State: Massachusetts

City: Springfield

Chapters: 22

Members: 4,790

Convention: Indianapolis, IN - June 15-17, 1922

Income: $1,000 * estimated

Chamber of Commerce Worker, 21 year old, George O. Wilson elected president for full term.

Vice President: E. Fred Johnson Tulsa, Ok
Vice President: Harry Mortimer Milwaukee, WI
Vice President: Andrew Mungenast St. Louis, MO
Vice President: Robert H. Ransom New orleans, LA
Secretary: C. A. Willard Bridgeport, CT
Treasurer: Fred E. Winsor St. Louis, MO

C. Edward Dahlin Chicago, IL
Howard C. Hodson East St. Louis, IL
Mark A. Haven Omaha, NE
Myron T. Hudgel Indianapolis, IN
Dr. M. M. Miller Arkansas City, KS
E. Phil Millett Cincinnati, OH
Rufus McKnight Dallas, TX
Thirman W. Payne St. Louis, MO
True Strong Dallas, TX

Milwaukee, WI to host 1923 convention.

Named president at the Indianapolis conclave held in the Claypool Hotel, June 15-17, was Ray T. Wilber, pioneer of the Springfield Massachusetts, club.

In gratitude for his long-standing work and interest on behalf of the Junior Chamber, Clarence Howard was named first honorary president of the USJCC at this convention. Giessenbier, named honorary vice president the year before, had been the first honorary member of the group.

The administration of raymond T. Wilber was unfortunately hampered because the organization was in a financial straightjacket from first to last. Debts had been inherited from Wilson's term in Dallas, and income remained scanty. A major complication was the financial records had never reached dr. M. M. Miller, the treasurer under wilson. As a result, the USJCC had operated for a full year with practically no listing of expenditures, and the situation was very muddled in June 1922 when Wilber took office.

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