State: Vermont

City: Burlington



Convention: Baltimore, Maryland - June 27-30, 1967

Assistant Secretary of Hickock Boardman Insurance Agency, 31 year old,
James B. Antell elected president for a full term.

Vice President: A. Bruce Coble Lancaster, Pennsylvania
(State and Metropolitan Operations)
Vice President: Bob Glines Lakewood, California
Vice President: Dr. Louis J. R Goorey Columbus, Ohio
(Governmental Affairs)
Vice President: James W. Grant Dothan, Alabama
(Youth Development)
Vice President: Roger R. Jenkins Bellevue, Washington
(Public Relations)
Vice President: Mack R. Koonce Pine Bluff; Arkansas
(Sports Development)
Vice President: Ralph R. Naragon North Manchester, Indiana
(International Relations)
Vice President: Henry F. Shayne Middletown, New Jersey
(Community Development)
Vice President: Wendell E. Smith Plymouth, Michigan
(Health and Safety)
Vice President: Doug Sutherland Louisville, Kentucky
(Leadership Training)
Treasurer: * Ed Nunez Bartow, Florida  
Associate Treasurer * H. Oliver Welch Atlanta, Georgia  
General Legal Counsel: * A.J. Carubbi Jr. Austin, Texas  
Associate Legal Counsel: * B. Hicks Harwell Florence, South Carolina  
Chaplin: * Bob Krane Des Moines, Iowa  
Executive Vice President:* Bob Cronk
Iowa National Office
Tulsa, OK

* Appointed position - only treasurer has a vote.

Phoenix, Az to host 1968 convention.

June 27, 1967 Lyndon B. Johnson - Remarks in Baltimore to Delegates to the National Convention of the United States Jaycees.

June 29, 1967 Lyndon B. Johnson - Remarks in Philadelphia at the Opportunities Industrialization Center.

March 8, 1968 Lyndon B. Johnson - Special Message to the Congress on Conservation: "To Renew a Nation."



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