Ambassador PinSince 1976, Junior Chamber chapters in every state have recognized their finest members by presenting them with the prestigious Ambassador honor. This life-long honor recognizes those who have served The United States Junior Chamber and their community with highest distinction and greatest contribution. Thank that special individual for their outstanding service, involvement, and commitment by nominating them as an Ambassador — the highest honor bestowed on a Jaycee in the United States.

Recognition programs are a fundamental part of the Jaycee movement. The U.S. Junior Chamber has established an honor program which not only recognizes its own outstanding members past and present, but also allows a method of building and maintaining permanent records of these people as part of the Junior Chamber heritage. Through this program, the local, state, and national Junior Chamber organizations bestow upon their candidates the title of Ambassador, the highest of Junior Chamber honors. The Ambassador Honor program supplies the recognition deserved by so many outstanding past and present Junior Chamber members.


In order for a Junior Chamber member to be considered for the honor, several guidelines have been established as far as a candidate's qualifications. Aside from displaying a record of outstanding service and involvement, an Ambassador must have been a four-year member in good standing; have served one year on the local Junior Chamber Board of Directors or have served one year on the state Executive Committee. The official application must be submitted to explain the extent of the nominee's Junior Chamber involvement (activities, awards, offices, length of affiliation, etc.) as well as community involvement outside the Junior Chamber organization. Both local and state Junior Chamber Presidents must sign the completed application. (If the Ambassador nominee happens to be the current Junior Chamber President, the next senior Junior Chamber officer may sign the application.)


AmbassadorParticipation in the Ambasador Honor program requires that the sponsoring local or state organization
contribute $150 per honoree to The U.S. Junior Chamber Honor Program. This one-time charge includes an Ambassador pin, numbered certificate, membership card, and administrative costs. On a broader scale, Ambassador Honor Program fees provide for funding of The U.S. Junior Chamber programs and the
development of new personal growth programs.


Names, addresses, and Ambassador numbers are stored on computer. This procedure allows proper maintenance by The United States Junior Chamber and provides information to publish a membership

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