State: West Virginia

City: New Martinsville



Convention: Atlanta, GA

Vice President: Errol Bennett Imperial Beach, CA  
Vice President: Don Courts Baton Rouge, LA  
Vice President: Bill Greene Crescent Cities, MD  
Vice President: Kenneth “Ken” Johnson Clinton, MS  
Vice President: Alan “Al” L. Miller Rapid City, SD  
Vice President: Avery Nye Farimont, NC  
Vice President: Charles Shaw Mobile, AL  
Vice President: Stan Sieron Belleville, IL  
Vice President: C. Robert “Bob” Standish Ambridge, PA  
Vice President: Jim Vernon Corbin, KY  
Treasurer: * Raymond “Ray” A. Pritchett Conwa,y AR  
General Legal Counsel: * Theodore “Ted” C. Mitchell Baltimore, MD  
Associate Legal Counsel: *      
Chaplin: * Vern White Owatonna Park, MN  
Chairman Metro Conference*      
Executive Vice President:* Robert Dunbar
Ray Roper
National Office
Tulsa, OK

Minneapolis, MN to host 1973 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.


Presidential Speech referring to Junior Chamber/Jaycees:

January 21, 1973 Richard Nixon Proclamation 4179 - National Jaycee Week, 1973





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