State: Montana

City: Hamilton



Convention: Indianpolis, IN

Vice President: Mike Alcorn Zionsville, IN  
Vice President: Dale Bayard Sulphur, LA  
Vice President: Mark Berg Tripp, SD  
Vice President: Mark Formby Picayune, MS  
Vice President: Ted Granger Jupiter,FL  
Vice President: Dave Jacobson Wells, MN  
Vice President: Steve Miller Owentown, KY  
Vice President: Jeff O'Kane Princeville, IL  
Vice President: Wally Owings Manassas, VA  
Vice President: Jay Robison Sherwood, AR  
Vice President: Greg Stavish Pasadena, CA  
Vice President: Brad Streeter
Manhattan, KS  
Treasurer: *      
Associate Treasurer: *      
General Legal Counsel: * Wayne Cropp Chattanooga, TN  
Associate Legal Counsel: *      
Chaplin: * Dennis Keith Bridgeport, MI  
Executive Vice President:*

Gram Hopkins
Kevin W. Krepinevich

National Office
Tulsa, OK

Milwaukee, WI to host 1986 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.


Presidential Speech referring to Junior Chamber/Jaycees:

June 19, 1985 Ronald Reagan Remarks and a Question-and-Answer Session With Members of the Chamber of Commerce in Mooresville, Indiana

June 19, 1985 Ronald Reagan Remarks at the Annual Convention of the United States Jaycees in Indianapolis, Indiana

January 21, 1986 Ronald Reagan Proclamation 5432 - National Jaycee Week, 1986

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