty-five (25) $1, 000 scholarships and the Tom Baldgidge scholarship of $3,000. A new $2,500 scholarship, the Senator Charles Ford Scholarship, was awarded to a Jaycee member for the purpose of continuing their education. A USJCC educational grant of $60,000 was also approved.

The JWMT sold the Keystone home for $415,000 on July 26, 2000. A building facility conduction study and property appraisal of the National Service Center was completed.

JWMT 2000 Officers and Trustees

Chairman – Charles Ford
Vice Chairperson – Arthur Boutiette
Secretary/Treasurer – John K.S. Shiroma
Trustee Brian Asberry
Trustee Jana Secord
Trustee Joe Dolan
Trustee Eric Seidel
Trustee Mike Johnson

U.S. Jaycee Foundation

The Trustees met on the following dates: January 10, April 25, June 17, and August 20, 2000.

Sam Chase from Texas, Robert Lindholm from Virginia, Hal Salfen from Georgia, John Sandmeyer from Oregon, and Howard Vann from Nebraska were inducted into the Hall of Leadership at a luncheon held in conjunction with the January USJCC Celebration Weekend in Washington DC.

The following Chapters were awarded a total of $9,000 in grants:

  • Allegan Junior Chamber from Michigan,
  • Freemont Junior Chamber from Nebraska,
  • Lamar Junior Chamber in Colorado,
  • Raleigh Junior Chamber in North Carolina,
  • Greater Scranton Junior Chamber in Pennsylvania,
  • Greater Forks Junior Chamber in North Dakota.

USJF 2000 Officers and Trustees:

Chairman Greg Thomes
Vice Chairman Tim O’Brien
Treasurer James O’Connel
Trustee Tom Corderre
Trustee Moton Crocket
Trustee George Fraser III
Trustee Jack Gamel
Trustee Bob Goetz
Secretary David Habershaw
Trustee Ray Lubus
Trustee John Mungenast
Trustee John Prozinski
Trustee Chris Reese
Trustee Mary Sawyer
Trustee Nan Schichtel
Trustee Eric Seidel
Trustee John Shiroma

Consultant Sam Chase
Consultant Chris Pancratz
Consultant Michael Sawyer

Director Kelly Wills

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

The following USJCC members were elected or appointed to the JCI Board of Directors:

  • Eric Seidel, General Legal Counsel;
  • Kelly Wills, EVP assigned to Area B;
  • John Nygren, VP assigned to Area D.

The following were assigned to the USJCC:

  • Salvi Battle, EVP, from Spain;
  • Fay Lawrence, VP, from Panama;
  • Norimitsu Inakazu, VP, from Japan.

The USJCC received two $10,000 grants, one for the Local President’s Summit and the second for Business Chapter Development.

The USJCC participated in JCI Area C Conference in Curitiba, Brazil, and JCI World Congress in Sapporo, Japan. At the Sapporo World Congress, the USJCC received approval to be the host of the 2002 JCI World Congress to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2000 Issue. Sold advertising for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2000 issues.


Designed and produced various materials including: THE LINK, Ten Outstanding Young Americans materials, Chattanooga 2000 Annual Meeting materials, Junior Chamber Mission Inn materials, Jaycees Against Youth Smoking materials, 2000 Annual Meeting and Mid-Year Award plaques, Celebration Weekend materials, Junior Chamber International World Congress materials, Outstanding Young Farmer materials, Junior 2001 Bylaws and Policies, and 2001 CD-ROM Guide to Successful Chapter Management. Designed, produced, and maintained USJCC web site.


Produced Status Reports, POSTMARK, E-NNOUNCEMENT, and THE LINK. Various staff assignments for Celebration Weekend and Ten Outstanding Young Americans meeting. Various staff assignments for National Outstanding Young Farmer meeting. Various assignments for on-site visits for 2001 National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress and 2001 Annual Meeting. Various staff assignments for 2000 Chattanooga Annual Meeting.

Audio Visual Services

Completed and distributed TOYA and Presidential Inauguration video dubs. Created National Outstanding Young Farmer videos and completed and distributed NOYF state winner videos. Created 2000 Chattanooga Annual Meeting videos. Created Opening, Honorees, History, and Judges videos for 2001 Ten Outstanding Young Americans Ceremony.

Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar

The Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar was held September 20-24, 2000 in Washington, D.C. Training was held for current state Presidents as well as prospective state Presidential candidates for 2001. Approximately 90 visits were made to Congressional and Senate offices by the state Presidents. The delegates were addressed by Tom Donnelly, former USJCC EVP and President of the Jefferson Group, a professional lobbying organization in Washington.


Financial Statements

Each month’s financial statements were completed within nine working days of the succeeding month and distributed to the President, Treasurer, and Executive Vice President.


The audit report for the year ended December 31, 1999, was issued by Guest & Company, PC on February 7, 2000, with a decrease in Net Assets of $6,568 for a total Net Assets of $925,192. The report was made available at the Annual Meeting, held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, June 14 – 17, 2000, and was also available on the USJCC web site. Guest & Company, PC has also been selected to perform the audit for the year ending December 31, 2000.


A new Director of Finance, Kathleen Cordell, CPA, was hired on February 28, 2000. Geneva Kiser, Accounts Receivable, resigned May 5, 2000, and was replaced with Lori Caughman as a Contract Temporary until her hire September 11, 2000.

U. S. Jaycees Foundation and War Memorial Trust

The books of both the Foundation and the Trust have been fully automated and completed in-house utilizing QuickBooks Pro software.


New banking arrangements were negotiated and finalized starting a Sweep Account for better cash flow. All bank account reconciliations have been automated with our current accounting software, Great Plains. Extensive account analysis has been performed, with the goal of shortening the time required for the audit procedures.



During the 2000 year, approximately 21,983 members were entered, 40,148 renewed, and 29,285 changes made. Due to the efforts of the states in getting their dues packets sent in a timely fashion, the majority of the state reports were completed between the 10th and 16th of each month. And parades could be completed in the same processing month. Chapters received mailings this year six times. The chapter dues billings were sent out each trimester. The other mailings included rosters, The Link, and other supplemental materials.


By year end, there were 20 states doing their membership electronically. This was a 100-percent increase from the beginning of the year. The ability to do renewals online was added during the second reporting period. States are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

In continuing with policy to update a portion of National Service Center desktop computers each year, nine Dell Dimensions were purchased. A color laser printer was purchased to higher quality materials for presentations to potential sponsors and others. A HP 8100 was purchased to replace an older HP that was at least eight years old. Plans are being made for the migration from a partial Novell network to a Windows 2000 network or possibly Windows 2000/Linux network in 2001.

Customer Service

The department handled approximately 36,037 calls during the 2000 year. They have expanded their role in assisting the nationally sponsored programs and in coordinating efforts with other departments. They have attended training to continue to improve their skills and versatility.


The USJCC MultiMedia Department followed the December 1999 release of A Guide to Successful Chapter Management, the CD-Rom for local chapters, with the launching of the revamped web site in February. The new site featured many improvements over the previous editions. In April a “search” feature was added to improve the ease of navigation. Also featured on the site was a “survey” feature to gauge the opinions and attitudes of the membership. The results were formulated into a booklet distributed to members of Congress at GALS. For the 11-month period, the site received 220,895 hits.

In August, the department received training in software geared towards making the organization’s computer based training (CBT) a reality. The software, Macromedia Authorware, has already been used in the creation of a CD-Rom brochure and Putting it Together, a CD-Rom based orientation for new members. Both projects are available on the new release of the CD-Rom for local chapters.

A Guide to Successful Chapter Management Version 2.0 was completed in November and will be ready for release in early January 2001. Many features have been added to the new edition in response to members’ requests and suggestions. Most noteworthy are the versions of The Book and 2001 National Awards Manual, which can be much more easily printed out and distributed to chapter members.

The MultiMedia Department was enhanced in December by addition of digital video editing equipment from the assistance of Dell Computers, which will more effectively meet the demands place on the audio/video needs of the organization. To further promote the efficiency of the department, the actual facilities were rearranged placing department members Chris Wallace and Brad Gemeinhart closer together for better collaboration on projects.


Corporate Development

Coca-Cola - Will be participating in sponsorship of Area C in Atlanta in 2001.

R+ARE - New contract signed effective through March of 2001. R-ARE has also expressed interest in including information in our upcoming member mailing and monthly new member mailing and helping us cover the postage expenses.

Papa John’s - Printed and mailed thank-you letters on behalf of John Schnatter, Founder and CEO of Papa John’s, who was one of our TOYA honorees. Correspondence with Papa John’s has been maintained in view of building a relationship for sponsorship opportunities.

Annual Meeting - Sold and coordinated exhibits. Planned States’ Party. Planned for attendance of sponsors and all promotional considerations required by the sponsorships. Attended site visit in Chattanooga with Anheuser-Busch.

Corporate Sponsors

The following are the 2000 Corporate Sponsors:

  • Brown & Williams $300,000 – Jaycees Against Youth Smoking
  • John Deere & Company $100,000 – Outstanding Young Farmers
  • Daisy Manufacturing $48,000 – Shooting Education and IBBGCM
  • Anheuser-Busch $100,000 – Ten Outstanding Young Americans and Annual Meeting
  • Coca Cola $25,000 – Annual Meeting and 2001 JCI Area C Conference

Public Relations

Local Chapters

Sent out 23 editions of the PR Bulletin with local chapter information to 146,418 recipients. Forwarded 11 editions of the JCI President’s Friday Focus to 70,026 recipients. Sent out three special editions of the PR Bulletin to 14,577 recipients to announce the launching of Perfect University and to compile a haunted house and chapter project master list. Sent out 17 special editions of the PR Bulletin to 108,222 recipients to announce updates of Annual Meeting, GALS, Local President’s Summit, and TOYA. Sent brochures, media lists, media guides, PSA tapes, and other information concerning programs offered and provided public relations assistance for 336 chapter contacts. Helped with PR for 280 events for 240 chapters. Of these, 34 concerned NOYF award winners, 10 concerned TOYA winners, and 192 concerned attendance at the Local President’s Summit. Sent out 17,828 releases to media outlets for these chapter events.


Maintained the PR e-mail list, which increased 1,507 names for a total of 6,366 recipients. Handled PR for Annual Meeting in Chattanooga. Sent out four releases to 744 media outlets. Set up or participated in six broadcast and print media interviews. Set up and sent out three separate editions of Current Issues Survey to 14,577 recipients. Received responses from 2,525 respondents. The direction of the Governmental Affairs Department of the organization was focused from responses to be in line with the opinions of the general membership. Coordinated transportation and special speaker requirements for Annual Meeting. Coordinated the set up and printing of the Current Issues Survey Results report for distribution to Congress during GALS. Continued to maintain the PR page on the web site for President Prozinski. This also has links for chapters needing information for a presidential visit. Helped to coordinate 180 chapters running the Get Out The Vote program in partnership with the National Exchange Club. Coordinated transportation and special speaker requirements for GALS in Washington, D.C. Encouraged local chapters to file for their Governmental Affairs Parade Points. 443 chapters have responded and qualified for Governmental Affairs Parade Points.

Member Benefits

Wave 3 - Provides a suite of telecommunications products through the member benefits program and recently added our Internet service, Our Internet service will now be backed by AT&T through Wave 3. Wave 3 worked with Qwest to provide member/calling cards at no cost to us. NSC signed up for long distance through Wave 3.

MAPP - Provides career development appraisals via the Internet. Discussions have been conducted to add this service to the Member Benefits Package.


2000 Celebration Weekend

Washington, D.C. – January 13-16, 2000. Conducted successful combination meeting, which included the 61st Congress of Ten Outstanding Young Americans, the U.S. Leadership Academy, and the 80th Presidential Inauguration. Nearly 700 delegates attended a formal awards banquet and ceremony hosted by past TOYA Honoree Kate Shindle recognizing ten individual for their achievements. Entertainment was provided by DaVinci’s Notebook. The honorees were: Joseph E. Atkins, Minnesota; Dawn Eidelman, Ph.D., California; Patricia Welesko Garland, Maryland; Darrell R. Green, Virginia; Sandy Reese-Kesseler, Texas; Anthony W. Lineberry, Sr., Virginia; William N. Phillips, Colorado; John H. Schnatter, Kentucky; Jonathan Miron Young, Washington, D.C.; and Trischa Leanna Zorn, Indiana.

Delegates also attend two days of training. The 2000 Board of Directors and the 80th President were installed into office.

44th National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress

Indianapolis, Indiana – February 24-27, 2000. Conducted successful 44th Annual National Outstanding Young Farmers (NOYF) Awards Congress with 250 delegates in attendance. Outstanding farmers who competed for the four national award winners represented twenty-nine states. Each state winner was honored at the Pioneer Hi-Bred International Breakfast and John Deere Lunch. The four National Outstanding Young Farmers were honored at a formal awards banquet and ceremony hosted by Orion Samuelson, host of WGN’s U.S. Farm Report. These honorees included: David and Dawn Miller, Connecticut; Rochelle M. and Raymond Stein, New York; Linwood Harding and Kimberly Scott, North Carolina; and Matt and Denise Mechtel, North Dakota.

NOYF is proud to be long term recipient of sponsorship from John Deere with support from the Outstanding Farmers of America Fraternity and Pioneer Hi-Bred International. John Deere also provided additional funding for 17 OYF state program managers to attend the congress and two days of training. Training was conducted by Mary Loose DeViney, Virginia, and Rosie Thell, Minnesota.

80th Annual Meeting

Chattanooga, Tennessee – June 14-17, 2000. The U.S. Junior Chamber in cooperation with the Chattanooga 2001 Convention Corporation and the Chattanooga Jaycees successfully implemented the 80th Annual Meeting. Registration reached 1,283, in addition 394 Senate delegates and 29 children attended the convention. Processed post-meeting invoices and prepared final income/expense statement.

Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar

The Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar was held September 20-24, 2000 in Washington, D.C. Training was held for current state Presidents as well as prospective state Presidential candidates for 2001. Approximately 90 visits were made to Congressional and Senate offices by the state Presidents. The delegates were addressed by Tom Donnelly, former USJCC EVP and President of the Jefferson Group, a professional lobbying organization in Washington. Cultural diversity training was conducted by a representative from the National MultiCultural Institute.

81st Annual Meeting

Dayton, Ohio – June 20-23, 2001. Conducted On-Site Weekend September 15-17, 2000, with 29 Jaycees representing 22 states. Distributed On-To Notebooks including information about a tentative agenda, registration, housing, hotel assignments, States Party, promotional opportunities, and an On-To Directory. Continued communication with Dayton 2001 Convention Committee and the Dayton-Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Third Annual Celebration Weekend

Washington, D.C. – January 25-28, 2001. Conducted planning meetings with TES Productions to provide decorating and audio/visual services. Coordinated meeting agenda, function space, rooming list, and staff responsibilities. Monitored meeting promotion, printed materials, script and video preparation, processing registrations, and weekly broadcast e-mail promotions. Contracted motivational guest speaker Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger to address the delegates during the U.S. Leadership Academy.

63rd Annual Congress of TOYA

A panel of 10 judges determined 10 honorees from more than 100 nominations. Confirmed Angel Ward, Co-Founder of the Dream On Foundation and TOYA Alumnus, as Awards Ceremony Host. Contracted entertainment with DaVinci’s Notebook. Ordered trophies and medallions. Conducted direct mail and weekly broadcast e-mail promotions to highlight the honorees.

45th Annual National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress

Omaha, Nebraska – February 15-18, 2001. Contracted Friday’s entertainment to be Joe Cole, Comedy Magician. Finalized various delegate tour packages. Negotiated contract for Welcome Banquet to be at the Strategic Air Command Museum.


Monthly membership closeouts were held each month of the year with various Membership Department Staff manning each closeout night. Monthly data processing was successfully completed each month and the Data Processing Department mailed membership reports to each state. Adjustments and corrections to membership data were funneled through the Membership Department, addressed individually, and resolved. National Parade of States, Regions, Districts, and Chapters standings were distributed monthly via POSTMARK and on the USJCC web site. New individual membership cards were mailed to each member in August. These cards were made available through the generosity of Wave # Communications.

Membership numbers of the USJCC through October are as follows. Year-end figures will be available approximately January 15, 2001.

Number billed 72,252
Number renewed 38,549
Number New 26,591
Net lost 7,112
Retention 53.3%
Extensions 123

Monthly Presidential incentives were paid off each month upon completion of membership processing.


Metro Reports were distributed monthly to officers. Printed business cards and other supplies for 2000 officers.

Metro officers for 2000 were as follows:

National Metro Director Debra Adair, Omaha, NE
East Region Rep. Cheryl Gustafson, Richmond, VA
South Region Rep. Alan Jordan, Florence, AL
Middle Region Rep. Paul “Pablo” Morrison, Ft. Wayne, IN
West Region Rep. Craig Valine, Pasadena, CA
Legal Counsel/Secretary Martin Hillard, Grand Rapids, MI

The Metro Conference met during Celebration Weekend in January, at MetNet in February, and at Annual Meeting in June. Omaha, Nebraska, was chosen as the site for the 2001 MetNet Conference. Regional MetNets were held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Seattle, Washington, and Chicago, Illinois, during September and October. Susan Knoeppel from California was elected the 2001 National Metro Director at Annual Meeting in Chattanooga in June.

Junior Chamber Center for Business Advancement

Three new programs for JCCBA were developed during the year. An online training program was developed in conjunction with Jeff Magee Enterprises with two seminars available. The National Business Network was redeveloped during the year and went live on the world wide web in October. The Career Advancement training module was presented to all delegates during the Academy at Celebration Weekend.

National Awards

January Competition entry forms for Speak-Up, Write-Up, and Jaycee Jeopardy were distributed via POSTMARK and on the USJCC web site. A new competition, Debate, was demonstrated at Celebration Weekend. Plaques for winners of January Competitions were ordered and received. Memorial Award entry forms for Annual Meeting were updated and distributed via POSTMARK and on the USJCC web site. Bids for 2000 awards were solicited in January and a vendor was selected to do all USJCC awards for 2000. Approximately 500 Annual Meeting awards, plaques, and trophies were ordered, received, and distributed during the Annual Meeting. The first official Debate competition was held during Annual Meeting.

Chapter Management CD-Rom

The CD-Rom was reviewed and updated in August and September. The new disk was sent for duplication in October and distributed to all chapters and state officers in December. Approximately 3,500 disks were distributed.

Local President’s Summit

The second Local President’s Summit was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 16-19, 2000. 200 local chapter presidents, including 13 from Area C LOMs, were in attendance. Trainers for the Summit included Stew Mones, Maria Prozinski, Eric Seidel, Sydney Ward, Fay Lawrence, Tom Jordan, Mike Marshall, Jim Lawson, and Jeff Magee. A Summit reunion for the first- and second-year classes was held during the Annual Meeting with approximately 50 LPs in attendance.

Ten regional Summits were held on March 18, 2000. Sites included Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, Worland, Wyoming, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Dubuque, Iowa, Cincinnati, Ohio, Albany, New York, Columbia, South Carolina, and Mitchell, South Dakota.

2001 State President’s Retreat

A retreat was held at Camp Discovery in Tennessee for all 2001 incoming State Presidents and Executive Committee members. Approximately 31 presidents were in attendance. Trainers for the retreat included the Executive Committee, National Chaplain Joann Schmidt, President-Elect Sydney Ward, The Tennessee Jaycees Foundation hosted this event.

Shooting Education

Met twice since November with Daisy Sponsors Kevin Franklin and John Ford. Met and discussed business goals with entire Daisy management staff. Toured Daisy Manufacturing plant in Missouri in December.

Met with IBBGCM Steering Committee in November to put into motion plans for the 2001 IBBGCM in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Bought web address for the 2001 IBBGCM web page. Compiled a spreadsheet of the Top-10 IBBGCM winners since 1964.

Initiated contact with three individuals interested in starting the shooting education program. Sent out eight packets to chapters and individuals that had requested information.


In November received State OYF winners and began working with those states who have not submitted their OYF winner. Contacted and sent State Winner packets to the OYF State winners concerning their state gifts and other pertinent information. Contacted Omaha Convention Bureau about lunch alternatives in the Old Market area for NOYF congress in February. Worked with the NOYF Committee in securing speakers and ads for the program. In December, secured the NOYF judges and followed up with State winners who had not sent in their completed forms. Compiled a list of all national and local agriculture media and associations for future use in promoting the OYF program.


The program was funded for $300,000 by Brown & Williamson. A JAYS Nationwide Committee was created made up of State CDVP’s and JAYS Program Managers. 39 of 44 states have a representative. In the past year, 18 states were visited and the JAYS program was explained to more than 125 chapters. In 14 of the 18 states, local schools and school officials were presented with the JAYS Program. In March, JAYS hosted the first Executive Team Summit and trained the team on the ins and outs of the program. The JAYS program was presented to more than 200 local Chapter Presidents at the Local President’s Summit in March. 480 Requests for JAYS Kits mailed in the year 2000.

2000 Spring School Semester Registered Participants - 61Chapters, 114 Schools, 14,874 Kids
2000 Fall School Semester Registered Participants - 104 Chapters, 822 Schools, 207697 Kids
2001 Spring School Semester Pre-registered Participants - 20 Chapters, 85 schools, 55,505 Kids

JAYS was presented at the first National Youth Smoking Prevention Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The JAYS Program not only met, but doubled the JAYS participation goal for the year 2000. More than 220,000 kids participated in the JAYS Youth Smoking Prevention Message by December 31, 2000.


Telephone and Voice Mail

Five bids were received before upgrading a 12-year-old analog phone and voice mail system to Y2K compatibility. Annual maintenance on the new digital system will be $1400 compared to $5300 on the analog system. Installation and training was completed in December 1999.

Digital Printer/Copier

A network-capable digital printer/copier was installed replacing a 14-year-old duplicator and a small analog copier. Duplexing capability and finishing capability to reduce the end labor result prompted the upgrading. Other significant factors include unavailable parts and expiration of five-year copier lease. A copier serving employees on the first floor was also replaced due to lease expiration.

Printing/Mailing Services

Production work orders for internal projects and sponsored programs totaled 336 plus numerous quick copy projects for the year. Significant projects included: Entrepreneur chapter kits, JCMI materials, Local President’s Summit notebooks, Junior Chamber directories, TOYA programs, NBN materials, Value Investing books, JAYS program materials. To generate income, 97 additional printing and copying projects were insourced resulting in a total billing of $22,837. Mailings: 12 POSTMARK mailings, JCMI mailings, LINK newsletter mailings, and monthly mailing of new member cards.

Facility Maintenance

Emergency lighting and exit lights installed to conform to city safety codes. Annual boiler service and repairs completed to satisfy Chubb insurance and city safety code requirements. Elevator service and repairs completed to comply with city code directives. Water treatment system installed for accurate metering of cooling system chemicals. Vending area constructed in third-floor common area for occupant convenience. Pre-season repairs completed on cooling tower and Trane chilling system. Tower motors and contractors repaired. New compressor installed to insure pressurization of thermostats. Inspection of air control systems with recommendations completed by Honeywell, Johnson Controls & Carrier technicians. Center roof replacement completed to prevent further water damage. Repairs completed on Liebert A/C cooling for computer room. All fire extinguishers inspected and re-certified.


Presidential Speech referring to Junior Chamber/Jaycees:

April 27, 2000 William J. Clinton Remarks at the William H. Bowen Law School Dedication Ceremony in Little Rock

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