State: Missouri



Members: 141,000

Convention: Orlando, FL


Vice President: Eric Seidel Miami, FL
Vice President: Kelly Wills Springfiled, NE  
Vice President: Tricia Evert Atlanta, GA  
Vice President: Gary Hess Pottstown, PA  
Vice President: Cathy Spears Appleton, WI  
Vice President: Ted Boatright Wamego, KS  
Vice President: Richard "Dick" Rillera New York, NY  
Vice President: Jerry Davis Lexington, KY  
Vice President: Mickey "Stubby" Stumbaugh Cabot, AR  
Vice President: Mike "Hoppy" Hopkins Morgantown, WV  
Treasurer*: Lisa Parrish CPA Goochland, VA  
General Legal Council*: Michael Barrett Algonquin, IL  
Chaplin:*: Vanessa Galvanek Lowell, MA  
Executive Vice President*: Steve Lawson
Tim Jackson
National Office
Tulsa, OK

St Louis to host 1995 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.

Don Cavelli Memorial Award Winner (Outstanding National Vice President)
Eric Sidel

Clayton Frost Memorial Winners (Outstanding State Presidents)
Ralph Lawson, Virginia
Tim Beck, Minnesota
Stacy Shriever, Indiana
Jeff Hulsman, Colorado

Number 1 State

Harold Marks Award Winner (Outstanding Chapter)
Greensboro, NC

Outstanding Executive Committee Member
Michael Barrett

Growth states - 18

6/30/1994 - 155,000
6/30/1995 - 141,000

Major Accomplishments:

  • Started the Junior Chamber Mission Inn Foundation as a Jaycee National Fundraising cause to fund the care  children affected by HIV.
  • Launched the Jaycee Alliance Program—‘The organization of voice for Young People’ effort that was praised by Speaker Newt Gingrich at the 75th National Convention in St Louis.
  • 66,000 new members.
  • Over 300 new chapters
  • 3600 delegates at 75th annual meeting - $250,000 donated by Anheuser-Busch - key note address by U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, covered by CNN
  • JCI World Congress in Kobe Japan - 115 delegates



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