State: Ohio

City: Toledo



Convention: St Louis, MO

Vice President: Don Blank McCook, NE  
Vice President: Larry D. Fuller Ontario, OR  
Vice President: Clifford Keithley Dickinson, ND  
Vice President: Pat Nowak North Detroit, MI  
Vice President: James “Jim” Bruce Ollis Sr. Laurinburg, NC  
Vice President: Frank Parsons Birmingham, AL  
Vice President: Burt Stallwood Lincoln, RI  
Vice President:
Vice President:      
Vice President:      
Treasurer: *      
General Legal Counsel: *      
Associate Legal Counsel: *      
Chaplin: * Roger D. Poppen Osage, IA  
Chairman Metro Conference* Don Whitehead New York, NY  
Executive Vice President:* Thomas R. Donnelly
Robert Dunbar
National Office
Tulsa, OK

Portland, OR to host 1971 convention.

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.

Presidential Speech referring to Junior Chamber/Jaycees:

June 25, 1970 Richard Nixon Remarks at the 50th Anniversary Convention of the United States Jaycees in St. Louis, Missouri.

August 28, 1970 Richard Nixon Statement Urging Senate Action on the Family Assistance Bill.




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