State: Arkansas

City: Conway

Chapters: 2,202

Members: 84,038

Convention: Niagara Falls, NY
Attendance: 1,336


Chris Reese elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Eric Seidel Miami, FL  
National Vice President: Kelly Bevans Brainerd, MN  
National Vice President: Mary Loose DeViney Charlottesville, VA  
National Vice President: Sandy Hess Pottstown, PA  
National Vice President: Junelle Hills Colby, KS  
National Vice President: Angie D. Jelinek Fargo, ND  
National Vice President: John Nygren Marinette, WI  
National Vice President: Floyd J. Schanz Lousisville, KY  
National Vice President: Sue Donohue Smith Renton, WA  
National Vice President: James Wallett New Iberia, LA  
National Vice President: Sydney Ward Lubbock, TX  
Chaplin:* Dwayne Altman Greater Greer, SC  
Legal Counsel:* Walter J. Downes MI  
Treasurer:* Lynell Goodrum Houston, TX  
Executive Vice President:* John K.S. Shiroma Hawaii National Office
Tulsa, OK

Chattanooga, TN to host 2000 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  

1999 Year End Status Report:


National Service Center Personnel

The Employee Handbook has been updated to meet current Sexual Harassment and Drug and Alcohol requirements. Attached is the National Service Center Organization Chart.

  • Employee of the 1st Quarter - Beverly Molyneux
  • Employee of the 2nd Quarter - Nick Reinhard
  • Employee of the 3rd Quarter - Mary Sergent
  • Employee of the 4th Quarter - Denise Navarro
  • Employee of the Year - Brad Gemeinhart

Bylaws and Policy

The USJCC 1999 Bylaws and Policy were distributed at the January Board of Directors meeting in Washington, D.C. The 2000 Bylaws and Policy is published in The Book which is now produced on CD-ROM and has been mailed to Board Members in December of 1999.


The POSTMARK was distributed the first Friday of every month. FAXMARK was distributed the third Friday of every month and was changed to an e-mail format called E-NNOUNCEMENT for those who had e-mail addresses.

Legal Issues

The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce has been named and removed as a defendant in lawsuits regarding two local chapters. Trademark negotiations continue with the National Football League for use of the Punt Pass and Kick trademark.

Jaycee War Memorial Trust (JWMT)

The JWMT held its annual meeting on March 7, 1999, in conjunction with the Local Presidents’ Summit. The JWMT provided a $60,000 grant to sponsor this Chapter President education program. The Oklahoma Old-Timers also sponsored the Friday night dinner for the Chapter Presidents. The committee approved an additional seat to the JWMT and approved Joe Dolan pending his acceptance. If Joe Dolan declines the position, Jim Stafford will be offered the vacant position.

JWMT1999 Officers and Trustees

Chairman – Charles Ford
Chairman Emeritus – Tom Baldridge
Vice Chairperson – Arthur Boutiette
Secretary/Treasurer – John K.S. Shiroma
Frank Dixson
Lynell Goodrum
Mike Marshall
William McCann Jr.
Chris Reese
Eric Seidel

U.S. Jaycee Foundation

The U.S. Jaycee Foundation met on January 10, 1999, June 6, 1999, and September 11, 1999. The Foundation awarded grants totaling $18,150 to the following local chapters:

  • Fond Du Lac, WI
  • Allegan, MI
  • Colby, KS
  • Cowboy Country, OK
  • Boonville, MO
  • Fordyce, AR
  • Maple Lake, MN
  • Cheshire, CT
  • West Warwick, RI
  • El Dorado, KS
  • Alhambra, IL
  • Manhattan,, KS
  • East County, WA
  • Saginaw, MI
  • Lamar, CO
  • Ord Area, NE
  • Great Bend, KS
  • Garner, IA
  • Premier, NY

USJF 1999 Officers and Trustees:

Chairman: Greg Thomes
Vice Chair: George Fraser II
Thomas Coderre
Joe Dolan
Mark Formby
David R. Habershaw
Raymond Lubus
Chris Reese
Bob Goetz
John Mungenast
Tim O’Brien
James O’Connell
Allen F. Pierce
Nan Schichtel
Eric Seidel
John K.S. Shiroma

M.H. Crockett
Jack F. Gamel
Sam Chase

Director: Kelly Wills

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

The following USJCC members have served on the 1999 JCI Board:

Executive Vice President Bruce Rector
Area Vice President Kevin Conlin
Area Vice President Dianne Ferris
Legal Counsel Kelly Wills

The following USJCC members have been elected or appointed to serve on the 2000 JCI Board:

Executive Vice President Kelly Wills
Area Vice President John Nygren
Legal Counsel Eric Seidel


Jaycees Magazine

Wrote, designed, edited, and produced Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 1999 Issues. Sold advertising for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 1999 and Winter 2000 issues.


Designed and produced various materials including: THE LINK, Celebration Weekend and Ten Outstanding Young Americans materials, Outstanding Young Farmer materials, Local Presidents’ Summit materials, Niagara ‘99 Annual Meeting materials, Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar materials, Chattanooga 2000 Annual Meeting forms; International BB Gun Match forms; various JCMI materials; Jaycees Against Youth Smoking materials; War Memorial Fund Scholarship forms and applications; ’99 Annual Meeting and Mid-Year Award plaques. Designed and produced the CD-ROM “A Guide to Successful Chapter Management.” Designed and produced USJCC web site.


Various staff assignments for Celebration Weekend and Ten Outstanding Young Americans meeting, Outstanding Young Farmer meeting, Local Presidents’ Summit meeting, Annual Meeting, and Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar. Produced Status Reports, POSTMARKs, FAXMARKs/ E-NNOUNCEMENT, and THE LINK. Began sending FAXMARK by e-mail, called E-NNOUNCEMENT, to all recipients who have e-mail addresses.

Audio Visual Services

  • Completed and distributed 25 TOYA and 10 Presidential Inauguration video dubs.
  • Created the “Value Investing” training video for the Junior Chamber Center for Business Advancement.
  • Dubbed Brown & Williamson check presentation for the sponsor.
  • Created four videos for the National Outstanding Young Farmers meeting in Mobile, Alabama, featuring 32 state winners and sponsors.
  • Made and distributed 50 OYF state winner videos, which included footage from “US Farm Report with Orien Samuelson.”
  • Created program promos for the Junior Chamber Center for Business Advancement program, the JAYS program, and a generic National Program promo.
  • Completed a David Chua Onsu memorial video for JCI.
  • Made a highlight tape of the 1998 Annual Meeting for TES, the Audio/Visual company for the 1999 Annual Meeting.
  • Completed a 1999 IBBGM promo for use at the 1999 Annual Meeting.
  • Completed a 1999 TOYA winners video and a 1999 OYF winners video for use at the 1999 Annual Meeting.
  • Created and dubbed an “On-To Chattanooga” video for the 1999 Annual Meeting. Assembled and catalogued music for the 1999 Annual Meeting.
  • Recorded footage from the Local Presidents’ Summit for later video uses.
  • Created a Presidential “farewell” video for 78th President Eric Seidel for use at the Annual Meeting.
  • Created an introduction for 79th President Chris Reese for use at the Annual Meeting.
  • Created five President Chris congratulations video for chapters across the country celebrating anniversaries.
  • Created the “Jays how-to” training video for JAYS. Arranged for duplication and distribution of 750 “JAYS how-to” video.
  • Created the “Unknown @ Home” training video for the Training Task Force.
  • Completed a 1999 IBBGM promo for use at the 1999 Annual Meeting.
  • Completed a 1999 TOYA winners video and a 1999 OYF winners video for use at the 1999 Annual Meeting.
  • Updated the Member Benefits voicemail. Updated the JWMF voicemail message. Recorded numerous Code-a-Phone messages. Recorded voicemail messages for the new phone system.
  • Assembled and catalogued music for the 1999 Annual Meeting.
  • Reported music usage to ASCAP and BMI, the two major music publishing rights companies for the 1999 Annual Meeting.
  • Reported FirstCom production music usage for the 1999 Annual Meeting, TOYP, and TOYA.
  • Created an onto video for Optimist International.
  • Created 10 TOYP honoree videos and a presidential music video for JCI and the World Congress.
  • Created 10 TOYA honoree videos, a Ceremony introduction video, a TOYA History and Criteria video, and an introduction for 80th President John Prozinski for Celebration Weekend.


Financial Statements

Financial statements were completed by the ninth working day of each succeeding month and distributed to the President, Treasurer, and Executive Vice President for review.


The audit for the period ended December 31, 1998, was distributed at the June meeting in Niagara Falls. Total Net Assets of $931,760 and Treasurer Goodrum reported an increase in Net Assets of $213,380.

Form 990

The annual income tax return was filed after the close of the fiscal year and completion of the audit. Form 990 was filed prior to the due date of May 15, 1999.

Jaycee Foundation

The annual income tax return was filed after the close of the fiscal year and completion of the audit. Form 990 was filed prior to the due date of May 15, 1999.



During the 1999 year there were approximately 30,989 new, 45,998 renewals, and 30,811 changes and Degrees entered.

Dues Kits and Mailings

State billings for January – April 2000 were sent out in late October.
Chapter billings for January – April 2000 were sent out in late October.
The CD-ROM, which includes The Book, was sent at the end of December and the first week of January to the chapters.

Customer Service

The customer service department handled approximately 44,623 calls during the 1999 year.


Online entry via the web for new members and changes was accomplished this year. The following states have been utilizing the system: Idaho, Montana, New York, South Dakota, and Michigan. Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Missouri have been sending their new members in via a disk. Efforts continue to include doing the renewals via the web.

USJCC staff now has email and Internet access at their desks.

A new Dell server was purchased to replace a server that would not make the transition to the year 2000.

2000 Transition

Efforts have been made to work with the incoming administration on changes to the 2000 parades and securing deadlines.


Corporate Development

1999 Sponsored Programs included: Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation – $232,750 sponsorship of Jaycees Against Youth Smoking Program; Anheuser-Busch, Inc. – $85,000 + $15,000 in product for TOYA and Annual Meeting; John Deere – $110,000 for OYF; Pioneer Hi-Bred International – $25,000 for OYF; Tweedy, Browne LP – $50,000 for Investment Program; Daisy Manufacturing – $48,000 for Shooting Education; Young Adult Professional Associates – $25,000 for Strategic Alliance; R+ARE Educational Resources – $45,000 for Corporate Partnership; Coca-Cola, Inc. – $10,000 + product for Annual Meeting; Dodge/Plymouth – $10,000 for 2000 Neon Jaycees Program. The above represent a total of $655,750 in sponsorship revenue.

Program Sponsorships for 2000 include: Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation – $300,000 sponsorship of Jaycees Against Youth Smoking Program; Anheuser-Busch, Inc. – $85,000 + $15,000 in product for TOYA and Annual Meeting; John Deere – $101,000 for OYF; Daisy Manufacturing – $48,000 for Shooting Education; Pioneer - $25,000 for OYF; Coca-Cola, Inc. – $10,000 + product for Annual Meeting. Coca-Cola also agreed to sponsor the 2001 Area C Conference, which will be held in Atlanta. This funding will be in addition to our current sponsorship.

Pending Sponsorships include: Tweedy, Browne - their decision on funding the Value Investing program for 2000 should come at the first part of this year. YAPA - our current contract expires February 22,2000. We are currently exploring the possibility of continuing the program for 2000 and increasing our partnership value. R+ARE Resources - our current contract expires March 31, 2000.

Corporate Development in Progress

Volvo—submitted proposal regarding a community test-drive program. Volvo is releasing their S40, which is targeted to a younger market and sells for about $23,000. This program would include a sponsorship to The USJCC as well as a chapter donation structure. Discussions are ongoing.

March of Dimes—Director of Membership and Corporate Marketing Manager met with representatives from March of Dimes at their Leadership Conference in D.C. in October. They are very interested in utilizing the Jaycees to raise funds for their organization, and we are currently exploring the funding of a March of Dimes Program Manager position at the NSC.

ADM—submitted proposal for OYF funding in 2001, requesting that they serve as an equal partner with Deere for $75,000. We are also looking into approaching DuPont, which recently acquired Pioneer.

Member Benefits

New in 1999: Ameriplan - provides discounted dental, vision, and prescription plans to Jaycees. In addition, the USJCC will receive a vested royalty of 30% on each active plan. Day Timer—Jaycees receive a 38% discount on the Day-Timer personal organizer. Internet Service - the Junior Chamber can now be our members’ internet service provider. All addresses come with the organization name ( ). Wave3 - membership-based benefits program that offers Jaycees a dynamic suite of nationally recognized telecommunication products and services at very competitive rates. These include AT&T or Nextel wireless products and services, ADT home or business security systems with FREE product and installation, Qwest commercial long distance, PageNet pagers, Pre-paid calling cards, etc. First USA - in May of 1999, First USA renewed its agreement with the Jaycees to continue providing the Jaycees MasterCard. For our renewed commitment, First USA gave The USJCC an advance against commissions in the amount of $50,000.

2000 Program Includes the above mentioned benefits as well as the following: TVC Auto Plus Membership - $45/year automobile insurance supplement that covers the entire family and provides emergency towing service, road service, custom maps and trip routing, $5,000 theft reward and more. R + R Educational Resources - Jaycees can receive McCall's, ESPN Magazine, US, Shape, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, and many other titles at savings from 50% to 84%. Acordia Mid-Atlantic - Comprehensive Major Medical that allows you to choose your own deductible amount, co-insurance amount, and the amount of maternity benefits payable under the plan. Continental Airlines - Receive a 10 percent discount on fares to USJCC national meetings. Coupons for regular travel are also available for up to $150 off of up to two airline tickets. Choice Hotels International - Jaycees receive a 20 percent discount on standard rates at more than 3,000 hotels worldwide. Junior Chamber Checks - Show your Jaycee pride with these special checks that display the Jaycee logo. Penny Wise Office Supplies - Special discounts on brand-name office products. Avis Rent a Car - Jaycees receive special discounts worldwide. Alamo Rent a Car - Jaycees receive special discounts worldwide.

Public Relations – Local Chapters

Sent out 21 editions of the PR Bulletin with local chapter information to 68,817 recipients. Sent brochures, media lists, media guides, PSA tapes, and information about Value Investing, JCCBA, JAYS, Ambassadorship and Senatorship and helped to provide public relations for 231 new chapter contacts. Helped with PR for 328 local and state chapters and sent out a total of 19,737 press releases to local area media outlets.

Public Relations – National

Maintained and added approximately 284 names to the PR e-mail list. Send out 24 editions of the PR Bulletin and 21 supplemental editions to a total of 142,965 recipients. Handled PR for 14 national events including Jaycee Week, GALS, Annual Meeting, TOYA, and OYF. Sent out 14 releases for national events to 2,128 media outlets through fax and 5,110 media outlets through e-mail. Set-up or participated in 23 broadcast and print media interviews. Coordinated transportation and photos for Jaycee Week, Presidents Summit, GALS, Annual Meeting, TOYA, and OYF. Had 153 congressional visits and 2 Senators and 1 Congressman as keynote speakers at GALS. Secured Public Service Announcement from Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher promoting the JAYS program. Secured the use of The U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce logo in the movies; “Runaway Bride,” and “Inspector Gadget” and the CBS mini-series, "Shake, Rattle & Roll: An American Love Story.”


79th Annual Meeting

Niagara Falls, New York – June 7-10, 1999. The U.S. Junior Chamber in cooperation with the National Convention Corporation and the Premier Jaycees successfully implemented the 79th Annual Meeting. Registration reached 1,221, in addition 407 Senate delegates and 46 children attended the convention. Began processing post-meeting invoices and preparation of final income/expense statement.

80th Annual Meeting

Chattanooga, Tennessee – June 14-17, 2000. Conducted site inspection March 13-16. Updated and distributed registration, housing, States Party, and On-Site Weekend forms to On-To Program Managers. Located digital forms on Received proposal for children’s program. Created and distributed promotional video. Conducted site inspection in August with President, Awards Chairman, and production crew. Began assigning meeting functions into space at the Marriott Hotel, Radisson Read House Hotel, and Chattanooga/Hamilton County Trade and Convention Center. Distributed one On-To Chattanooga Newsletter and two On-To E-Letters. Conducted On-Site Weekend September 9-12, 1999. Twenty-eight states were represented with a total of 53 delegates. Received proposed three-year contract for audio/visual production and decorating services. Finalized convention center contract. Continued communication with Chattanooga 2000 Corporation.

81st Annual Meeting

Dayton, Ohio – June 20-23, 2001. Conducted site inspection for September 13-14, 1999. Finalized three hotel contracts. Negotiated convention center contract. Continued communication with Dayton Convention Committee. Proposed committee contract.

82nd Annual Meeting
Sioux Falls, South Dakota – June 26-29, 2002. Continued communication with Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau and Sioux Falls Convention Center. Began preparation to confirm convention dates.

83rd Annual Meeting

Submitted requests for proposals and bid specifications to 12 convention and visitors bureaus within Geographical Area C in compliance with Bylaw 23-1. Letters of intent to bid were received from Palm Springs, California; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dallas, Texas; and Houston, Texas. Further action waiting January 2000 Board of Directors Meeting.

1999 Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar

Arlington, Virginia – September 23-26, 1999. Distributed Housing Form and tentative agenda. Conducted events at the Howard Johnson’s – National Airport Hotel and the National Capitol. More than 100 delegates attended.

2000 Governmental Affairs Leadership Seminar

September 2000 – Washington, D.C. Distributed meetings specifications and request for proposals to 20 hotels in the D.C. area. Two proposals have been received from the Radisson Old Town Hotel and Hilton Arlington Towers and Hotel both proposing room rates more than $130. Awaiting proposed contract from Hilton Crystal City Hotel, proposing $99 room rate. Will conduct site inspection during 2000 Celebration Weekend.

62nd Congress of TOYA

Washington, D.C. – January 13-16, 2000. Finalized contract with Renaissance Hotel. A panel of 10 judges determined 10 honorees from more than 110 nominations. Confirmed Kate Shindle, 1998 Miss American and TOYA Alumnus, as Awards Ceremony Host. Contracted entertainment with DaVinci’s Notebook. Confirmed TES Productions to provide decorating and audio/visual services. Conducted site inspection December 6-7. Coordinated meeting agenda, function space, rooming list, and staff responsibilities. Monitored meeting promotion, printed materials, script and video preparation, and processing registrations.

2001 Celebration Weekend

January 25-28, 2001 – Washington, D.C. Finalized contract with Renaissance Hotel.


All 11 months of processing membership is complete.
374 chapters were dropped
146 chapters were chartered
899 chapters finished the year at growth
502 chapters are at ACS
We have 2,202 active chapters.
The current membership of the organization stands at 84,038.

The 10 largest Jaycee States in America are:
Minnesota 6,768
Illinois 6,253
Michigan 4,367
Missouri 4,233
North Carolina 4,218
Iowa 3,986
Ohio 3,831
Florida 3,783
Wisconsin 3,480
Texas 3,460


Monthly reports have been distributed each month to officers, including incoming 2000 officers. Worked with 2000 Metro Director to develop plan of action and 2000 Metro budget. Printed business cards and other supplies for 2000 officers.

Training Task Force

The Training Task Force met in Washington D.C. at GALS to develop training materials for the U.S. Leadership Academy. The TTF web page has been updated and new training modules are posted for downloading. There are currently 17 downloads on varying topics available on this page. Caryn Backstrom, MN, and Andrew Huie, MI, have been appointed to the TTF to fill vacancies left by resignation and cycling off of previous members.

Junior Chamber Center for Business Advancement

Articles for all JCCBA programs were written and published in all Junior Chamber publications including Jaycees Magazine, POSTMARK, E-NNOUNCEMENT and The Link. Monthly updates on all JCCBA programs have been sent to Program Managers and Individual Development Vice Presidents.

Career Advancement

This interactive training module was developed and written during this period by Nick Trbovich, Jr., Eric Seidel and Patty Conklin. The program was field tested in Springfield, MO, and in Lansing, MI, to good reviews. The program will be officially unveiled at U.S. Leadership Academy.

National Business Network

The web page is currently undergoing a facelift and when completed will make the site more appealing and user-friendly.

Entrepreneurs Program

Materials have been distributed to chapters wishing to and currently running the program.

Value Investing

More than 600 sets of materials have been distributed to chapters. A total of 137 chapters reported back on the results of the seminar.


Patty Conklin was appointed National Awards Manager in October. January Competition entry forms for Speak-Up, Write-Up and Jaycee Jeopardy were distributed via POSTMARK. Judges Information Forms for January Competition judges were distributed as well. Plaques for winners of January Competitions were ordered and received. Memorial Award Entry forms for Annual Meeting were updated and distributed via POSTMARK in December. Bids for 2000 awards and trophies were sent out in December.

CD-ROM/The Book

The Book was reviewed and updated during this period. The Chapter Management CD-ROM, including The Book, was developed through an extensive process and produced and distributed to local chapters, state officers and national officers. Mailing to chapters was completed by the end of December. Approximately 3,600 CDs have been distributed.

Local Presidents’ Summit

The Inaugural Local Presidents’ Summit was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, March 4-7, 1999. 132 Chapter Presidents were in attendance. Trainers for the Summit included Stew Mones, John Prozinski, Jim Lawson, Mary Ann Riggs, Mike Marshall, and Eric Seidel. All feedback received from the Summit was very positive.

Regional Local President Summit Site Requirements were developed and distributed at GALS and in POSTMARK. Nomination forms for attendance at the Tulsa Summit were also distributed in POSTMARK. Two Regional Summit bids have been received to date.

Shooting Education

Sent 280 Chairman’s Kits out to chapters across the country. Sent Frisbees, Certificates, and Wallet Cards to the 76 Chapters who successfully completed the program and sent in their Participants Roster. Approximately 1,800 children completed the program. Obtained 27 state Program Managers to assist in promoting the program. Wrote 4 Jaycees Magazine articles, 4 articles for The Link, and 7 articles for Postmark promoting the program. Taped a segment for the ESPN Outdoors program “Jimmy’s Outdoor World” promoting the program, to air in January 2000. Coordinated an appearance by Kevin Franklin at the 1999 Annual Meeting. Conducted the “Chattanooga Challenge” at the 1999 Annual Meeting. 118 people competed in the match. Joe Lanfear, of Saratoga Springs, NY, was the Grand Prizewinner, and won a free registration to the 2000 Annual meeting. Assembled 30 Program Manager Training Manuals and other promotional materials for the Shooting Education Program Manager Training Seminar. 9 PMs attended. Sent Program Manager kits to the MN, TX, and ND Program Managers, and the IA CDVP. Sent letters to all state Presidents, CDVPs, and Program Managers about the number of chapters needed to run the program to get 100 points on the 1999 Parade of States. Reprinted and collated materials for Chairman Kits as needed. Made presentations about the Shooting Education program at Celebration Weekend to incoming CDVPs, the Presidents Summit to local chapter Presidents, the Georgia Jaycees at their February board meeting, and to the Michigan Jaycees at their August board meeting. Assisted the Montana Jaycees in conducting a one-day seminar for 18 Boy Scout troops at a regional jamboree. Met twice with Kevin Franklin and John Ford about the direction of the program. Sent out State Match written test to 14 states. Attended the Georgia state match March 20th. Spoke with Margaret Schoap from the NRA about an apparent BB Gun rule conflict. Assisted the Georgia Jaycees in their effort to conduct the 1999 International BB Gun Championship Match (IBBGCM), including assembling a Steering Committee, rewriting the Operations Agreement, obtaining a list of 4-H state shooting coordinators, creating a logo and registration forms, writing opening and closing ceremony scripts, coordinating campus-style housing, and contacting all 47 teams from the 1998 match. Helped introduce USA Shooting’s “Passport program” into the Shooting Education program. Reported program participation to Daisy Manufacturing.

Outstanding Young Farmer

1999 NOYF Congress – Conducted successful 43rd National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress in Mobile, Alabama. Nearly 250 delegates attended a formal awards banquet and ceremony. At the Congress, 29 sates were represented.

State Program Managers Training – Twenty-five people attended a day-and-a-half of training. Three trainers were brought in: two past program managers and a National Vice President.

OYF Advisory Committee Meeting – A meeting took place August 21, 1999, in Indianapolis, Indiana. In attendance was Cheryl Salley from John Deere and Company, OFA Fraternity President John Shawhan and his wife Mary, the Indianapolis OYF Committee , and USJCC Staff Officers.

2000 NOYF Congress – Will be in Indianapolis, Indiana, February 24-27, 2000. Thirty-four states will be represented at the Congress. Orion Samuelson has agreed to make his 35th appearance as Master of Ceremonies.

Jaycees Against Youth Smoking

Sent 809 Chapter Planning Kits out to chapters across the country. 126 Chapters were able to run the JAYS program in the Fall of 1999. 266 Schools participated in the program and graduated approximately 38,800 children for completion of the program. Obtained 40 state Program Managers to assist in promoting the program. Wrote the JAYS Chapter Planning kit, produced a JAYS Training Video, and created the JAYS display booth. Wrote 4 Jaycees Magazine articles, 4 articles for the LINK, and 8 articles for Postmark promoting the program. Made three mailings to all state Presidents, CDVPs, and Program Managers. The first mailing introduced the JAYS Program to everyone and listed the incentives for the year. The second mailing informed states about the number of chapters needed to run the program to get 100 points on the 1999 Parade of States and 100 points in the 1999 Parade of Chapters. The third mailing reminded everyone of the December deadline for the JAYS final report and encouraged chapters to begin registering schools for the Spring 2000 semester. Began a database to begin a JAYS electronic newsletter and began testing the email addresses to see how the chapters responded. United States Surgeon General David Satcher produced PSAs supporting the JAYS Program. Reprinted and collated materials for Chapter Planning Kits as needed.

The JAYS Program was presented in the following states: Arkansas – Conway Chamber of Commerce Trade Show, Florida – National Middle School Association’s Annual Meeting, Orlando--Visitations to 4 local chapters, Illinois - Summer Planning Meeting in Springfield, Kentucky -- Visitation to 2 local chapters, Visitation to Region 3 Meeting in Lexington, Meeting with the Governor’s Chief of Staff – Frankfurt, Oklahoma -- State Spring Board Meeting, Visitations to 7 local chapters, Oklahoma Educator’s Association Annual Meeting, New York - JAYS Kickoff at the Annual Meeting in Niagara Falls, Pennsylvania – State Fall Board Meeting, Texas – Garland Jaycees Jubilee Weekend, West Virginia – visitations to 4 local chapters, Obtained first hand experience on how to run the JAYS Program by assisting the Oklahoma Jaycees with the JAYS Program in Tulsa, OK. There are three chapters in the Tulsa area, so a committee was established to recruit the middle schools in the area.

The JAYS committee was able to recruit 11 schools to run the JAYS Program in the fall of 1999. The JAYS program was promoted in the Tulsa World newspaper and on three local television stations. Held a JAYS Appreciation Luncheon for the teachers of the Tulsa Metro Area.


Office Spaced Leased
A three-year lease agreement for 8,000 square feet of office space was finalized on January 19, 1999. The new tenant, Family and Children’s Service, Inc. began occupancy on March 1 following construction and remodel work.

Jaycee War Memorial Scholarship Program

Finalist judges selected a total of twenty-five scholarship recipients from the following states for the 1999-2000 school year. AL, AR, AZ, CO, IA, ID, LA, MA, MI, MO, MT, WV, ND, NM, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SD, TX, TN, UT, WI, and WY. The Thomas Wood Baldridge scholarship recipient was Anthony D. Smith, AR. As of this date, staff has responded to 29,419 inquiries pertaining to the 2000-2001-scholarship year.

Telephone and Voice Mail

Five bids were received before upgrading a 12-year-old analog phone and voice mail system to Y2K compatibility. Annual maintenance on the new digital system will be $1400 compared to $5300 on the analog system. Installation and training was completed in December 1999.

Digital Printer/Copier

A network-capable digital printer/copier was installed replacing a 14-year-old duplicator and a small analog copier. Duplexing capability and finishing capability to reduce the end labor result prompted the upgrading. Other significant factors include unavailable parts and expiration of 5-year copier lease. A copier serving employees on the first floor was also replaced due to lease expiration.

Printing/Mailing Services

Production work orders for internal projects and sponsored programs totaled 336 plus numerous quick copy projects for the year. Significant projects included – Entrepreneur chapter kits, JCMI materials, Local President’s Summit notebooks, Junior Chamber directories, TOYA programs, NBN materials, Value Investing books, JAYS program materials. To generate income, 97 additional printing and copying projects was insourced resulting in a total billing of $22,837.00. Mailings: 12 POSTMARK mailings, JCMI mailings, LINK newsletter mailings and monthly mailing of new member cards.

Facility Maintenance

Emergency lighting and exit lights installed to conform to city safety codes, annual boiler service and repairs completed to satisfy Chubb insurance and city safety code requirements, Elevator service and repairs completed to comply with city code directives. Water treatment system installed for accurate metering of cooling system chemicals. Vending area constructed in third floor common area for occupant convenience. Pre-season repairs completed on cooling tower and Trane chilling system. Tower motors and contractors repaired. New compressor installed to insure pressurization of thermostats. Inspection of air control systems with recommendations completed by Honeywell, Johnson Controls & Carrier technicians. Center roof replacement completed to prevent further water damage. Repairs completed on Liebert A/C cooling for computer room. All fire extinguishers inspected and re-certified.



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