State: Louisiana

City: Bossier City

Chapters: 6,343

Members: 342,334

Convention: Phoenix, AZ - June 28 - July 1, 1982
(Inauguration occured after offical close of convention on Friday, July 2, 1982)


Don Jones elected president for a full term.

Chairman of the Board: Gene A. Honn Tinley Park, IL  
Past Chairman of the Board: Gib Garrow Skiatook, OK


      Assigned States
Vice President: G. Bradley Blair
Dayton, OH KS, MS, OH, UT, WA,
Cross Assigned SD
Vice President: Tom Bussa
Ladd, IL CO, IL, KY, NH, TN
Cross Assigned PA
Vice President: Jim Clark York, PA GA, ME, MT, NJ, PA
Cross Assigned IL
Vice President: Al Fettig Steele, ND AL, AK, ND, OR, WI
Cross Assigned OK
Vice President: Tripp Haggard McAlester, OK FL, MO, Ok, RI, WV
Cross Assigned ND
Vice President: Gary G. Harkless Douglass, WY CA, CT, LA, SC, WY
Cross Assigned IN
Vice President: Lee J. Harris Pierre, SD ID, OA, HI, SD, TX
Crossassigned OH
Vice President: Gary R. McFarlane Eau Claire, WI Metro Conference
Vice President: Douglas L. Smith Las Vegas, NV DC, MD, MI, NV, NM, VA
Cross Assigned NE
Vice President: Charles M.L. Wallace Marion, IN AR, DE, IN, MA, NC
Cross Assigned WY
Vice President: David G. Workman Omaha, NE AZ, MN, NE, NY, VT
Cross Assigned NV
Treasurer:* Timothy J. Schwent, CPA Jackson, MO  
Legal Counsel: * R. Michael Traynor Chandler, AZ


Chaplain: * Denzil Harward Gunnison, UT  
Executive Vice President:*

Arthur "Frenchie" Boutiette
Sam Willits

South Dakota
National Office
Tulsa, OK

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.

Hartford, Connecticut to host 1983 convention.

Excerpt from July/August Future magazine article:

A leader accepts the risks associated with reaching his objectives. Don Jones travelled to more than forty states as a national vice presdient (NVP) in 1981-1982; he was the Don Cavelli award winner as last year's most outstanding NVP. His hom estat eworked hard all year; Lousiana Jaycees finished first in the U.S. Jaycees Parade of States.

Bankin gon the support of his state organization through more than forty hours of balloting, Don Jones was elected president of the United States jaycees on the forty-second ballot in Phoenix, Arizona. The election broke all records since Jaycees first gathered in 1920; three equally qualified candidates refused to give in. Weary delegates eventually cast the deciding votes for jones, defeating California's Wayne Brushett and Virginia's "Buz" Schultz.

Campaigning was nothing new to Don Jones. He had been a delegate to the Democratic state convention in Lousiana and conducted numerous political campaigns. The twelve year Jaycee's civic involvement on advisory boards adds to his position as a leader for America and for Jaycees in 1982-1983.

Don Jones has developed hi sleadership skills through Jaycees since joining the Bossier City (Lousiana) Jaycees in 1971. hi swife, gay Lynn, has supported him through her active involvement in the Bossier City Jaynes, an affiliate of the U.S. Jayceettes. Don held every office in the Bossier City chapter before moving to a role as district director and one of the M. Keith Upson Award winners (top District Directors) in 1978.

Elected to the presidency of the Lousiana jaycees in 1980-1981, following an outstanding year as membership vice president for th estate, Don lead Loousiana to a number fifteen finish in the national parade of states. The JCI senator (#30812) has also been recognized as a member of the U.S. Jaycees Recruiters Hall of Fame, NVP of the month and Lousiana's Key man at least three times.

For Don Jones, Jaycees stands for "improvement of the quality of life in America and the continuance of the free enterprise system." His theme as president in 1982-1983 will be "Leadership for America ... Jaycees." Don Jones sees the role of Jaycees in America as volunteer guardians of freedom. He says, "If we are to continue to remain a free country, it is going to take the efforts of each and every one of us as volunteers to make sure that it stays the way it is."

Getting Jaycees to work as a team for America and to develop the leadership America needs means "that we have one rope to pull on and well all pull the same way: toward the improvement of the organization." Don Jones believes all Jaycees must understand and be able to identify with the goals of the organization . And he believes the goal of all Jaycees should be to use what is learned in Jaycees to make things happen.

His two sons, six-year-old Thomas and three-year-old jacob, are part of the reason for Don's dedication to developing leadership in America. He is grateful for the opportunities he has had as an American Jaycee and he wants "to make sure these opportunities are still there for my children, and I know of no better vehicle than The U.S. Jaycees."

In his year as sixty-third president of the greatest young men's leadership training organization, Don Jones will place considerable emphasis on membership growth. He explains, "The only tangible measurement of out organization's success or effectiveness in all of its programming areas - community development , individual development, chapter management - is membership growth. If we are doing those things in our communities that we should do, our organization is a natural attraction for young men in America. It is very simple, if all of our projects and programs are timely and effective and pertinent, we are going to grow!"

Jaycees means many things to the 33-three-year old vice president of a family-owned oil field related contracting firm. The organization develops leaders for America. Don Jones wants Jaycees to "go out and make The U.S. Jaycees something that the American people depend on because that's what we are supposed to be."


Presidential Speech referring to Junior Chamber/Jaycees:

January 7, 1983 Ronald Reagan Proclamation 5011 - National Jaycee Week, 1983

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