The Dennis Hamilton Memorial Award is presented annually to the Best State Flagship Program. A State Flagship Program contributes to the USJC Mission and Vision, and involves Members and local chapters from across the State Organization based on the following criteria: Strategy and implementation; benefit to and participation of Local Chambers and Members; community impact; public relations, visibility, partnerships and finances; and long-term impact of the Program.

The award is named in honor of Dennis Hamilton, who, while serving as an Administrative Vice President of the Oklahoma Junior Chamber, died in an airplane crash on April 7, 1973, at the age of 30.

The list of George O. Wilson Memorial Award recipients are listed below:


Joel Blom, Minnesota Vice President
Minnesota Jaycees TOYM/OYF
Wonderland Camp, Missouri Jaycees
Camp Discovery, Tennessee Jaycees
Pam Johnson, Nebraska Vice President
Brandon Schumacher, JCI New York Vice President
North Carolina Jaycees Boys and Girls Club
Jocelyn Hardee, North Carolina Vice President
Pennsylvania Hand Dipped Ice Cream Stand
JCI Wisconsin Brew Bash
JCI Wisconsin Indoor Olympics

2014 Camp Discovery, Tennessee



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