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Award Categories and codes:

National Officer Awards

Don Cavelli Memorial - DC Seldon Waldo Memorial - SW  

State Officer Awards

Clayton Frost Memorial - CF Allen Whitfield Memorial - AW R. Bradley Trafton Memorial - BT
Dennis Hamilton Memorial - DH Steve Little Memorial - SL Clint Dunagan Memorial - CD
M. Keith Upson Memorial - KU Seiji Horuichi Memorial - SH  
Awards no longer issued    
State Treasurer - ST Paid Executive Vice President - EVP William E. Davis Memorial - WD
Presidential Award of Excellence - PAE    

Local Officers Awards

Charles Kulp, Jr. Memorial - CK Heidi Juttner Memorial - HJ

Individual Member Awards

Bill Butler Memorial - BB Wayne McCall Memorial - WM

Portfolio/Interview Competitions Awards

John H. Armbruster "Keyman" Memorial - JA C. William Brownfield Memorial - WB Andrew & Charlotte Munganast Memorial - ACM
John W. Clark "Jaycee Jeopardy" - JC Write-Up Award - WU Durward Howes Memorial - DHSU
Masters Speak-Up - MSU Jaycee Debate - JCD  

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All results are alphabetical by state then by last name.

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