State: Texas

City: Abilene



Convention: Minneapolis, MN

Vice President: Gaylord Boilesen Ord, NE  
Vice President: Tom Brown Salem, OR  
Vice President: Mike Clarke N Phoenix, AZ  
Vice President: Ronald “Ron” Dodd Plankinton, SC  
Vice President: Jeffrey Peter Mahony Cromwell, CT  
Vice President: Mike Moore Houston, TX  
Vice President: Ron Moschel Albuquerque, NM  
Vice President: Bill Schult Waverly, IA  
Vice President: Jeff Stanley Somerville, NJ  
Vice President: Tyler “Ty” Strout Staunton/, VA  
Vice President: Huey Theus Cordelle, GA  
Vice President: John Van Gorder Bergenfield, NJ  
Vice President:      
Treasurer: * Pat Sheridan Detroit, MI  
General Legal Counsel: * Brian R. Heaney Grand Rapids, MI  
Associate Legal Counsel: * H. Thomas Dunck Cleveland, OH  
Chaplin: * Dave Philips Bloomingdale, MN  
Chairman Metro Conference*      
Executive Vice President:* Ray Roper
Missouri National Office
Tulsa, OK

San Diego, CA to host 1974 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.

Presidential Speech referring to Junior Chamber/Jaycees:

March 10, 1974 Richard Nixon 4 - Radio Address About the American Revolution Bicentennial.



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