Henry Giessenbier, Jr.

State: Missouri

City: St. Louis

Chapters: 26

Members: 4,000

Convention: St. Louis, MO - June 17-19, 1920

Income: $1,400 * estimated

U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce organized at January caucus in St. Louis, Missouri with 30 cities represented.  Henry Geissenbier, Jr. was elected Provisional President until convention in June.

The Convention sees 41 cities represented and 12 become charter members of U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Bank Cashier, 27 year old, Henry Giessenbier, Jr. elected president for full term.

1st Vice President: George O. Wilson Dallas, TX
2nd Vice President: Ray T. Wilber Springfield, MA
3rd Vice President: John R. Floyd Arkansas City, KS
4th Vice President: A.S. Rauschkolb Belleville, IL
Secretary: William R. Simmons Terre Haute, IN
Treasurer: Thurman W. Payne St. Louis, MO

Three Year Term  
Robert H. Ransom New Orleans, LA
H.E. Agate Elyria, OH
Leo W. Johnson Arkansas City, KS
L.J. Stuart Springfield, MA
Two Year Term  
H.L. Hammett New Orleans, LA
D.B. Shrouds Terre Haute, IN
Lawrence Weber Eryria, OH
Weber H. Fouts Dallas, TX
One Year Term  
Arthur Grigg Galveston, TX
N.A. Thompos Tulsa, OK
R.F. Prox Terre Haute, IN
Stuart Ball Des Moines, IA
Member Cities at End of Convention Officially Affiliated with USJCC
St. Louis, MO  
Little Rock, AR  
Des Moines, IA  
New Orleans, LA  
Dallas, TX  
Elyria, OH  
Arkansas City, Kansas  
Terre Haute, IN  
Chicago, IL  
Kansas City, MO  
Tulsa, OK  
Springfield, MA  
Cities in Attendance
* also had delegates at caucus
Anderson, IN Arkansas City, KS*
Bridgeport, CT Bellville, IL*
Caruthersville, MO Canton, OH*
Champaign, IL Chicago, IL*
Cleveland, OH* Cincinnati, OH*
Dallas, TX* Dayton, OH*
Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA*
Detroit, MI* East St. Louis, IL
El Paso, TX* Elyria, OH*
Grand Rapids, MI Galveston, TX*
Indianapolis, IN Jefferson, City, MO
Kansas City, MO Little Rock, AR*
Moline, IL* Minneapo0lois, MN*
New York, NY* New Orleans, LA*
New Haven, CT Pine Bluff, AR*
Pittsburgh, KS* Parkersburg, WV
Port Arthur, TX* Philadelphia, PA*
Seattle, WA* Springfield, MA*
St Louis, MO* Terre Haute, IN*
Tulsa, OK* Urbana, IL
Washington, DC  

Dallas, TX to host 1921 convention.

The first annual convention was appropriately closed with remarks by Giessenbier in which he stated:

"We have definitely launched a great institution into the world of progress. Let us hope that from this institution will emerge citizens of loftier ideals, higher privileges, greater opportunities, purer patriotism, broader ideas of service and greater capacity for happiness. It may then be that America will enjoy to the fullest extent the continental unity of devotion dedicated toward the upbuilding of a greater American Republic."

The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce was officially on its way, with a bank balance of $48.21, and a million dollars worth of dreams.  


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