State: Florida

City: Miami



Convention: Las Vegas, NV


Eric Seidel elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Mike Marshall Princeton, IN  
National Vice President: Michael Brown Mt. Vernon, IN  
National Vice President: Linda Cagnolatti Gautier, MS (partial term)
National Vice President: Edwin Huber Downey, CA (partial term)
National Vice President: Kevin Conlan West Gaveb, CT  
National Vice President: John M. Gannon Clarksville, TN  
National Vice President: Brad Luense Jackson, WY  
National Vice President: Laurie Mullane Chatfiled, CO  
National Vice President: Lisa A. Parrish Goochland, VA  
National Vice President: Devon Plumberg Topeka, KS  
National Vice President: John Prozinski MN  
National Vice President: Mike Johnson LA  
Chaplin:* Donnette Roberts Billings, MT  
Legal Counsel:* Bill Keene Ottawa, IL  
Executive Vice President:* Tim Jackson
John K.S. Shiroma
National Office
Tulsa, OK

Niagara Falls, NY to host 1999 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.  


1997-1998 Year End Status Report:


Member Benefits

Two new member benefits were added during the 1998 short year, adding $10,000 to member benefit revenue:

  • Motor Club of America, Enterprises - auto benefits program similar to AAA that offers
  • Internet Plus - Discounted internet services for Jaycees.

Began negotiations with RSB Marketing to sponsor membership cards with the implementation of their member benefit network. This network will add national cellular, paging, and much more to the benefits the Jaycee network already offers.

Total Member Benefit income for the short year will be approximately $39,000.

Entertainment Publications, Inc. joined Excel Communications as a national fundraiser for the USJCC, adding $5,000 in revenue.

Corporate Development

Jaycees Against Youth Smoking (JAYS) - upon completion of a successful test-pilot program conducted in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company agreed to a $232,750 sponsorship to implement the JAYS program nationally in 1999.

Anheuser-Busch - 1999 contract negotiated. Contract is now valid until 2001 and includes participation in each USA Night at JCI World Congress. Sponsorship fee is still $85,000 cash plus mutually agreed upon amount of product for each sponsored event (TOYA, Annual Meeting, USA Night).

Coca-Cola - Agreed to renew Annual Meeting sponsorship in 1999, which includes $10,000 cash plus mutually agreed upon amount of product. They have also agreed to consider increasing the sponsorship amount for 2000 and requested that we resubmit a modified proposal in August, 1999.

Tweedy Browne - Provided $50,000 sponsorship for Investment Program.

USA Night, Manila, Philippines - Anheuser-Busch, Jack Daniels, and Subway each donated product.

TOYA - Anheuser-Busch provided monetary sponsorship of the event, and Continental airlines donated 10 free airline tickets for honorees and 10 discount tickets for guests. Jim Stovall, past TOYA recipient and President of Narrative Television Network (NTN), has assisted the USJCC in preliminary negotiations with networks for televising TOYA 2000. These networks include PAX Communications and Golden Eagle Broadcasting, and representatives from PAX attended the TOYA Saturday night events.

Subway - Company President has agreed to meet with USJCC representatives to discuss increasing their involvement with the USJCC to include sponsorship of the Business Advancement program.

Volvo - Initiated contact through Volvo International to begin discussing national partnerships.


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