State: Arizona

City: Tempe



Convention: Richmond, VA

Vice President: Jim Mcmahon San Jose, CA  
Vice President: Craig Madson Centerville, UT  
Vice President: Craig Mayeda Honolulu, HI  
Vice President: Harold “Hal” B. Nash Chattanooga, TN  
Vice President: Bobby Roberts Escambia Bay, FL  
Vice President: Mike Talbot Gretna, LA  
Vice President: Mike Tyree Prosperity, WV  
Vice President: Scott Eubanks Princeton, IN  
Vice President: Ray “Chip” Hoyas Pawtucket, RI  
Vice President: Dayton Hyde Kalmath Falls, OR  
Vice President: Robby Dawkins Florence, SC  
Treasurer: * Jim Sandham Lincoln Park, NJ  
Associate Treasurer: *      
General Legal Counsel: *      
Associate Legal Counsel: *      
Chaplin: * Keith Word Piedmont, AL  
Executive Vice President:*

William "Bill" Brimmer

Pennsylvania National Office
Tulsa, OK

Memphis, TN to host 1989 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.

Presidential Speech referring to Junior Chamber/Jaycees:

September 20, 1988 Ronald Reagan Remarks to the United States Jaycees


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